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YoVille Overview

YoVille is a fun 2D MMOG on Facebook that allows players to shape their own life in a virtual world where anything is possible. Live in an ocean front home or enchanted castle. Battle friends in a fierce motocross race, chill out with fishing buddies, go out to eat after a long hard day at the factory, or throw an awesome house party and invite the entire neighborhood in YoVille. Players can shop, decorate, and play entertaining mini-games in this lighthearted Sims. Although the simple chat interface is similar to the online game Habbo unlike other Facebook applications players get to explore and chat freely in real-time to other users making forming new friendships a breeze. YoVille is a great place to hang out with friends.

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Full Review

YoVille Full Review

By Ange Perdu

YoVille is a 2D social life simulation game where users create their own avatar and interact with other players in a virtual city. Each player is given an apartment to decorate and call home. As users level up more rooms are added. Players can also purchase different houses and property when they accumulate enough coins. In YoVille citizens or Yovillians work a steady job at the local factory and compete with friends in an assortment of mini-games to earn income. The customization options in this game allow players to live the life of their dreams. Chat in real-time with other players and shop until you drop or go bankrupt in Yoville.

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Life as a Yovillian, the Gameplay

In YoVille players work, socialize, and customize. Each day users enter the Factory to put in their hours. Clicking the highlighted icon inside the building will increase coin count instantly. These coins are important since it’s impossible to shop or customize anything in the game without them. Socializing or visiting friends earns coins as well. Players can choose to complete random friend missions which often prompt users to visit specific neighbors who need help or cheering up. Sometimes friends have rough days and may need someone to tell them a good joke. When entering a fellow Yovillian home a user can send a kiss, dance, fight, joke, leave a message, or give a gift by clicking the desired icon. Visiting friends daily is required to maintain friendship status. Neighbors start out as strangers and after frequent visiting become good friends. Shopping is another part of the gameplay in YoVille. Similar to other Facebook games like PetVille purchasing items to customize your home or avatar result in additional XP.

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Exploring YoVille’s Club Scene

A nice feature included in the game is the options to instantly teleport by clicking on the desired location in the map or walking through the virtual world on foot. Players can explore all YoVille has to offer. Stroll the streets or do some window shopping with friends. Visit the ASPCA Pet Shelter to adopt a virtual pet. Stop in for a hot meal at Vinny’s Diner, hang out at the beach, go fishing at the docks, participate in races at the Speedway, buy tiles at the YoDepot, get all dolled up at the Salon, or meet up with pals at the Sky Nightclub. Players can also throw their own parties at home. A quick visit to the YoMusic store to purchase boom box, speakers, amps, party favors, music, and everything needed to host a cool party is all it takes. Music tracks are available in every category from hip hop to heavy metal. Parties aren’t cheap. It usually requires a significant amount of hard cold YoCash to throw a worthy party. Users attend events like parties and garage sells by browsing the public event calendar or invites through personal chats. The easy to use chatting interface is basic like the game Habbo. Players can approach any other user and initiate an in-game chat. This feature is great for trading items but scamming can also take place.

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Cool Mini-Games that Pay Big

Another feature in Yoville is their variety of mini-games that allow players to earn extra coins. Some of the most popular ones are YoFish and XMoto Racing. In YoFish users compete with friends in a fishing competition on the docks. The player that catches the most pounds in fish wins. Users must click, pull, and drag their mouse over the fishing rod to cast out. When a fish bites clicking and dragging the line will reel it in. Nasty sharks lurk in the waters below waiting to steal tempting catches or bait. Players have to avoid them while trying to out fish rivals before the timer sounds. In XMoto Racing users enter the massive Speedway arena to face off against friends for title of fastest biker in YoVille. Clicking certain highlighted marks on the track will increase speed during the race. Winners earn coins in both games. The games in YoVille play a lot like the ones in Playfish’s Pet Society. Gambling in the local Casino can also help players cash in. Take a shot at the slot machines by clicking in a friendly wager and cross your fingers in hopes of winning the ultimate jackpot. Similar to real life gambling players should enter the Casino at their own risk. The odds of losing your hard earned coins are higher than winning. YoVille is constantly updating new games and contests for Yovillians to earn big.

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Decking Out Your YoPad – Shopping Mania

The customization options in YoVille are very impressive. Not only is it one of the best features in the game but it allows players to create virtually any environment they choose. When users want to upgrade their home they can select a traditional two story abode, beach house, castle, waterfall hideaway, flying saucer, or rough it out in a trailer. Decorate every inch of the home by shopping in one of the furniture or home improvement centers in town. Add beautiful tiles, luxury black marble, hardwood floors, patterned wallpaper, kitchen appliances, windows displaying scenery, wall art, and everything else. Furniture styles range from modern to 50s vintage themed. The small detail items in YoVille make customization fun. Users can choose items most games leave out like stationary paper for the office desk, a makeup box to place on the vanity, stack plates in your cabinets, or throw pillows to add to your sofa. Create a game room with colorful pool table and jukebox. Players can also change their avatar character to match their personal style. Buy themed costumes, special YoVille clothing brands, dresses, skirts, shoes, hoodies, shirts, and even swimwear. Become a fairy with an enchanted wand, cheerleader, cowboy, or edgy rocker.

Final Verdict: Great

YoVille is a great social game. The extensive amount of customization let’s players build a virtual life with endless possibilities. Establish your own persona, chat with others, and create the home of your dreams in YoVille. It has similarities in gameplay from games like Pet Society and Habbo but its close attention to detail sets it apart. YoVille is a fun social simulation game that traditional Sims fans on Facebook will enjoy.


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