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FishVille Overview

FishVille is an addictive virtual fish tank simulation game that lets players breed and sell tropical fish. Grow Mini Dart Gobies, Red Spot Cardinals, and White Face Surgeon fishes in real-time from babies to full grown adults through care and consistent feedings. Create a visually impressive tank filled with a variety of colorful fish and creatures of the ocean. Much like FarmVille players can take a shot a Fish Mastery breeding a particular type or form their own strategy to level up unlocking multiple tanks. Although FishVille could use more mini-games like Happy Aquarium it has a fun Arena fish battle feature that makes it original and loads of fun. Other Facebook games such as Fish World simply fall short in comparison to FishVille in graphics and gameplay.

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Full Review

FishVille Full Review

By Ange Perdu

FishVille is a 2D social fish tank simulation game on Facebook that allows players to grow, feed, train, and sell a large variety of tropical fish in their own virtual aquariums. Raise striking Purple Firefish, Hawaiian Hogfish, Pinnate Batfish, Golden Puffers, or Royal Dottybacks in multiple tanks that you can customize and decorate. In FishVille users can concentrate on raising a particular type of breed to complete fish mastery similar to FarmVille’s crop mastery element or have fun raising a broader range for profits. Train high caliber fishes for battle against other fishes in a massive arena, visit neighbors, unlock cool items, and have fun with friends in this MMO fish game.

28698  500x375 fishville fishes

Not Your Average Virtual Aquariums, the Gameplay

FishVille is a rather unique game. Somewhat similar to Fish World or Happy Aquarium users raise, train, and sell fish but it’s the gameplay that differs in FishVille. There are stages in growth. Each fish requires a specific amount of time to mature and must be fed at a particular hour. The game plays in real-time so if a player neglects to feed their fish at a certain time it will die. In order to level up and unlock additional tanks users must successfully breed and sell lots of fish. Strategy comes into play when selecting the best types of fishes to grow that will yield the biggest profits. There is also a Fish Mastery feature where players go on a quest to raise and sell specific fishes so they can unlock special items. Become the master of breeding the Longnose Butterfly or Pink Skunk Clown Fish. When a fish has morphed into a Junior or Adult users can click the net icon and then on the fish to catch and sell it. The coins can be used to buy crystals, plants, and other creatures to decorate or to upgrade tank. Leveling up and upgrading tanks will unlock another virtual aquarium for players.

28690  500x375 fishville blue line trigger

Gladiator Fish Face-Offs

FishVille separates itself from traditional fish games such as Fish World or Happy Aquarium with their Arena. Players can purchase special Arena fish like the Blue Damsel, Goose Scorpion, Scooter Blenny, or Blackfoot Lionfish that possess higher levels of IQ, Agility, and Strength. These feisty fish once grown can be trained for a Gladiator style battle in the Arena Tank. This unique feature really sets the game apart. It adds an additional level of strategy to the gameplay and most players will find it quite addictive. The fights are all text based. Players select their fish’s opponent and clicks go to start the brawl. The stats of each fish are compared in the areas of IQ, Agility, and Strength to determine the results. Winners receive coins and XP for each victory. Special Epic Arena items with the power to boost or weaken certain attributes can be unlocked. Fish medicine restores health and can only be received through gifts or purchased using sand dollars. Players have to tweak their Arena fish’s attributes to make them into a worthy rival.

28688  500x375 fishville atlantis

Fishy Friends & Gifts

Another major part of gameplay is visiting neighbors and friends. When a player stops by someone’s virtual tank they can assist them in an aquarium maintenance task like altering the water temperature or cleaning up scum. These tasks are easily accomplished by simply clicking the appropriate icon such as the sponge to clean and clicking on all the visible scum spots until they’re gone. Coins are rewarded for helping out neighbors in need. Friends can also feed each other’s fish but the number of hungry fishes that you can help out is limited per day. There is an option to send free gifts to pals. Send friends the fish of the day, mystery boxes, tank decorations, and supplies. FishVille is constantly adding new unlockable reward items and tropical fish to their stores for players.

28725  500x375 fishvillepurple manta ray

Tanks O’ Plenty

The customization in FishVille is incredible. It surpasses other virtual fish tank games on Facebook with a wider variety of tropical fish, plants, decorations, creatures, and rare environments to choose from. The customization in the game takes full advantage of the feature that allows players to possess multiple tanks full of fishes as they advance. Users can decorate each aquarium to the brim and play around with different layouts. Mix and match wallpaper backdrops with contrasting gravel colors to reflect a particular mood or style. Create an underwater paradise, tropical beach, or fantasy theme to raise your fish in. The store is loaded with plants including different species of corals, ferns, kelp, wildflowers, and bamboo. The decorations let users tap into their imagination. Add a stone arch, tunnel logs, slate cave, bones, signs, beach balls, metal pipes, a lighthouse, or even a spiral galaxy in your tank. There are also creatures like sea turtles, oysters, Electric Eel, sea horses, and snails that can be added as well. All items are purchased with in-game coins or sand dollars. Unfortunately most of the really cool items require expensive sand dollars to buy. Although they can be earned through gameplay without using real money the opportunities to snag them are limited.

Final Verdict: Great

Honestly, FishVille is one of the best virtual fish tank simulation games on Facebook. Players get to raise colorful exotic fish from the Blue Mandarin to the Bearded Ghoul, train them, sell them, and decorate multiple tanks. The fish arena battles and fish mastery features add a more interesting element of gameplay to the mix creating a truly addictive game. Despite the lack of mini-games in FishVille it’s still challenging. It also has better graphics, gameplay, and a more streamlined interface than other favorites like Fish World or Happy Aquarium. For gamers looking for a new fishy addiction the land of FishVille should be their first stop.


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