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ASTA Leave Your Mark Open Beta Meme Creation Event

Leave your mark in ASTA and name an in-game NPC!

The time has come for ASTA to enter open beta at last. We invite our community to experience fantastic MMORPG gameplay, rich customization, and fresh content ASTA has to offer. All you need to play is an active Webzen account which you can create here, if you do not already have one.

ASTA is a classic fantasy MMORPG with gameplay that offers an essential MMORPG experience, combining traditional features such as customizable attributes and server-first achievements with modern comforts like a group finder and automatic matchmaking. The game is set in a vast and vibrant world filled with colorful environments and unique characters, with an art direction and storyline inspired by Asian myths and legends.

Today, we have a very special treat for you! Participate in our exclusive contest and get a chance to leave your mark in ASTA by naming an in-game NPC! Wouldn’t you be pleased to see your creation taking life and maybe becoming a source of new legends? We guess you would, that’s why we’re presenting this exciting opportunity to all MMOHuts readers.

Below you will find a gallery of screenshots of ASTA’s characters:

– download 1 image;
– caption it – be creative, smart, funny, polite;
– keep the content in line with our TOS; inappropriate entries will be removed;
– create a meme using a software of your choice or provide a caption for your image when you enter the competition (entry form);
– upload your meme to our app (limit entries to one per user: no),
– Entry form accepts: email address and Instagram, Twitter and Facebook entries (posts with hashtag: #AstaMMOMeme will be automatically added to the contest gallery).
-Entries will be accepted until end of day, March 21st PT.
-Winners will be selected from a pool consisting of both OnRPG and MMOHuts entries. You only need to enter on either site to be qualified.

And remember to vote for your favourite memes (limit votes to one per IP address per day: yes)! The one with the highest amount of votes will get the reward! Feel free to share your own entry with friends.

Winners will be announced on Monday evening, April 4th!
1st Place: Get a chance to name an NPC after the game has “officially launched” (after OBT) as well as three event unlock codes (contents listed below!)
2nd Place: Two Event Unlock Codes!
Runner Up (4 winners): 1 Event Unlock Code!

Event Unlock Code Includes:
Pocket of 50 Soul Stones – Contains 50 Soul Stones.
Arita’s Blessing (1 Hour) – Can be consumed to receive a 1-hour EXP boost.
Urma’s Blessing (1 Hour) – Can be consumed to receive a 1-hour Gold boost.
Strange Fate Stone Bundle – Can be consumed to receive 10 stones of strange fate.
Noble Soul – Can be consumed to receive 10 divine spirit summoning points
Soryura’s Boxed Golden Bell (7 Days) – Consumable allowing access to bank/vendor/auction house

Competition entries and material submitted in connection with the competition (whether written, audio, electronic or visual form, or a combination of those) are assigned to the Promoter (Webzen) upon submission and become property of the Promoter (Webzen). Each entrant warrants that he or she owns the copyright and any other intellectual property rights in any such material submitted in connection with the competition and has full power and authority to agree and grant the above assignment, consents and other rights to the Promoter (Webzen).

Grab any image from the gallery below to make your Meme!

ASTA Meme Gallery

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