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Kogamu is a 2D fantasy themed action MMORPG that plays like a traditional client based game. Become a gunner or town defender determined to protect a world in turmoil. An unseen force has transformed humans and animals into hideous monsters. Help save the local villagers from doom and find the solution to this mysterious plague before it’s too late. Customize your hero, fight hundreds of mystical creatures, go on quests with friends, and explore treacherous dungeons in Kogamu.

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Publisher: Playdom
Playerbase: High
Graphics: High
Type: Social Game
EXP Rate: High
PvP: N/A
Platform: Facebook

Pros: +Nice graphics. +Cool arcade style. +Difficulty mode options for dungeons. +Chat interface. +Original gameplay for a social game.

Cons: -Limited customization. -Item shops lack variety. -Gameplay feels repetitive at times.

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Kogamu Overview

Kogamu is a side-scrolling arcade style fighting action MMORPG set far off in the future. After a devastating technological apocalypse the town of Neo Essen and surrounding areas are in dire need of help. An unknown source of nanotechnology has mutated innocent citizens and wildlife into disgusting goblins and monsters harassing locals. Players become gunners or town defenders to protect the villagers from these now dangerous creatures and unlock the secret behind this mysterious mutation. Shoot fire ball slinging goblins, chat, and complete various quests with friends. This isn’t your average social Facebook game like FarmVille or Happy Aquarium. Similar to Ninja Saga players enter a more refined browser based massively multiplayer online role playing game. Grab a gun and prepare to save the world in Kogamu. Kogamu looks and plays like the client based brawler MMORPG Dungeon Fight Online.

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Full Review

Kogamu Full Review

By Ange Perdu

Kogamu is a 2D side-scrolling arcade style fighting action MMORPG where players become gunners or town defenders in a world hit by a technological apocalypse. People and animals have been turned into hideous creatures in the form of goblins and Minotaurs. Players must protect their village and nearby cities from these new monsters while trying to solve the puzzling mystery behind recent events. Kogamu features a different type of RPG experience unlike popular Facebook games that involve virtual farming such as FarmVille or fish tank games in Happy Aquarium players interact in real time environments with other players to accomplish tasks. Kill thousands of monsters, complete quests alone or with a party, chat, explore dungeons, and save the human race from destruction in Kogamu.

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Goblin Invasions, the Gameplay

In Kogamu players take on the role as town defender. These heroes also referred to as gunners must protect innocent villagers from evil creatures. Armed with a light pistol players shoot and kill an assortment of goblins and complete various quests. Players earn XP, gold, and special items for completing quests. To accept missions click talk on NPCs standing in the center of town. Quests range from passing messages through NPCs to tracking down and battling specific monsters. Some missions require users to collect dropped items like goblin hands, horns, or manticore meat. Locate missing townspeople or explore various dungeons. The majority of missions require entering areas like Hideo’s Forest or the Bullet Caves occupied by dangerous creatures and killing them. Once accepted users enter the designated area or dungeon. Collect the broken bones of vanquished foes, gold, dropped beast coins, armor, and new weapons after defeating enemies. These items can also be sold for gold.

Kogamu has a rare arcade style of gameplay. Players cannot return to their base city once they’ve entered a dungeon. All enemies have to be destroyed. Shoot, kick, knee, and blast away at goblin goons, fodders, soldiers, and even gigantic Minotaur Berserkers. Blood splatters in the air and on the ground when enemies are dealt hard blows. The controls are mostly keyboard based. Users have to press X to attack and use the arrow keys to navigate through environments. Points are tallied for hit combos, mastery, style, and exploration. Once a dungeon has been cleared a score screen appears calculating point percentages. High scorers can choose a free random reward by clicking on a turned over card. A more valuable mystery reward can be purchased for an optional coin fee. A cool feature in the game is the ability to revisit any dungeon and choose a higher level of difficulty. There’s a big difference between normal mode and advanced. Goblins are more aggressive and challenging. Fierce Ember Goblins shoot intense fire balls while other brawlers attack. Although Kogamu is an entertaining action MMO the quest and monster slaying can be repetitive at times.

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Magical Flamethrowers or Whirling Strikes

In Kogamu players can customize their hero with different combat skills and weapons. Switch from a direct to angled shot by learning the raising maneuver at the skill trainer. Go head to head with magical combat moves like the whirling strike and jack spike. Transform your gun into a flamethrower to blast away at massive Minotaurs for an advantage. Each specialty move is unlocked at various levels and must be purchased using skill points gained through leveling up. Performing these skills uses mana points. Similar to an arcade game players press designated lettered keys to execute basic to melee attacks. There’s an integrated chat system that allows players to instantly message or invite other players to join their party. Working together with friends is essential for surviving more challenging dungeons and fighting off monsters.

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Exploring the Jungle of Skulls

The dungeons in this game add to its appeal. New more challenging dungeons unlock as quests are completed. Players are slowly able to explore other cities stretching across the land. Enter the Shiro Isle, the troubled town of Lancaster, the eerie Valley of Doom, and the Jungle of Skulls killing dangerous monsters along the way. Despite the nice graphics depicting lush green grass, ruins, and temples many of the dungeons look exactly like the previous one. There are only a few small differences in each environment. While exploring dungeons destructible objects like barrels often hide additional coins. Maps display current location and rooms that haven’t been cleared. A big red skull appears where a boss character awaits for battle.

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Crummy Leather Pants & Boots

Many of the items in the shops are very basic. Players can buy a pair of crummy leather pants, helm, bracers, soldiers’ leggings, shoulder pads, chest plates, and shields. There’s nothing fancy offered in Kogamu. The blood bruise belt is made out of rotten rat-hide. Each item adds a small amount of durability or strength to the character wearing it. A few specialty accessories like the ring of fortitude boosts constitution and the belt of heroes aids in willpower for complex missions. Although there’s an even mix of physical and mystical armor it isn’t much variety. Health and mana is restored through drinking and eating special snacks like the honeymead drink or magical gelatin.

Final Verdict: Good

Kogamu is still in beta phase but it has a lot of potential to become a solid MMORPG on Facebook. The interesting story concept of a technological apocalypse combined with an entertaining arcade style of gameplay makes it unique game. Players become gunners a type of hero sent save mankind. Fight off hordes of goblin creatures with an assortment of magical skills or weapons. Go on missions. Use the chat system to form parties with other players and clear out dungeons together. Similar to Ninja Saga Kogamu stands out from the typical simulation games online bringing a fun hardcore action MMO to the masses.


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