PAX Prime 2012 Developer Preview Demo – Neverwinter

PAX Prime 2012 Developer Preview Demo – Neverwinter 


JamesBl0nde talks to Cryptic Studios’ Andy Velasquez about Neverwinter in an exclusive press detailed look at the Author Blog within the Foundry, Neverwinter’s unique user-generated content creation tool. See firsthand their design to provide Authors with the tools and platform to add their stories to the Forgotten Realms.

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It wouldn’t be a true Neverwinter game without a content-creation tool! Players will be able to shape and add to the world of Neverwinter by creating and building their own adventures or full-fledged campaigns from the ground up using The Foundry.

The Foundry is Neverwinter’s groundbreaking user-generated content creation tool. It is your chance to craft the world of Neverwinter your way! A robust and powerful toolset, you can use The Foundry to create and build new adventures and campaigns to share with your friends and the entire Neverwinter community.

Neverwinter isn’t a continuation of the series, but rather, just a game that is based in the Neverwinter and Dungeons and Dragons universe


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