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Colt recaps the news for the week of May 31st, 2019!
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Colton recaps the news for the week of March 1st, 2019.
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  • Martel

    Too Bad its P2W… sorry to see you go :-(

    • ✨ ૭Һ૦ς੮.૯૪૯

      is not even out yet…

  • Вискаша


  • candesco

    Played the game myself. Started when the closed beta came out and played through all 3 of them and the open beta. It is indeed not very special and it borrows from Aion, Blade and Soul, TERA and even Black Desert. When i started with it the game looked promising, despite using things from other games. I even bought a supporter pack. For somehow i regret that. The idea is kinda nice, though some things are rather weird and got no explanation. Soon you get wings, but no word about why and where it comes from. In Aion, where you get wings, it is explained that you’re not a normal human and after your ascencion you become sortkind of halfgod with flying powers. In Revelation they just say, oh hey, got some wings for you, have fun with it. Makes no sense.
    The walking is rather clunky and your char leans a bit to the right all the time, as if it’s drunk. Combat is kinda nice, nothing special though. The community here is ok. However, the game is nailed by it’s dev and the publisher. When the open beta got released it was nothing more then cbt3 with some limitations as well. With the feedback of the community nothing was done with it. Game had still chinese text, broken quests (things like mythos and archeology still weren’t implemented), there were some bugs and glitches here and there. Also, the game got flooded with goldsellers. Using the chat was impossible, except guildchat and groupchat. it also has bots already. Blocklist is capped to 50. Really, why did they do this. And instead that netease and my. com would fix the problems they added more pay stuff, while it was still a beta. Beta feeled more like an alpha actually. A disappointing release.