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Clash of Lords II Hydrasaur Pack Giveaway

Clash of Lords II Hydrasaur Pack Giveaway

MMOHuts has partnered with IGG to welcome you into the mobile game world of Clash of Lords II, with a special Hydrasaur Pack Giveaway.

Clash your way to the most indestructible empire by building your army of loyal soldiers, hiring lethal Heroes, and learning enchanting Magic spells. Send your army out on combat missions or raid players from all around the world. Upgrade your base and defend your reputation as the leader of the most unparalleled Kingdom in the Realm!

The Hydrasaur Pack Includes:
1. One epic hero, Hydrasaur.
2. 300 Jewels!

To Redeem Your Key:
1. Download Clash of Lords II from your mobile store of choice.
2. Once in-game, tap the “Events” button on the right hand part of the main game screen (the treasure chest).
3. Select the “News” Tab.
4. Select “Secret Code Giveaways!”
5. Tap “Join Now”
6. Type in your promo code in the box and tap “Claim”

Giveaway is no longer active.
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