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Blades and Rings

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  • Aurora Abbott

    Server/connection is not loading please fix. A lot of people cannot get in the game since the update. On Blades and Wings

  • Trevor McQuown

    Just asking, I keep getting Mage gear. I don’t see a mage character. Am I the only one?

  • cale something

    Come check out for guides/tips and tricks

  • Wayne Everitt Jr

    Love the game. Been playing on my samsung phone. Just got a samsung tablet. Want to play same character on tablet. Can i or do i have to start over?

  • Josh clark

    I just want to know how the hell i acssess the mail box

  • Stephen Smith

    Is there a formula to increase drop rate. If not the drop rate is the only droll back to the game play so far. I have killed multiple bosses server void and spire and out of all the kills have yet to get a spark are Phoenix quill. Witch can be a good thing I guess it kinda keeps game play fare.

  • Charlie Liz

    How do I advance to knight?

  • JACK

    great game i don’t know what all the fuss is about pay to win this game is on the cheaper side when it comes to buying diamonds for ingame use 20 us dollars gets you vip 4 that is itself is well worth the 20 us dollars you get tons of perks like 1.5 exp boost when killing monsters plus more also VIP lets you open boss spire that allows for unlimited boss killing fun and massive loot it doesn’t take hundreds of dollars to win in this game try it out you won’t be sorry you did look me and my guild up on server S162-Foxfire apply for United guild we are active and ranked 3 in the server say VanValek sent you

  • Ben

    It’s not about the top 1 and all this game is fun to play this game is to be able to have fun playing with ur friends or making new friends and having fun in gvg battles I see many players that’s top 1 thinking they can do what they want, no I promise u that that person won’t be top 1 forever. I play s399 underworld come join and play it’s a cool server guilds too 1 I’m top 4 player join the guild join the fun. (:

  • Nemesis

    Let’s talk bout copyright infringement due to that 99.9% of the graphics are from the game Warcraft. Every mount, ward, bosses, mobs and even floor plans are from the game Warcraft.

    • Darren

      Lets talk about how your not being helpful. Nothing matters about looks anymore it 2017, everything looks awesome. The graphics look fine, and just because warcraft looks similar doesn’t matter. Their totally different games. Play it, dont play it. Thats up to you. But dont beat on it for looks, Damn… I think this game is doing just fine. Whats your level noob

  • Chase Ridgeway

    Is there anyway to delete characters on blades and rings?