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Monster Galaxy is a 2D, fantasy-adventure RPG. Enter a virtual world where powerful zodiac creatures roam. Capture, train, and fight them. Collect over 100 unique monsters. Complete challenging quests. Learn new combat skills. Summon friends for assistance and vie for the coveted title of ultimate Moga master.

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Publisher: Gaia Online
Playerbase: High
Graphics: Medium
Type: Social Game
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: N/A
Platform: Facebook

Pros: +Nice graphics. +Plenty of quests. +Large variety of monsters to collect. +Great music soundtrack.

Cons: -No customization options. -Limited social multiplayer aspects. -Massive amount of grinding necessary. – Slow-paced animated battles may not be for everyone.

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Monster Galaxy Overview

Monster Galaxy is a free monster collection role playing game where players explore a land filled with monsters known as Mogas. Similar to the popular Pokémon and Digimon Battle games players become a Moga trainer. Capture over 120 rare monsters to train and fight. Travel through various terrain completing humorous quests for random villagers in need. Perfect your Mogas’ skills through matches against other wild creatures in fully animated, turn-based battles. Visit your friends’ homes and tend to their magical trees or call on them for some assistance during intense combat. Transform into the ultimate Moga Master in Monster Galaxy.

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Full Review

Monster Galaxy Full Review

By Ange Perdu

Monster Galaxy is a 2D, fantasy-adventure RPG set in a virtual world infused with magic, monsters, and astrology. In a land where creatures referred to as Mogas run wild, players embark on a journey to become an expert Moga tamer and save the galaxy. Inspired by the Pokémon and Digimon Battle games, players capture, train, and fight a wide variety of monsters. Complete challenging quests while exploring different regions. Travel through villages to the Eastern Shores and beyond. Visit friends’ homes or call on them for help during battles. Although basic in terms of gameplay and social mechanics, it’s an interesting addition to the slew of Facebook games out there.

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Life of a Moga Tamer, the Gameplay

In Monster Galaxy players take on the role of a Moga tamer in a world overrun by aggressive monsters. Most of the gameplay involves completing quests, fighting, and collecting wild Mogas. Gaining control and training these creatures is crucial to bring order back to the land. Completing quests give tamers the opportunity to earn valuable star seeds, which are used in the capturing process. When players enter the map area and begin to explore, they will stumble across NPCs with various quests. Some characters are quirky, depicting humorous tales of why they’re in need of help. Tasks vary from gathering chocolate for a guy with a hot girlfriend, to taming rare Mogas like the Lainedeer. Missions like “get compromising photos of sheep guy from the Woolfs” or “deliver a care package to Windhym” can be challenging. Almost all the tasks require some form of monster fighting. The funny dialogue between characters keeps the game interesting.

Unlike the game Monster Forest, where players have a complex skill and battle system, in Monster Galaxy tamers participate in animated, turn-based combat against NPCs. Skills are learned automatically through leveling up at certain stages. Winning fights is the only way to level up and advance individual Mogas. A lot of grinding is required for players to advance in the game. During monster encounters players select their Moga for the melee. There are four different options to choose from when fighting. Instruct creatures to perform a physical, zodiac, special defensive, or bonus attacks. Moves for each monster vary depending on their zodiac sign. At any turn a tamer can decide to run or use an item. Items are generally blue coffees for health. Occasionally random items necessary to complete quests are found.

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Capturing Burgers to Menacing Mimples

In the midst of combat players are able to capture their opponent. Once captured the Moga becomes part of the tamer’s collection and can be used in other fights. There are 120 different Mogas with 10 distinct species for each star sign to collect. They range from cute cuddly critters like the Beefees (in the form of baby cows), and Lambos (little lambs), to Smoky the dragon. Each creature has an assortment of traits and special abilities. The Electrotter, for example, harnesses the power of electricity. In Monster Galaxy there’s even a burger Moga that likes to take a bite out of others. Capture Spikes, Mimples, Tippies, Tigons, Orbz, Chamepos, Radiojacks, Cactoos, Starpops, Weeplets, and Leviathan the serpent just to name a few. A capture icon located at the bottom of the screen will reveal the odds of a successful catch when clicked. Players must have a star seed to make a capture. After a Moga has been hit a couple of times, but not completely defeated, a catch can be made.

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Whistle Trees No More

The social multiplayer aspects are very limited, making the game feel more like a single player RPG. There are no PvP battles, messaging, or much interaction among fellow tamers. At each player’s home base is a whistle tree that must be watered and tended to. Users can visit and water each others trees to earn whistles. Whistles call in friends for powerful bonus attacks during combat. Bonus attack assistance is helpful when tackling challenging monsters. The more whistles a tamer can collect, the better their chances of an easy victory. Players need a decent number of active neighbors to use this feature. Trees will quickly wither away if neglected.

The Sky Shop

In Monster Galaxy there are zero customization options. Players who enjoy changing their creature’s color or fur pattern will be deeply disappointed. The only option available is the ability to change the name of each Moga captured. Tamers can have a bit of fun with this feature and make up silly names. At the beginning of each fight, a colored flash appears scrolling across the screen with the word go and your Moga’s name. In the Sky Shop tamers can buy blue coffee or star seeds for ten coins each. Blue coffee, which restores health, is harder to attain than star seeds. Both items can be earned through questing and fighting. Coins are given throughout the game or purchased using real money. The shop doesn’t carry any other items.

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Final Verdict: Good

In Monster Galaxy much like Zodiac Online adventurers enter a magical world infused with astrology. Players become master Moga tamers completing humorous and challenging quests. Collect, train, and fight over 100 monsters from adorable to gruesome. Summon friends to help out with difficult opponents in cool bonus attacks or tend to their trees. Although geared towards a younger audience, the pumping rock soundtrack and easy to grasp gameplay is fun. Monster Galaxy is a solid, free monster collection RPG. Fans of the Pokémon series and games like Digimon Battle will love becoming a Moga tamer.


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