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EOS Phoenix Giveaway

Echo of Soul Phoenix: Welcome Pack Giveaway

We’ve partnered with gamigo to offer you a welcome pack into Echo of Soul Phoenix, a free MMORPG!

Bronze Griffon Junior Promethean

Echo of Soul is a giant, immersive MMORPG and full of stunning landscapes and fantastic creatures. Throughout the game, players can expect thousands of hours of PvP and PvE content, including quests, raids, and challenges.

With seven unique classes, an impressive game world, and a unique Soul system, Echo of Soul is the MMO that fans of the genre have been waiting for.

This wondrous world is threatened by the creeping corruption of the dark soul – a remnant of the devil from times of the war between Gods and Giants. Odin, king of the gods, and goddess Frigg have chosen you, a mortal, as Soulkeeper to preserve the balance of the world. Echo of Soul is available completely for free.

This welcome pack contains:

  • Bronze Griffon: The Bronze Griffon will give you Move SPD +8%.
  • Junior Promethean – 30 Days: Get the Junior Promethean – 30 Days (Normal). The Pet will automatical loot for you after summoning.
  • Beginner’s Pack (NT): Contains a variety of useful items for beginners. Contains Novice Soulkeeper Ring x2, Enhancement Stone x3, 12-Slot Bag x1, Friggard’s Blessing x3, Njord’s Blessing x3, Edun’s Blessing x3, Server Loudspeaker x5, and Novice Soulkeeper’s Gear Pack x1. The items in this pack are untradeable. Requires 9 empty slots in your bag.

To redeem your code:

  1. Register for Echo of Soul at this link.
  2. Redeem your code here!

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