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Endless Chaos Overview

Endless Chaos is a fantasy MMORPG set in the conflicted world of Ferion where three distinct races known as the Kaal, Madoch, and Ohmron are attempting to destroy each other by any means. The Kaal are daemons of nature who draw on the power of the daemon sealed deep within. Madoch are a breed of humans that have limbs replaced with machines. The Ohmron are pure energy manifested by a mystical stone called capturer. Players enter the mystical nation as a lost soul sent by the Gods to become a hero and end the war. Each hero goes on a journey through the completion of various story based quests. Players have the option of choosing good or evil actions to perform complicating the missions. Fight off ferocious mutated monsters in the wilderness and collect useful items by exploring new areas. All of the races are at war so players can go head to head in PvP battles. Winning fights earn a kill points and boost a player’s rank. Invite friends to join as your allies for an advantage in combat. Similar to Dawn of Dragons Endless Chaos incorporates traditional fantasy elements. The text turn based battles are slightly animated giving it an edge on more popular games like Mafia Wars. The three basic classes are:

Warrior – A noble class with great strength. They are powerful when trained and armed.

Ranger – Skilled archers. Possess the ability to strike fatal blows at opponents from a distance using composite bows.

Mystic – This class varies with races. They use magic staffs to cast deadly spells on enemies.

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Full Review

Endless Chaos Full Review

By Ange Perdu

Endless Chaos is real-time text based fantasy MMORPG set in the Kingdom of Ferion where the Kaal, Madoch, and Ohmron races are at war. Players step into the role of a lost soul sent by God to end the constant turmoil in the land. In order to save the world players must transform their character into a powerful warrior. Complete quests taking the honorable or more sinister route. Explore deep into the treacherous woods slaying mutated beasts. Search for useful items. Fight in challenging PvP battles earning a high kill score. Learn menacing special moves. Buy weapons, armor, and potions to assist in combat. Invite friends to join as allies and share rare skills. Move up in PvP rank and reclaim Ferion.

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Treacherous Woods to Sand Dunes, the Gameplay

The gameplay in Endless Chaos consists of quests, exploring, monster hunting, and PvP battles. Players have a series of challenging quests to complete in order to progress in the game. There is interesting dialogue and in-depth story line that players can follow in each quest. Descriptions of brutal invasions or your character stumbling into a dangerous run-in appear. Players have two action options to begin the task. Each hero can choose the path of good or evil while performing story quests. This feature varies the quests making some more challenging than others depending on your choice. Decide to defeat or kill rival factions and whether to save or let die those in need. Some quests involve finding special items through exploring, hunting down specific monsters like the gray wolf that lurks through the treacherous woods preying on travelers, or winning a PvP battle. Clicking search in the explore area allow players to find various useful items like sapwood, tree root, toadstool, herbs, stamina vials, mysterious liquid, and tiger eyes. Finding items help accomplish quests and aid in spell casting. Entering the battle monster tab will display the local beasts lurking in the perimeter. Players can slay these creatures for XP, gold, and items that can be used or sold later. Fight monsters like the Ursochs half robotic grizzly bears or the Lezardos cold blooded reptiles that spit poisonous venom at enemies. As new areas unlock higher difficulty beasts appear. A map of the wilderness allows players to instantly transport to new locations in the land where they can accomplish tasks and battle other players.

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PvP Battles & Kill Scores

When visiting any area in Endless Chaos players can click the PvP battle tab and see a list of available players to fight. All battles are text turn based with a small amount of animation tossed into the mix. Frozen characters slide across the platform bumping into their opponent. Occasionally a few streaks of magic sparkle but for the most part it’s pretty bland. The command bar at the bottom of the screen allows users to choose to attack, use a skill learned, use an item, or flee. Items usually consist of health, magic, or speed potions. If a player decides to flee in the midst of combat they lose their gold. One of the most addicting features in the game is the kill score ranking system. Every victorious PvP battle is rewarded with kill points and gold. Kill points add to your kill score and is visible for all to see. Leveling up and boosting your kill score is essential for advancing in the game. Every hero starts out with the PvP rank of Regulus and can work their way up to the elite Capella. Players can attack any other player as long as they have enough stamina which serves as energy in Endless Chaos to wage war.

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Art and Science of War with Allies

In Endless Chaos players’ heroes can learn unique skills from Sage the Wise in the training section. These special abilities vary depending on race and class. Players can master moves like the impulsive charge, chaotic slash, gram sword fighting, sylvien, shield of dependence, or the art and science of war. Each hero has access to three special skills that unlock as they level up and acquire more gold. Only one skill can be trained at a time. This process is tedious and annoying. It can take weeks to learn one skill. Warriors have to visit the shop and click the training button on however many consecutive days is required to complete the lesson. If a players misses a day the counter starts back over lengthening the process. The skills are also very expensive. Although it only requires gold which is earned through quests and fighting the large amounts can make the training difficult. Some skills require an enrollment fee of up to 5,136,287 pieces of gold. Adding friends as allies can help. If allies possess a special skill or high attributes players can borrow and use that move during combat.

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The Blind Blacksmith

Weapons and armor increase attack and defense during battles. There’s a somewhat small selection in the shops. Players can only purchase weapons designated for their class and race. Warriors have steel shanks, valiance, guillotines, crescent blades, and fang halberds. Rangers use composite bows, the Boltstafe, Aegis longbows, and Quivercrosses. The mystics use a variety of magical staffs like the Neptica, Luminaive, Cryocept, Flerica, and Spellstave. Armor consists of headgear, shields, upper, and lower protection. Certain races have better looking armor than others. Depending on a player’s hero they can purchase winged shields, faith robes, angelus suits, or hollow marks as guards. The items in the shops are quite expensive. At the blind blacksmith’s shop players can upgrade their weapons and armor for small fee. The process uses items found through exploring like cooper ore, glass shards, and emeralds. Any unsuccessful upgrade results in the lost the weapon. Making improvement can be beneficial but risky in Endless Chaos.

Final Verdict: Good

Endless Chaos is what a text based fantasy MMORPG should be. Similar to Mafia Wars and Dawn of Dragons this game is addicting. It has an intriguing storyline that players can alter by choosing the moral or evil paths to take. Heroes face off with others in PvP battles. Kill mutated serpents, monstrous lizards, and prehistoric looking eagle creatures. Explore the River of Panthera to the Ancient Ruins while unlocking abandoned temples and abysmal towers. Compete with friends for the highest kill score and top PvP rank. Although the customization and shops could be better it’s a solid game.


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