PAX Prime 2012 Look at Phantasy star Online 2

PAX Prime 2012 Look at Phantasy star Online 2 

phantasy star online 2

The game that stood out and shined for us at PAX Prime 2012 was Sega’s Phantasy Star Online 2. The MMOHuts and OnRPG team interviewed Sega’s senior producer Ken Ogasawara, after hanging out with Sonic of course. Sadly enough we lost good quality audio to the loud background, but DizzyPW and JamesBl0nde decided to discuss what they learned over the gameplay from the demo. Turns out the game features 3 major classes with weapon slots and special skills specific to the slot, extreme character customzation, and a true action combat system that feels more like a third person shooter than a typical RPG. Right now Phantasy Star Online 2 is the hottest game in Japan, and we have a feeling that it will become the same in North America!

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