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League Of Angels II Trailer
  • Eivaan

    Lmao I just went to the site and its login screen theme was the theme from game of thrones.

    • InChains

      Same. That’s just lazy; they couldn’t even be bothered to get music that was Creative Commons or anything. Just straight up went for the copyright infringement. :/

  • Syndaliah

    The game itself can be very engaging, where you must tactically select your squad and allies for maximum boosts. The community is also very responsive to complaints and suggestions. I encourage people to try it out :).

  • Arrakis66
  • Carnat

    Played the game for 1 hour maybe then quit , waste o time this MMO , worstest one from the last 5 games i tried, seriously doesn’t worth even the bandwinth to download it .

  • Francisco Da Cruz

    Worst game ever… only for cash players, if u arn’t and you want to try, be my guess and lose ur time on it…

  • ▪ нιвιya-ĸυn ▪

    it is not a good mmo, basically who have cash will win, i agree with no waste you time with this