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City of Wonder Overview

City of Wonder is a social simulation city building game where players construct their own flourishing city progressing through the ages. Based off the popular Sid Meier’s Civilization PC game series with integrated elements from My Empire, Social City, Verdonia, and Age of Empires users must develop their civilization by building various structures. Study or research an assortment of topics ranging from mysticism to war tactics. Set up a ranch, thatched houses, markets, universities, concert halls, guard posts, and colosseums to create a wondrous city. Decorate with gravel roads and a variety of decorations. Complete Legends Collections. Add friends as allies. Go on expeditions exploring neighboring nations to trade goods, exchange cultural concepts, or wage war. Expand your civilization in City of Wonder.

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Full Review

City of Wonder Full Review

By Ange Perdu

City of Wonder is a 2D social simulation city building and strategy game that allows players to construct a city while progressing through the ages. Closely based off the Sid Meier’s Civilization PC franchise and other games like Social City, Verdonia, and Age of Empires players build a variety of structures. Manage and increase the population by keeping citizens from being bored. Build residential homes, farms, lumber mills, amphitheatres, radio stations, and museums. Set up fascinating marvels like pyramids or temples. Using a strategic approach each player must decide the best method to grow their civilization. Study different topics to unlock new buildings. Explore surrounding cities on expeditions where trade, cultural exchange, or battle can take place. Form alliances with friends and help them out in their civilization. Collect historic legends for a boost and create an awe-inspiring civilization in City of Wonder.

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Building Your Civilization, the Gameplay

Most of the gameplay consists of constructing buildings, cleaning them, increasing population, researching technologies, and completing expeditions. Each player starts out on a small plot of land with an allotted amount of silver coins and some complimentary gold. Construct homes, cultural buildings, marvels, and add decorations to begin your new civilization. Similar to the game Social City users have to click on houses to increase population at set intervals. A quick click will clean or collect coins from various buildings as well. A drama mask located at the top of the screen monitors the happiness level of the population. If the townspeople become bored it results in population restriction. Players have to keep them thoroughly content by adding cultural buildings like shrines, granary, observatory, shaman circles, jousts, refinery, and radio stations. These structures also boost the civilization’s overall cultural rating as well.

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Research must be conducted to unlock new buildings and aid in the growth of the city. Players have the option of making their own choice or taking the expert advice of one of the advisors to decide on what to research. There is a Cultural Advisor, Economic Advisor, and Military Advisor that will assist players throughout the game. It’s completely up to the player to choose the way they want their civilization to be. Each topic researched unlocks a different building, subject, or both. Perform research on navigation, masonry, art, law, hydraulics, theology, weaponry, and more. The ability to focus on forming a powerful military force, a rich nation, or one of the wonders of the world makes the gameplay entertaining and almost addictive. It costs silver coins and anywhere from a few minutes to 20 hours to research technologies.

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Expeditions & Quick Attacks

In City of Wonder there is a fun expedition feature that lets players explore other cities and wage war. On expeditions users enter another player’s capital to make a cultural exchange, trade goods, or attack. Advisors weigh in on the odds in each category to help decide the best task to execute but the decision is still completely up to the player.

Cultural exchanges are rewarded with valuable XP, a trade will earn silver coins, and conquering increases population. In battles each player’s defensive and offensive statistics are compared to declare the winner. This makes strategy in building military structures essential. Adding large castle walls, armory, cavalry, heavy cannons, airbase, munitions depot, catapult, and barracks improves the chance of a victory. Attacks leave a path of destruction. When someone wages war on your civilization military buildings are set on fire. The detailed graphics in this game is very well done. Users must click to repair their damaged structures and decide whether or not to retaliate.

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Friends with Crazy Camels

Alliances also help build a strong nation. Players need as many friends as possible in City of Wonder. They instantly become allies and can assist in the growth of your civilization. Build embassies to represent each ally’s capital for them to visit. They also can set up your embassy in their city. Visit them to help out with various tasks and check on your embassy. Clicking on the designated building representing your district earns coins. Occasionally allies need assistance with flocks of lost sheep roaming, chickens on the loose, workers on strike, a barbecue, hungry panda, and camels that have gone mad. Allies are very useful. Legend cards are given as gifts from allies or as rewards for diligent productivity. Each legend gives players a temporary boost in a specific area. Monet yields a 20% culture boost for 3 hours and Leonidas provides a 50% attack boost for 8 hours. There are dozens of these legends that players can trade and collect adding another interesting element into the game. Coin bonuses along with XP are rewarded for collecting and using various legends.

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Roman Gates to Fort Knox

The customization in City of Wonder is excellent. Players have an endless variety of structures to build and décor to add. As users level up and progress through the ages they can set up different types of residential, goods, culture, markets, and marvels throughout the town. Construct straw huts to villas. Build gardens, large plantations, nightclubs, malls, sanctuary, grand monuments, cathedrals, flying carpet shop, hospital, pagoda, burial mound, monolith, and even a Da Vinci Workshop. Lay down stone or gravel roads for citizens to march down. Design the landscape wit palms, shady groves, lone meadows, lakes, ponds, sand dunes, colorful flowers, shrubs, floral cypresses, large hedges, chariot statues, kite parks, potted bushes, fountains, aqueduct towers, iron bridges, street signs, and billboards. Most of the structures require only a fee of silver coins after they’ve been unlocked through the proper research. Unfortunately, some of the best buildings that give players a significant advantage in stats require expensive gold for purchase making them difficult to acquire. To buy marvels like the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Luxor Temple, Fort Knox, Pentagon, and Angkor Wat players must rely on their allies’ assistance. These special buildings require lots of spamming. In order to build users’ have to post on their Facebook wall and friends’ walls for help in construction.

Final Verdict: Great

City of Wonder is one of the best city building and strategy games on Facebook. Despite the fact that there is no full screen mode option to view your civilization in all its true glory, there’s plenty of customization and fun to be had. Players create their own city through the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Classical Age of Greece, and up to present day. Research technologies, trade goods, share cultural concepts, and attack other capitals to build the ultimate city. It’s similarities to PC classics and combination of elements from Social City, Verdonia, Age of Empires, and My Empire makes it a well rounded game. Players who are fans of the Sid Meier’s Civilization games should definitely check out City of Wonder.


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