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It’s safe to say Mortal Online is not like other MMORPGs you may have played in the past. You don’t start out the game picking up a quest to kill X number of harmless creatures, no, this is a completely open sandbox world and you make your own path. Mortal Online is designed to give players as much freedom as possible. Freedom to craft every item they’ll need to survive. Freedom to kill and take from other players, and freedom to wear their skin as armor. Mortal Online is about as realistic as a fantasy MMORPG can get.

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  • ogreknot

    this game is awesome it just has a big learning curve and you must spend time on it the game is run by the players there are guild wars in the game guild citys and guild territorys. the missions are controlled by mostly the players its a amazing game that needs more recondition for it theres a couple cons for me like yes the free skill cap, the combat system could be better, and the graphics are dated but the game is also always being worked on if you want a kick ass survival mmo rpg this is it it a true make yourself what you wanna be game but its not easy i say if you want something new try it it is deffently one of a kind and yes i didint use any periods im lazy here ill do this for all you grammar nazis out there “.”

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