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A long long time ago in a neighborhood right around the corner from where I live, actually. There was a boy, a boy who sought to escape the harsh reality all 4 year olds are forced to endure. A boy who gathered up all of the change he could find on the floor and in the couch only to be disappointed that the 49 cents he'd excavated from the lava filled domain wasn't quite enough to purchase that candy bar he'd wanted. So, he asked his parents for a Super Nintendo Entertainment System instead. His parents were reluctant at first, but eventually they obliged because his mind controlling "Scream and cry" powers were too strong for their feeble minds! Upon receiving his prized SNES, he played games like Mario and... Mario. Eventually he'd find his way into more story driven games as he got older though, like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy. Since then, the boy has had a love for RPG's and Fantasy games alike, even to this day. That was about 20 years ago; and his powers, have only gotten stronger...

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