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AdventureQuest 3D Warbrand Chest Giveaway

MMOHuts has partnered with Artix to celebrate the upcoming Open Beta of Adventure Quest 3D (AQ3D) by welcoming you into the testing with Steam codes that include a Warbrand Treasure Chest that contains four exclusive items!

Make sure to check out our latest news about Open Beta!

AdventureQuest 3D Beta Preview & Tour

AdventureQuest 3D is an MMO role-playing adventure game launching this October for PC and mobile devices. The original AdventureQuest was a single-player Flash game created in 2002 and has had a major content update every single week since its launch. The game has had 65+ million players and still remains extremely active. Artix Entertainment is an innovative and fun independent video game studio which has been developing and publishing RPG and MMORPG games to its audience of 200+ million registered players since 2002. Popular titles includeAdventureQuest Worlds, AdventureQuest, DragonFable, Epicduel, BattleGems, and the recently released BioBeasts. Visit for more information.

AdventureQuest 3D Warbrand Chest Giveaway

The Warbrand Chest includes early access to the Steam version of AQ3D, plus four items: the Warbrand Cloak, Warbrand Axe, Warbrand Staff, and Warbrand Sword!

To Redeem Your Key:

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Giveaway is no longer active.
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  • Валерий Фролов


  • non steam game !!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Bleack; Notes

    “Many, many keys from this giveaway have already been redeemed from your IP address; please consult the other users of your network regarding this issue”
    Don’t have a single key :/

  • Sam John

    I’m getting the issue,Many, many keys from this
    giveaway have already been redeemed from your IP address; please consult
    the other users of your network regarding this issue.

    I haven’t got a single key fix this.

  • Gerardo Gutierrez

    AQ3EA-WAR-BB6C1D-97931D take it :v

  • connivinglamb

    if anyone doesn’t have the game and/or doesn’t need the code i would be willing to trade a bunch of steam codes for random giveway games that i have copies of already. if you are interested reply to this message or send an email to

    thanks and have fun!

    • Christian Isidro

      I have a key, whats ur offer?

  • GAG

    After reading adam bohans latest interview about AQ3D I don’t want a code you can keep it.

    • jumpuh

      he isnt forcing you to take it u ass

      • GAG

        I know lol but finding out they plan to do 60+ classes and doing weekly releases turned me off from this game.

    • Quill

      What did he say that hurt you so much?

      • Unknown

        Weekly releases and 60+ classes at the start of launch it’s AQWorlds in 3d not a type of game I wanna play.

      • GAG

        Weekly releases and 60+ classes at the start of launch it’s AQWorlds in 3d not a type of game I wanna play. I’m unknown I accidently used the wrong name just so ya know.

        • Quill

          Uhh, you do realise he never said AQ3D will have weekly releases, right? And theres even a design note saying it won’t have weekly releases, but bigger updates that come slower. 60+ classes at launch? You do realise AQWorlds had 8ish(starters, AP, BB and barber) classes at launch, right? And AQ3D is not gonna have 60 classes at launch.

          You should get your information right before spewing bull shit.

          • GAG

            Yes he did lol and sorry for not replying sooner I’ve been busy. But in a review he did he said they planned to have a release every week and he said they planned to have 60 classes in AQ3D. Not at launch but they planned to eventually get 60 classes in and they are talking about having weekly releases. I even got a link to the interview adam bohan (artix) talked about this.

          • Quill

            Lmfao, no he didn’t. Every dev even says they won’t have weekly releases.

          • Quill


            Show me this link cause that sounds stupid, they already emphasized how the game WILL not have weekly releases due to it being made in 3D, and how the process of making things are slower. And I love how you changed that 2nd part, because it sounded so stupid and you realised that. Of course there’ll be a day when it’s 60 classes, why would we play as 4 classes forever? That’s stupid as hell. I asked Cysero and he said it’ll be a long time before they’re even at 60 since making classes there take time. But show me that link to that interview.

          • GAG

            I wasn’t sure if links was allowed so it was why I didn’t post it sooner but here is the link on the interview he did 10 days ago talking about everything I just posted that mentions about him talking about what I said. And yeah I know there won’t be 4 classes forever but he’s making it sound like it’s gonna be a click and change the entire build instantly which is a copy of AQWorlds which makes this one of the worst interviews in my opinion.


          • Quill

            It’s gonna be a lot different than AQW, the stories wont even be the same as AQ3D will have various sagas.

  • rgrsghtjndt