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Zoo World Overview

Zoo World is a 2D simulated zoo management game where users can build their own virtual zoo from scratch. Add ring-tailed lemurs, bobcats, blue whales, chipmunks, owls, or even gremlins to create an interesting selection of animals on display. Hire employees to keep the zoo running. Shop for decorations or breed specific species to race against other zoo mates. Like most tycoon genre based games players have to increase their visitors and boost profits by expanding their park. Although comparable to Social City or Rollercoaster Kingdom in terms of gameplay Zoo World offers a unique leveling system. Players must complete various tasks while managing their animal domain. Design a wonderland for wildlife in Zoo World.

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Full Review

Zoo World Full Review

By Ange Perdu

Zoo World is a 2D tycoon simulated zoo management game where players create their own virtual zoo. Select various ultra rare to common wildlife to include in your park. Add mystical creatures like the Blue Pegasus or the White Dragon. Give visitors an interesting display showcasing rainbow colored Peacocks, Flying Box Bats, Seahorses, Golden Eagles, Wombats, Monkeys, Dolphins, and California Sea Lions. There’s a wide variety to choose from. Feed and hire staff to help care for them. Complete achievement tasks to level up and unlock new exotic wildlife. Breed certain species to race against other friends’ top animals. Decorate with special attractions, trees, and food stands to build the ultimate zoo.

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Starting Zoo World, the Gameplay

In Zoo World players start out with a lump sum of money and a small area of land to build their park. Clicking the shop icon will show animals divided by categories like mammal, bird, aquatic, reptile, and insect. Any animal within budget can be purchased. Once selected players are prompted to place the exhibit in the desired location using a click and drag method. Although, users are able to design the area as they choose animals and other structures can’t be turned or rotated to face a particular direction. The leveling system in Zoo World is different from other similar Facebook games like Social City or Rollercoaster Kingdom. Players have to accomplish achievement tasks in order to level up. These tasks are listed at the top of the shop area under Next Achievement. Tasks usually include feeding animals, breeding, adding kiosks, decorations, hiring employees, or visiting fellow zoo mates. When animals are hungry a treat bubble will appear above their cage. Clicking it allows zoo managers to choose fruit, candy, or cupcake treats to feed them. Each treat varies from 10 minutes to 2 days before the animals will be starving again. It’s important to feed them on time in order to earn the bonus XP.

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Breeding & Training

Players can breed certain animals like the Bald Eagle, Giant Octopus, Goat, Blue Whale, Chipmunk, American Alligator, Yellow Mongoose, Great-Horned Owl, Fennee Fox, and Unicorn. To breed simply select the breed option and pay the fee. When the eggs hatch players must feed and then move the baby animal to their proper cage. Breeding is not free. It costs zoo cash to breed. Users also must upgrade the cage to fit the increased number of animals. Players can teach these animals cool tricks to perform for zoo visitors like the salute or to shake hands. This is done through training sessions. Training is a slow process. A small portion of the trick is learned at 5 minutes intervals. Each trick costs a higher amount to learn. A speed bonus that can be used for the zoo racing mini-game is rewarded for every trick learned.

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Zoo Racing with Friends

In the mini-game Zoo Racing players select one of their special wildlife creatures such as the Bald Eagle to race against other fellow zoo mates for prizes. Set high in the sky players must guide their bird through the clouds armed with balls or darts. Blast floating balloons carrying bags of money while avoiding bulky blimps that serve as obstacles. Beat the other zoo animal to the finish line to win. Prizes are usually obsidian speed stones to make birds move faster or cash. Participate in up to five races per day.

Visiting fellow zoo mates or neighbors pay big in Zoo World. Every friend pays a minimum of $200 for stopping by to care for their animals. There isn’t much to it. A quick click and instant cash is made. Occasionally mystery boxes filled with money are stashed at various zoo mates’ zoos. If they randomly appear during a visit players can click them for an extra bonus. This makes earning additional income to purchase items very easy especially if a player has a lot of neighbors. Each day players can participate in a Daily Quiz focused on Wildlife Trivia. A cash reward is given for answering the question correctly within the 15 second time limit. The questions can be challenging. Zoo World has realistic sound effects mimicking a real zoo which enhances the experience when visiting zoo mates. Chirping, squawks, growls, bellows, and even monkey chatter can be heard. The graphics on the other hand could use improvement. Visitors in the zoos aimlessly march in circles.

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Kiosks, Food, Attractions, and Shopping

Throughout Zoo World players have to continuously shop for kiosks, food stands, entertaining attractions, specialty shows, and miniature shops to draw in more visitors. Add waterslides, roller coasters, arcades, a Killer Whale show, animal feeding posts, postcard stands, fish feeding stations, and hot air balloon rides. Players can create snack areas by placing pizza, burger, popcorn, ice cream, candy, funnel cake, and beer stands.

For every kiosk owned a kiosk manager must be hired. Multiple attractions also require more maintenance managers. Decorations in Zoo World vary from items like trees, benches, rocks, waterfalls, and volcanoes to castles. Although, there’s an adequate variety to choose from users are still limited in the customization of their zoo. Items are slowly unlocked through leveling up. This gives players a smaller selection to work with and can hinder design ideas. Kiosks and decorations also increase in price as a player advances. An option allows users to change the landscape of their zoo into plateaus, snow peaks, great falls, or mountainous.

Final Verdict: Good

Zoo World is a solid game for individuals who love wildlife and Zoo Tycoon management games. Players build and run their own virtual zoo, breed animals, race, and test their wildlife knowledge in fun trivia quizzes. Add themed attractions and food stands or visit zoo mates. The unique achievement based leveling system separates it from similar Facebook games like Social City or Rollercoaster Kingdom. The simplistic gameplay may not appeal to everyone but it’s still entertaining.


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