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FarmVille Overview

FarmVille is the reigning champion in farming simulation games on Facebook. This 2D browser based MMO let’s players step into the shoes of a local farmer. Starting with a small plot of land users must grow and harvest a variety of crops. Participate in Co-op farming challenges with friends, build stables, add facilities, decorate, and expand your property to level up. This game focuses on farming but allows players to customize their own virtual farm in any particular way they want. Create a traditional crop farm or a wacky agricultural haven overflowing with livestock and exotic trees. There is even a pet option which permits users to feed and perform tricks with a puppy of their choice. FarmVille has no classes just millions of addicted farmers ready to harvest.

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Full Review

FarmVille Full Review

By Ange Perdu

FarmVille is one of the most popular 2D virtual farming simulation games featured on Facebook. In this game players enter the world of farming. Plant a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, and flowers. Wait for them to grow and harvest. The main objective is to build a massive farm fully equipped with livestock and farming machinery. Players select profitable crops and compete in friendly farming challenges to earn coins for upgrades. This addictive farming game has multiple features, an assortment of cool customizations, and a virtual pet option for players to enjoy while watching their crops grow.

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Life as a Farmer – the Gameplay

Farming and the mastery of crops is a major part of the gameplay in FarmVille. Each crop has a set time for harvest. Whether it’s a couple of hours or a few days farmers must be ready to reap. All plowing, planting, and harvesting are performed by maneuvering the mouse over the desired area and clicking. This point-and-click process can become somewhat boring at times depending on how large your plot of land is. Luckily, you’re on Facebook and can chat with friends while grinding. There’s a nice variety of crops for players to choose from. They include wheat, strawberries, cotton, rice, eggplants, peanuts, artichokes, daffodils, cranberries, morning glory, Aloe Vera, red tulips, coffee, patty pan squash, and green tea. All crops have three levels of mastery. A farmer must plant and harvest an allotted amount of that crop to move on to the next level of mastery. It may sound simple but most crops require 2000 or more harvests to reach one level.

Another feature in FarmVille is their Co-op farming. This option lets users join forces with their fellow farmers to complete a specific quest. Players work together to grow rice to make paper, red tulips for wedding décor, grapes for a school trip lunch, or tomatoes for the country fair game. Each farmer plants as much of the crop on their farm and all the harvest are combined together in order to reach the set amount for each job challenge. If completed on or before the deadline players receive a medal of gold, silver, or bronze which comes with additional coins and XP.

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Dude, Will You Fertilize My Crops for Me?

Similar to other MMO’s and Facebook game applications FarmVille integrates social interaction throughout the gameplay. Players can help out at a neighbor’s farm, assist in collecting items, and earn reward ribbons in the process. When a farmer visits a friend’s farm sometimes they’re in need of assistance. A message pops up asking if they’d like to help stop mischievous raccoons from ransacking the farm, scare away troublesome crows, or foxes. Clicking accept automatically eliminates the furry creatures. There’s not much to it. On the side of the screen will appear bags of fertilizer. Fertilizing neighbors’ crops can earn valuable coinage and XP. The favor is usually reciprocated.

In FarmVille there is a Collections feature. Players will randomly find collectibles while plowing, harvesting, or fertilizing friends’ crops. Holding the mouse over a particular collectible icon will disclose hints. There are five collection sets consisting of gardening tools, country kitchen, bugs, butterfly, and feathers. Certain collectibles are only available as a gift friends send. When an entire set is collected players have the option to cash it in for a reward of XP, coins, and fuel. Special features like these require players to rely on other neighbors for help. If your friends are fellow FarmVille addicts it’s a lot of fun. If they’re not it may take a long time for users to accomplish challenges. When tasks are completed users earn ribbons with bonus coins for efforts.

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Around the Barnyard Pass the Chicken Coop

You can’t have a farm without livestock and the infamous chicken coop. In FarmVille farmers have the ability to purchase animals like sheep, chickens, pigs, and long eared rabbits. There’s also a selection of more exotic creatures including an Indian elephant, white tiger, and valley quail. If you click on the animal a drop down menu of options will appear. Players can collect from them, move, sell, allow roaming, or pet them. Most of the livestock in this virtual world produce something. Users can collect truffles from pigs, milk from cows, wool from sheep, and even peanuts from elephants. Each time you collect from one of your livestock coins are earned. Another fun feature in FarmVille is their pet option. Players can buy an adorable puppy. Feed it kibble for 14 days and watch it grow. When it reaches adulthood the canine can perform cool tricks and help out around the farm. The virtual pet option is actually a lot of fun. The only downside to owning a dog in FarmVille is that the kibble prices are outrageous! If you don’t have enough mullah to buy food for two weeks forget about it. Hungry pups run away and you have to pay to bring them back.

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Good Friends or FarmCash

The large assortment of decorations and specialty items give players an incredible amount of customization in FarmVille. Users can enjoy the freedom of creating their own virtual farm world. Place garden fountains, fruit stands, potted plants, doves, signs, lakes, bonsai trees, colored fences, scarecrows, gnomes, topiary, a band stage, add tall grass, your country flag, or even put a giant boulder in the middle of a field. It’s completely up to you. In FarmVille most of the really cool items like an extravagant Taj Mahal, pet Border collie, and a personal arborists to harvest your trees for you cost FarmCash. FarmCash can be purchased with real money or randomly earned. To build, expand, or upgrade buildings it costs FarmCash or some really good friends. In order to establish a horse stable player must collect material items like bricks, horseshoes, harnesses, wooden boards, and nails as gifts from friends. This involves a heavy amount of begging also known as spamming your fellow Facebook pals. To add more storage capacity to barn users need to help 10 friends within a three day time period for expansion.

Final Verdict: Great

FarmVille isn’t one of the most popular games on Facebook for nothing. There are more farmers on FarmVille than there are real farmers in the U.S. This addictive farming simulation game allows players to test their agricultural skills like no other. Whether Co-op farming with friends, harvesting sugar cane, collecting butterflies, painting a stable, or teaching a dog new tricks there’s always something to do in FarmVille. It’s a challenging game that is constantly upgrading keeping the gameplay interesting. Despite the mandatory spamming FarmVille is loads of fun.


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