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Cosmic League December Alpha Piece Giveaway

MMOHuts has partnered with Cyberstep to celebrate the launch of Kickstarted MOE Mecha Shooter, Cosmic League, with December Alpha Packs!

Cosmic League is set in a futuristic universe where two prominent species — the Humes and Robots — founded the Cosmic League, a galactic-scale battle event borne out of their love of combat and sports. Combatants fight in 15 vs. 15 battles to collect Cosmo Pieces, a miraculous material capable of granting the user’s most heartfelt desire.

Players must battle across three distinct leagues and choose from one of six powerful classes to adapt to the dynamic environment. Combined with complete player customization, unlockable Cosmic Breakers and further character enhancements, players can get inside a high-action anime.

The December Alpha Pack Includes:
L. Cosmos Binder x 1
-> When applied during Cartridge installation, Affinity bonuses have an additional 30% chance to occur.

SPHERE Binder x 1
-> May be used to affix a SPHERE to a slot. Affixed SPHEREs deliver greater benefits than equipped SPHEREs. *Affixed SPHEREs may not be removed without a SPHERE Initializer.

EXP+300 x 1
-> Grants the selected Cosmoloid 300 EXP when used in Augmentation.

December Piece ALPHA x 1
-> A rare, seasonal Cosmo Piece obtainable in December. Capable of granting all sorts of wishes. Obtainable until: 2015/12/31 Expires: 2016/01/31
(It can be exchanged with various items in game)

    To Redeem Your Key:
  • Sign up for an account at the official site. Download and launch the Game Client.
  • In the Central Lobby, go to the Present Code Counter.
  • Right Click and talk to the NPC standing there.
  • You will asked if you want to redeem a code. Press A.
  • Enter your code and Press [Send]
  • Check your Present Box and claim your presents.
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