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Black Desert Online Beta 2 Key Giveaway

MMOHuts has partnered with Daum Games to give out Black Desert beta keys for the second beta test starting February 18th!

Black Desert is an ambitious sandbox MMORPG. The amount of features is quite large; Black Desert offers fluid, action combat to limited, open-world housing, and plenty in between. Players can look forward to plenty to do in the game, with crisp, detailed visuals, and a vibrant, living world.

    To Use Your Key In-Game:
Giveaway is no longer active.
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  • so this giveaway is broken, it said “Many, many keys from this giveaway have already been redeemed from your IP address; please consult the other users of your network regarding this issue.”

    • Hyena

      I got the same response

    • Jason Roman

      Same response here as well, looks like I got all excited for nothing.

    • It’s definitely not broken, as hundreds of other users have redeemed their keys without issue. You’re likely on a NAT IP address, shared among others as mandated by your ISP. If you’re using a proxy, try not doing that. If you’re sure you’re on a unique IP but the issue persists then I recommend trying to redeem a key through your phone, if you can, as that’ll be on a different network (your GSM/CDMA network, instead of your wi-fi).

      • thanks for the reply, i’ve try with the phone and its work!

      • Pffff

        it is. I’m not on a NAT IP adresse & I’m the only user of this IP…

    • Jason Roman

      try going to the website directly and not using the link on, after trying this I finally got my key

  • Didn’t lie


  • agmoyer

    This never has keys I checked earlier today no giveaways. little later when not looking one popes up and ends. I am starting to think they give out less than 1000 keys for this game.

  • Mike no want no ugly dykes
  • agmoyer

    I give up with these, either they end really quick or they just say random incorrect numbers like for me right now “159 keys” and try to claim but it says the giveaway is over. I’m done watching for these. Just going to stick with signing up and hoping to be randomly chosen, I have better odds that way.