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Treasure Isle Overview

Treasure Isle is a social treasure hunting game where players explore uncharted islands digging for gold and valuable rare items. Although modeled after the Facebook game Treasure Madness it varies with improved gameplay. Users can design their island and decorate it any way they choose. There is also a farming feature that allows players to plant seeds similar to games such as Island Paradise or FarmVille. Grow fruit for energy and magical trees with colored gemstones to provide access into forbidden areas on the Isles. Trade in treasure troves for gold. Visit friends’ islands to help them out, send gifts, and go on a treasure hunting expedition together in Treasure Isle.

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Full Review

Treasure Isle Full Review

By Ange Perdu

Treasure Isle is a 2D social treasure hunting simulation game that also lets users create their own home island and garden. Explore the Mayan Isles, Sunny Shores, Glimmering Shoals, Boogie Beach, Crooked Trails, Forested Inland, Elder’s Court, Happy Seas, and back again to the Tiki Isles for buried treasure in an expedition of a lifetime. Players point and click to dig for gold, jewels, and ancient artifacts. Use different tools as island terrain varies. Magical gemstones open Tiki Statues blocking access to forbidden areas and all items found can be traded for gold. Decorate your home island with swinging hammocks and comfy lodge. Create your own tropical paradise. There’s also a farming feature in Treasure Isle where players can grow their own fruit in a small garden. Visit friends and help each other to unlock all the mysteries in Treasure Isle.

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Treasure Hunting, the Gameplay

In Treasure Isle players are treasure hunters on a mission to explore deserted isles. A map with all of the various islands will appear. Players simply click the desired island and they will instantly transport to that location. Armed with a shovel they have to dig up every square inch of the island. Find XP, gold, gems, fruit, or treasure chests with valuable collectibles in it. As players dig they’ll sometimes get clues stating that the treasure is nearby. Treasure chests range from small to large holding different collectible items. They include shipwrecked crown jewels, diamonds, royal garbs, historical statues, sailing instruments, and other treasure remnants. Once all the items in a specific category are collected players can trade them in for a bundle of gold coins and XP. It’s a very cool system. Each island varies in landscaping. Hunters may need to use a special tool or dynamite to blow up large boulders in their path. There are also Tiki statues that block certain entrance ways in the isles. Players have to use magical colored gems to pass through. Every dig burns energy. When a player is out of energy they have to go back to their home island or eat some fruit.

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Kiwi Pineapple Surprise

Treasure hunters only regain 1 energy point every 5 minutes but eating fruit can also help. On the home island players are given two small plots to plant fruit. A variety of seeds can be grown for planting including raspberry, strawberry, watermelon, and pineapple. Each fruit takes a certain amount of time to grow and must be gathered before it spoils similar to farming in FarmVille or Island Paradise. Once collected they’re stored in the user’s backpack. When players are low on energy they can eat their fruit for extra energy. Gardening in Treasure Isle is restricted. Players only have those two small plots regardless of how big their island is expanded. So, players have to rely on their neighbors and other resources to fully regain energy. It can be an arduous task at time.

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Friends with Fruits

Treasure hunters need neighbors in Treasure Isle. They are necessary to gain additional energy, gems, and hard to attain collectibles. If you send friends fruit gifts the favor will often be returned. Having lots of friend will triple the amount of fruit you’ll receive on a daily basis boosting energy. Each player is given one random gemstone tree. When a hunter visits their neighbor they can collect one gemstone from their tree per day. Gemstones come in blue, orange, red, green, and purple. The more neighbors a player has the more likely they’ll be able to find one with the color of gemstone that they need for passage through a particular island. Visiting neighbors is also a great way to make money and XP. Complete tasks like tidying up their island, putting out a fire, or chasing away unruly crabs. Sometimes spamming is necessary to receive certain collectibles but the payout is well worth it.

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Home Island Decor

The customization in Treasure Isle is quite imaginative. Players can build their own home island with an assortment of items that could possibly appear on a deserted island or in your dreams. Purchase a Tiki lodge, manor, or fantasy villa to replace your standard hut. Add tables, fish racks, ponds, beach chairs, waterfall, flower garden, fire pit, lava fountains, palm trees, flame trees, flags, and a sunken ship to spruce up the place. For company treasure hunters can buy a friendly companion or several for the long island nights. Buy seagulls, swashbuckling pirate monkeys, mild mannered turtles, talking parrots, and even sharks. Build and extend your docks. There’s also an option to upgrade island size from tiny to large. Players can spend time decking out their home isle while their energy is regenerating. Although, there’s not a lot of character customization there’s plenty to do with the island itself. Users can create their own paradise.

Final Verdict: Great

This 2D social treasure hunting simulation game takes players on an adventure across the seas searching for treasure, collecting, and farming. Players get to design their own island and incorporate various themes. There’s a small garden to plant fruit for energy which adds a FarmVille or Island Paradise feel to the game. Comparable to Treasure Madness it lacks mini-games and focuses more on treasure hunting than anything else. There are dozens of new islands to explore and more added regularly to keep players busy. Although digging can become repetitive it’s still an entertaining game. Treasure Isle combines fun aspects of the most popular Facebook games into one unique experience. It’s the perfect expedition for any gamer.


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