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Vikings of Thule Overview

Vikings of Thule is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that lets players become Vikings. Set in the early period of 872 A.D. when Norway was merged with other territories into one Kingdom under rule. A group of angry farmers and fishermen switched their occupation to Viking and set sail. Users take on the role of a Viking traveling through the land of Thule. This mystical world is filled with dragons, beasts, and Loki warriors. Conquer and claim the land. Earn the respect of your followers. Gather valuable treasures in the form of resources, ore, and runes. Use strategy to battle in animated Yu-Gi-Oh! Online style card duels. Work up the ranks to be promoted as a member of the Althingi and control others in Vikings of Thule.

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Full Review

Vikings of Thule Full Review

By Ange Perdu

Vikings of Thule is a 2D Viking MMORPG where players battle against each other to become part of elite group of conquerors known as the Althingi. Only the top 39 online players can earn this title. Each player must claim land, gain followers, put them to work, upgrade their home, and manage resources properly to move up the ranks. Complete challenging quests like slaying the dragon Wyrm or fight off a band of raiders. Loot your friends’ windfalls. Customize your character with powerful weapons and tools to be a mighty warrior in Vikings of Thule. Duel other players in intense combat using special moves and rune spells. Unlike popular Facebook games like Farmville or Café World this is a more challenging game that features unique animated card system battles similar to Yu-Gi-Oh Online.

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Becoming a Viking Legend, the Gameplay

The main objective of Vikings of Thule is to become one of the prestigious members of the Althingi parliament. Players must use strategy to claim land, produce essential resources, increase followers, upgrade their home, and earn respect in the process. Managing land and gathering resources is a major part of gameplay. Ore, resources, and runes serve as form of currency throughout the game. Each player is given a small amount of each to start out. Freemen join your rule as you become more powerful through claiming land. They can be put to work by converting them into peasants, huskarls, jarls, or witches for your bidding. Each type works to boost your daily supplies. Players have to watch their daily upkeep and expand daily gains. Converting and upgrading is a lengthy process. It can take hours to complete a single upgrade. Gameplay is slow paced at times since every action requires an allotted amount of ore and or resources to perform.

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In between land management activities players can make a trade, adventure on a quest, or visit friends. The trade feature allows users to post an offer and a request to swap resources, ore, runes, and silver coins with each other. There’s a great filter option that helps to shorten lists when looking for a specific currency. Quests are started by clicking on the Wyrm location on the main map. In Vikings of Thule players can choose easy, medium, hard, or divine level of difficulty modes making the quest more challenging as they progress. Quests usually involve fighting a pack of wolves, band of raiders, cult of Loki fanatics in an ambush, or slaying the dragon known as Wyrm. Each task costs a fee to accept and earns ore and respect points upon completion. Visit friends’ and click the windfalls link to loot their dropped treasures. Scattered throughout the map will be ore, resources, and runes. A quick click automatically collects and adds to your stash. Send personal messages to Vikings on your friend’s list. Check their status or initiate a duel.

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Duels & Magic Rune Spells

Duel friends instantly whether they’re online or off by clicking duel on their homepage. Although rewards for winning are received only duels with Vikings currently online count in your stats. Players can participate in random duels by entering the battlefield area which chooses another Viking close to your rank level. There’s also an option that allows the user to manually browse and select their opponent. Each duel costs an entry fee usually in ore. The higher ranked Vikings have a larger fee. Duels are animated using a card battle system with rounds. The players face off on a 5×5 tiled platform. During each round players must choose 3 consecutive moves by clicking and dragging them into the card slot. The moves are played out against the opponents moves. A mini-map below displays current players’ positions to help users select their next move. Moves vary from simple directions like up, down, left, right, to leap left, or leap right. Combat moves include normal attack, heavy, swift, long strike, and strike of courage. The spell moves are the coolest. In the spirit attack ghosts of the fallen soar from the ground to drain opponent’s strength. Pests spell calls black bugs to crawl up the leg of your enemy to weaken them. Healing, potions, and rest can be used as a strategic move during combat as well. Although the matches are animated with various backdrops the Vikings appear as default players with little detail. Duels continue round after round until someone wins or forfeits.

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The Shield of Valkyrie

There’s a nice selection of customized items in Vikings of Thule. Players have a large assortment of clothing, weapons, armor, and special boosters to choose from. Make your Viking stand out with different color hair, braids, thick long beards, gloves, belts, linen attire, cloaks, and pants. The weapons are very detailed. Each yields a certain amount of damage in combat and respect points daily to the wearer. Equip your hero with the light-weight battle sword, decorated dagger, spear, stone hammer, torch, two-blade halberd, throwing axes, mace, rati, or heavy war axe. Choose finely crafted Norse war hammers made from iron and wood to the magical Kor Sledgehammer created by Brokkur the dwarf. Armor varies from wool hats, iron helmets, plate armor, and cooper shields. Special armor made for only the rich and powerful Vikings include the shield of Valkyrie and Sindri’s Pride Armor. The best weapons and armor require large amounts of ore, resources, and expensive silver coins. Silver coins have to be purchased with real money. Most of the higher grade items use a combination of ore, resources and silver coins in order to purchase. This makes obtaining these special tools extremely hard for players who do not spend money buying silver coins and gives others who do a significant advantage. Boosters can also be purchased to increase respect among followers and productivity of peasants under your command.

Final Verdict: Good

There aren’t that many solid Viking themed online games but Vikings of Thule is definitely worthy of that title. Norse Mythology and Viking history is incorporated throughout the game. Players customize their heroes with full braided beards and clothing of that period. Weapons are made out of wood, hide, leather, iron, and copper materials. Players loot and raid other players. Conquer lands and battle for respect. Vikings of Thule combines a Viking storyline with TCG-style animated duels, war, text-based, and land management elements to create an interesting game. All these concepts blend nicely to give players a well rounded experience. It’s nothing like Farmville or Café World. Players who are looking for a more challenging type of browser game on Facebook will thoroughly enjoy this gem.


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