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Dragon Awaken Giveaway

Dragon Awaken Launch Giveaway

We’ve partnered with R2 Games to give away codes for Dragon Awaken.

Dragon Awaken Launch

Dragon Awaken has given us these codes, which offer a wealth of items to help players get started in game.

Redemption Instructions:

  • Visit the Dragon Awaken website.
  • Click “Events” in game
  • Click “Activation Code Exchange”, and input the code.
  • Click “Exchange” to receive gifts.

Note: Do this using the r2games platform.

Total keys: 2000 - Remaining keys: 1932

Claim a key by entering your MMOHuts forum username and password below. Don't have an account? Create an Account Here

Note: One key per person. To participate you must have an MMOHuts/OnRPG account.

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