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Forge of Gods Winter’s Gasp DLC Pack Giveaway

MMOHuts has partnered with Panoramik to give out the sweet Forge of Gods Winter’s Grasp DLC totally free for the Steam edition of the hit row TCG battler.

GODS are not born, they are made by YOU! Join the action in this highly addictive multiplayer card strategy RPG “FORGE OF GODS”! Collect and train as many monsters as you can to assemble the greatest team and burst through hordes of enemies in this thrilling, addictive and fast-paced game! Conjure owerful dragons, sturdy warriors and exotic beasts to fight for you in the land of Pangea! Are you ready for battle?


To Redeem Your Key:

  • Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account.
  • Click the Games Menu.
  • Choose Activate a Product on Steam…
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.
Giveaway is no longer active.
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  • brohalo


  • Freda Butterchops

    It keeps saying loads of keys have claimed from my ip

    • Ayon Banerjee


  • Master of nothing

    Check out my Versus: Battle for the Gladiator giveaway!

  • THFN


  • OneDoom Scv

    “Many, many keys from this giveaway have already been redeemed from your IP address”… F u

  • Александр Богаткин

    You can give the key here is my VC pozhalusta

  • wd