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Dungeon Punks

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  • ASD

    Not worth it considering they changed publishers to Artix entertainment and they been known for horrible customer service.

    • ASD

      I mean it’s a great game I enjoy playing Dungeon punks and have thought about getting it on a game console but Artix entertainment who is publishing it sucks in my opinion which is all I gotta say about it. But the developers who are developing this game have my full support it’s a pretty fun game and worth buying.

  • Unknown

    After trying this game on the trial version thats available through the browser it’s awesome and worth getting but my only concern is who ever thought it was a good idea to make it available through a browser is not every game is ment for the browser. I don’t know whos idea it was to port this to the browsers but porting it to the browsers was a bad idea in my opinion even if it was for a trial showing off like part of the game to get people to buy the full version of the game. I also hated the controls I was supose to press SD and WF not sure it was kinda difficult but if I get this game I’m just gonna get the console version since this feels more at right on consoles in my opinion. I don’t normally play this type of game but dungeon punks is the type of game I would play if I am at home because I am missing a day of work or a day of college because I’m a sick it just looks like that one game that you play during the day to pass the time but this game I would really recommand for you. It’s not all about the graphics like I’m sure all the kids nowadays would moan and complain about but if your having fun especially when you play with your friends and wanna play a fun casual game because all the games I’ve seen are all glitzy and so much work in the graphics it just turns me off personally. Also during the times when your ill and cant leave your bedroom and can’t sleep then this game would keep you busy for hours on end till you fall asleep. But like I said above no offense to who ever came up with the browser version client of this game as the demo/trial phase to show off the game to people but I wouldn’t of recommand a browser client but that’s just my opinion on the matter but other then that this is a great game and worth buying