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Mafia Wars is a multiplayer text based browser RPG. Designed as an interactive game for social networking sites, it has become one of the most popular Facebook applications. Make millions by money laundering, participating in robberies, fighting gangsters, declaring war, and conquering cities across the globe. Vie for respect as supreme Mob Boss in Mafia Wars!

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Publisher: Zynga
Playerbase: High
Graphics: Low
Type: Social MMO
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: Duels / Open
Platform: Facebook

Pros: +Large community of players. +Plenty of missions. +Cool expansions and shop items.

Cons: -Text based gameplay may not be for everyone. -Repetitive gameplay. –Many in-game mall items lack real advantage.

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Mafia Wars Overview

Mafia Wars is a browser based MMORPG that lets players take on the role of an ambitious criminal slowly working their way up the ranks. Steal, kill, and initiate war to earn the respect of rival gangsters. As players level up through completing missions they can move on to other cities to take down including New York, Cuba, Moscow, and Bangkok. There are three basic classes to choose from in Mafia Wars.

Maniac - This class has the ability to renew energy every 3 minutes. Maniacs use their quick energy boosts to level up faster. Choosing the Maniac class gives players the option to develop their character into a Button Man whose reputation is notorious for winning melees.

Fearless - Health and stamina are secret weapons for the class known as Fearless. It also opens up the position of Wheel Man. They operate on less energy to perform jobs. This advantage pays off when higher level missions require more energy to complete.

Mogul - The Mogul class is all about the cash. Moguls earn 5% more income than the rest of the classes. Any Mogul can become a Bagman. They receive double payouts for executing missions.

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Full Review

Mafia Wars Full Review

By Ange Perdu

Mafia Wars is a text based MMORPG on Facebook that explores the world of mobsters. Players enter the mean streets of the inner cities to conquer and rule. Setting up various shops, recruiting members, and doing whatever necessary to make easy money are only a handful of the tasks set for a mob boss in the making. Mafia Wars allows players to connect with friends to form a fully functioning Mafia family and take over opposing districts. It’s not personal. It’s business. In this popular social role-playing game you’re only as powerful as your bankroll and the friends by your side.

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Starting a Life of Crime – The Gameplay

The gameplay in Mafia Wars is solid. Although the game starts off at a somewhat slow pace it picks up as players progress. Who ever said starting a life of crime was easy?! In Mafia Wars there are never-ending lists of missions or jobs to complete. Collect loan money. Perform a bank heist or mugging. Go rough up a couple of drug dealers to let them know who’s in charge. Destroy rival mob hideouts. Murder a protected snitch or even assassinate a political figure to build up your reputation. Each job can be repeated until mastered earning users valuable experience points and a handsome payout in return. Certain levels have boss fights for players to show off their mafia’s strength. All fights are text-turn based. In between each round users can choose to attack or flee. Leaving a boss fight early will result in losing part of the set risk amount. If you’re defeated the entire amount is gone. Winners gain additional experience, cash, and energy a precious resource. Every action requires an allotted amount of energy to execute. Money earned can be used to purchase weapons and other equipment needed to perform certain jobs. Players can go on various missions, help friends or fellow mafia family members with their jobs, invest in real estate, rob, declare war, and initiate a hit all in a day’s time.

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Easy Money

In Mafia Wars much like the real world money is important. As players master jobs down the tier they will accumulate a large balance. This amount can be doubled or even tripled when players invest in properties. Starting out each player receives a small shop called Louie’s Deli. Profits from each business owned are collected at hourly intervals. Properties available are a Mega Casino, Uptown Hotel, Office Park, Restaurant, Dockyard, Warehouse, Tenement, Pawnshop, Flophouse, and a Weapons Depot. There is also an option to build a Chop Shop. Users can purchase tools using reward points or ask friends for donations.

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The HitList & Declaring Mob War

Another major part of Mafia Wars is the PvP fighting options. Players can rob, attack, and declare war on other mobsters. In the robbing section random players establishments appear with a label of difficulty ranging from easy to hard. Choosing to rob them will boost your burglary stats earning extra money and XP. There are no limitations on how many robberies a user can execute as long as they possess enough energy to do the theft. Fighting also earns experience points. It’s an excellent way to prove your strength against other gangsters in game. Just like the boss fights they are turn based. If a friend has shown disrespect the rift can be settled by declaring war. Once a war has been initiated it will last six consecutive hours. Each player’s mafia family members must try to attack the other mafia’s top players. After the timer goes off the mafia with the highest level players still standing wins. The hitlist area lets players knock out rival competition or cash in with a hefty bounty. When a player placed on the hitlist they are fare game. Any other player can browse the list and attack in attempt for the reward amount. If you’re in need of a large sum conducting a hit can pay off.

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Protecting the Family

Throughout Mafia Wars players are encouraged to grow their mafia family by adding new Facebook friends. This social networking aspect integrates flawlessly into the gameplay as users form a team to battle other mobs. Updates, announcements, and special jobs appear on the homepage for players to accept. It’s essential to continue to grow and strengthen a player’s mafia family. Join in their fights. Help collect valuable loot items. Give generously to lower level players for a stronger mafia and to create a force to be reckoned with. When going up against other mafias you’re only strong if most of your fellow family members are as well.

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Leave the Gun; Take the Cannoli – The Marketplace

A wide variety of weapons, armor, and vehicles are available for users to buy with their balance. Baseball bats, grenades, Tommy guns, hacksaws, bullet proof vests, armored sedans, getaway cruisers, town cars, speed boats, and even an extra pair of eyes can help with the completion of missions. Certain jobs require particular equipment so buying these items before starting a mission is best. There’s no need to go gun shopping crazy in Mafia Wars. The Marketplace is loaded with very cool items but few of them serve any real purpose beyond its novelty. Items must be purchased in the Marketplace with reward points which are earned through leveling or bought. There are two major categories limited edition items and stat items. Limited edition items consist of rare accessories like a howler monkey, exploding cigar, man hunter shotgun, crazy dragon, anaconda, Russian bear, jaguar, concealable camera, blackmail photos, armadillo gear, getaway plane, and a royal white elephant. Stat items are energy, health, stamina, and skill point refills. There are also a beneficial 3 Extra Mafia Members and class change pass available.

Final Verdict: Good

Although, Mafia Wars is a text based MMORPG on Facebook it is addictive. Players can easily become obsessed with creating the biggest toughest Mafia around. The solid gameplay combined with cool PvP options lets players effortlessly rob, steal, and kill in an entertaining game. The ability to declare war, initiate hits, and attack others adds an element of strategy to keep players engaged. Overall Mafia Wars is fun game to unlock the inner mobster within.


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