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Videos Featuring Master X Master

Best of Free to Play 2017 Video Thumbnail
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Master Reveal_ Xero - Thumbnail
Master Teaser_ An Omen Appears - Thumbnail
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Master X Master Yuri Gameplay Teaser Video Thumbnail
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MXM Launch Celebration Developer Q&A with Cheezecake Video Thumbnail
Master X Master Ghost Widow Spotlight Video Thumbnail
Colt and Jason dive into MasterXMaster for today's episode of MMOHuts Live!
  • guney tan

    Was amazing game but now its a dead game ,
    6-10 min que times for nomal games
    ranked que times 20+ min
    Lazy company late to take action and lost players with dumb decisions
    Also Na servers on Brazil information fuked up with DDosed atacked servers
    so many dumb things they have done
    dont ever try it and waste your time or $$$
    now they gonna Milk people $$$$ as much as they can because they fuked up huge potential good game in a 1 month Typical NCSOFT…