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Black Desert Halloween Bundle Raffle

Black Desert Halloween Bundle Raffle

We’ve partnered with Kakao Games to give away some Black Desert Online Halloween Bundles!

The Black Desert Online Halloween Bundle is worth $98, and includes:

  • Bloody Suit
  • Drifty Ghosphy (Pet)
  • Skeletal Horse Equipment
  • Halloween Interior Set
  • Free Jack-O-Lantern Mask
  • 375 Pearls

To have a chance to win one of these bundles:

  • Post in our forum thread and tell us what your Black Desert Online character would dress up like for Halloween (maybe even share a screenshot with us!)
  • On Wednesday, November 2, we will select winners at random from all valid entries. 50 bundles are up for grabs!
  • Please note: You must own Black Desert Online to redeem this bundle. A gamepass is not included with this bundle.

Learn more about the Halloween event & bundle here! Codes can be redeemed at after logging in to your account.

Giveaway is no longer active.
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  • habibloko

    I never played Black Desert game, so it’ll be cool if i started playing with Halloween DLC or Bundle

    • Yansha

      you have to buy the game to begin with

      • habibloko

        ah ok, so no need to gimme the key coz i’ll not buy this game :)

        • Yansha

          if you get it, give me~

  • Martel

    LOL. the servers are still up and running??

    • Xilverheart

      This game has no intention of stopping. If you thought it was, you’re sorely mistaken.