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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

Arma 2: Free (A2F) is a 3D action themed war simulation MMOFPS by Bohemia Interactive. Players step into the role of an elite US Marine assisting the Chernarus forces in fighting their country’s communist upheaval. Switch freely between first and third person shooting perspective while trekking across Southern Europe on challenging solo or co-op missions. Use an assortment of weaponry and vehicles to complete special tasks. Team up to battle others in competitive multiplayer death matches in this realistic warzone.

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Publisher: Bohemia Interactive
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Medium Quality
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: Multiple Modes
Filesize: 960MB

Pros: +Unique FPS gameplay. +Single and Multiplayer modes. +Large variety of weapons and equipment. +Vehicles. +Cool Armory feature. +In-depth command system. +Built-in mission editor.

Cons: -No player-made add-ons or mods. –Poor voice acting. –Graphics could be better. –Somewhat buggy at times with saving issues. -No campaign.


Arma 2: Free Overview

AF2 is a scaled-down version of the original Arma 2 game that users can download and explore for free. It includes most of the features of its predecessor minus the campaign, mods, additional add-ons, and higher quality graphics. Players enter a fictional country located in Europe based off the Czech Republic called Chernarus. A communist war has broken out and various allies such as the US military have been summoned to assist. Complete several solo missions or join forces with other players on the battlefield for a full-fledged war. Players can accept special challenges that vary in levels of difficulty and feature unusual themes. Use the built-in mission editor to change up gameplay or challenge rivals. There are over 300 different weapons and vehicles to choose from making this open sandbox world by Bohemia Interactive.

Players compete against others in various PvP battle modes similar to games like Operation Flashpoint, War Inc., and Crime Craft. There are five set male characters and factions available.

Characters – Sgt Chad “Robo” Rodriquez, SSgt Brian “Scarlet” O’Hara, SSgt Randolph “Ice Cold” Sykes, MSgt Matthew “Coops” Cooper, and 1st Sgt Patrick “8-Ball” Miles



United States Marine Corps (USMC) – This Special Ops Expeditionary Unit is skilled in warfare and equipped with the best technology to accomplish complicated objectives. They are here to support the Chernarussian government any way they see fit. Backup is the Force Reconnaissance Special Units.

Chernarussian Defense Forces (CDF) – Trained by Western armies this Soviet based militia has a significant advantage. Familiar with their home territory and rugged terrain, they can stage surprise enemy attacks. The CDF feature a mixture of out-dated and modern gear.

Russian Armed Forces – Experts at counter-guerilla operations are part of the Chernarussian Peacekeeping Forces. Armed with an assortment of assault rifles and warheads they are determined to keep the peace by any means necessary.

Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ) – Originally started as an underground movement this group of soldiers have earned their place among the ranks of the country’s fellow adversaries. Although all of their armor is stolen or purchased from arms dealers they are well organized contenders.

National Party – National Party is another underground militia that makes up for their low grade arsenal with special Intel and effective strategy. These nationalist guerillas swiftly strike their enemies and disappear into the mountains. They often use civilian vehicles with mounted weapons.

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Full Review
Arma 2: Free is a 3D free-to-play war simulation MMOFPS set in the midst of a communist takeover. Players become soldiers sent to the fictional country of Chernarus to assist the government in their ongoing civil war. Move up the ranks from recruit to highest-ranking soldier by completing an assortment of solo or co-op missions with your faction’s core objective in mind. Switch freely between first and third person perspective while exploring a large sandbox style virtual world. Participate in large-scale wars or join friends in team based death match battles. Command fellow comrades and assign specific targets to teammates. Use the built-in mission editor to create your own cover operation or complex map to wage war in. Select from a wide variety of weapons and vehicles for an edge in AI or multiplayer bloodshed.

From Recruit to Highest-ranking Soldier, the Gameplay

This action themed shooter features single and multiplayer modes. Although there are no campaigns or mods in the single player mode users can tackle the boot camp tutorial or one of the four solo missions available. During boot camp recruits run through an obstacle course, shoot a few rounds at the firing range, and complete a first-aid course. Each of the four stand-alone missions can be repeated with a higher level of difficulty. Levels range from easy to expert. When players begin their first objective they are transported via helicopter to a location in dire need of assistance from a surprise assault. Soldiers have to target and shoot rebel militia in order to secure the area. The realistic sounds of the chopper hovering, gunshots firing, and rugged terrain make the experience not only exciting but very authentic. AF2 has an in-depth and somewhat complicated command system. Although the standard WASD keys are used for movement, prompting the menu and executing various actions take a bit of time to memorize. Hitting the Num and Enter key will switch the first person perspective to a third person view point similar to Crime Craft.

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War on Your Own Terms

Players can also utilize the game’s built-in mission editor to create their own objectives or maps to explore. The interface is pretty easy to navigate whether you’re a beginner or more experienced gamer. Once in the editing section side menus displaying accessible predesigned zones, weather options, tasks, and various criteria is displayed. Users simply click on their desired options and a new mission is automatically generated. This modeled area can be used in solo or during multiplayer combat. The Death Match, Capture the Flag, and Warfare are the three core multiplayer modes. In Death Match like many other FPS games players face off in an all out war. The aim is to kill as many AI units or other players as possible. In Capture the Flag and Warfare modes players indulge in team-based combat against each other in order to seize control of an object like a flag or an entire side of an island. During Warfare every player has their own AI unit to command. The team commanders of each opposing side must designate tasks to their soldiers to assist in building a base and protecting their territory from being destroyed. Players have to use strategy and work together to keep possession of their stronghold. Shots are constantly fired among the chaos. Much like War Inc. Arma 2: Free resembles CoD style gameplay. During combat when a soldier has been shot his field of vision turns red and blurry until health restores or death. Other soldier’s customized battlefields can be downloaded and played with friends as well.

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Goats & Guns

One of the coolest features in Arma 2: Free is the Armory. In this area a drop down list of guns, vehicles, characters, and even creatures appear. Clicking on any of the available items will allow a user to test out that particular weapon in a designated zone along with an opportunity to complete a special mini-mission. These challenges vary depending on the selected object or character. It’s quite impressive. Soldiers’ skills are tested with side objectives that range from stand-offs to slightly more challenging covert operations. In assassination challenges users are given certain target characteristics to go by like they may be driving a vehicle or moving alone. GI’s must scour the countryside until they’ve shot their mark. Successfully completing a mission unlocks a new weapon and challenge in the Armory. The missions through this feature give players hours of additional extended gameplay. Objectives can be war themed or integrate a bit of RPG simulation. Soldiers can assume new temporary identities as a Medic, Rocker, pilot, local citizen, woman, school teacher, Saboteur, or take on the form of an animal. When players select the goat they are transported to an open space surrounded by woodlands with poachers in hot pursuit. The mission is to survive until the Rangers show up. It definitely keeps the game interesting.

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Weapon of Choice

There are over 300 different weapons, vehicles, and equipment to choose from. This massive inventory includes a broad array of rifles, machineguns, side-arms, launchers, and explosives. Players can acquire an M8 Automatic Rifle, Compact Sharpshooter, SVD Camo, M136 Launcher, FGM-148 Javelin, Bizon PP-19, CZ 550, DMR, G36, M24, AK-107, M9 Silenced, Strela-2 9k32, RGO Frag Grenade, 30 Rnd. STANAG, and smoke grenades in various colors. To really experience the vast arsenal selection in this game outside of the Armory players might have to invest some real money. The ability to access all of the mounted weaponry, howitzers, mortars, and special warfare guns with subsonic ammunition is almost worth it. GI’s are able to hitch rides or drive various forms of transportation throughout the game. Hop on tanks, armored trucks, helicopters, boats, and standard civilian vehicles. Soldiers can use night vision goggles, binoculars, compass, radio, or their watch to aid them during missions. At any time during battles a player can switch their weapon of choice.

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Final Verdict: Good

Overall Arma 2: Free is a worthy free-to-play war simulation MMOFPS. Despite the downgraded graphics and missing campaigns it’s extremely addicting. There’s so much content that players will find themselves tempted to purchase the full version simply out of curiosity. Players can accomplish a variety of single and multiplayer missions along with hundreds of challenging mini-objectives available in the Armory. Users have the ability to create their own warzone with the built-in editor feature and participate in large-scale battles with up to 50 players. Fans familiar with Call of Duty style’s gameplay will appreciate the game’s close attention to detail and realistic sandbox world. A2F is an entertaining shooter similar to other titles like War Inc., Crime Craft, and Operation Flashpoint.


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Shut down.

System Requirements

Arma 2: Free System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP or Vista 32
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 class processor or AMD Athlon XP, at 1.5 GHz or faster
RAM: 512MB of RAM or more
HDD: 5 GB Free Space
Graphics Card: GeForce FX class or ATI Radeon 9600 with 128MB of dedicated VRAM or better

Recommended Specification:
OS: Windows XP/ 2000 / Vista
CPU:Intel Pentium 4 Class Processor Dual Core at 2.0 GHz or faster
RAM: 1GB of RAM or more
HDD: 1.8 GB of HDD space, plus additional for new game content
Graphics Card: GeForce XT Class with 256MB of dedicated VRAM or better

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