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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

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World of Kung Fu Overview

World of Kung Fu is a relatively new free MMORPG.  Although the game is another ‘fantasy’ title, it is extremely polished and has an incredible amount of  overall content, ranging from crafting skills to end-game ‘instances’.  The game’s auto-movement feature and fair amount of in-game quests also enhance the gameplay.  If you’re looking for a polished ‘new’ free MMORPG, World of Kung Fu just may be for you.  The game’s nine available weapons are:

Sword – Swords are the simplest of weapons and the most balanced.

Hook - Hooks users posses powerful recovery and regeneration skills.

Fan - Fan users are experts in Leechcraft and healing arts.  They tend to have lower hit points than the other classes in the game.

Hammer & Axe - Hammer & Axe users are warriors of great power, with the ability to deal large amounts of damage within melee range.

Broadsword - Broadsword users have low defense, but incredibly high attack power.

Spear - Spear users are capable of using many deadly area-of-effect skills, and tend to have high attack power.

Staff – Staff users are powerful in both defense and offense.  They are capable of stunning their opponents and dealing damage quickly.

Bow -Bow users are capable of dealing damage from a distance, but are vulnerable in melee combat.

Fist – Fist users are capable of dealing large amounts of damage through area-of-effect skills, but generally have less hit points than other classes.

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Full Review

World of Kung Fu Review

By Cody ‘Neramaar’ Hargreaves

I love Kung Fu.  Always have, probably always will.  It’s not that I enjoy watching elderly Asian fellows breaking each other’s bones in lethal hand-to-hand combat as such; I simply admire the patience and discipline involved, mostly because I possess neither.  I’ve tried Karate, Tai Kwon Do, and Ninjitsu – but didn’t last very long in any of them.  I wanted to learn to kill people with one finger, but didn’t want to spend the next eighty years of my life doing it.  Thus, the next logical step was video games; video games like World of Kung Fu.

5249  500x375 world of kung fu character creation

World of Kung Fu – an MMORPG set in ancient China, when martial arts and Kung Fu reigned supreme – it isn’t exactly the game I was looking for when it came to fulfilling my desires as a Kung Fu master, but it was pretty damn close, and a hell of a lot of fun to boot.  It wasn’t through lack of trying that World of Kung Fu failed to fulfill my desires, but more so because it was a generic MMORPG like Last Chaos and 9Dragons.  The playstyle in the game is identical to almost every other MMORPG on the market – kill enemies, complete quests, and level up.  There is, however, some fantastic innovation to be found in the content.

5289  500x375 world of kung fu town square

World of Kung Fu begins with the creation of your very own well-trained martial artist.  Due to the nature of the game and its environment, Human is the only available race, and instead of choosing a class, you will be asked to choose a weapon.  There are nine available weapons to choose from (Spear, Staff, Hammer & Axe, Bow, Fist, Broadsword, Fan, Sword and Hook), and each of them differ greatly from the next.  This system is similar to the weapon selection system in Silkroad Online, as players also start by selecting a starting weapon.  They each act as a separate class of their own, offering a unique set of skills and abilities that can be purchased throughout the course of the game.

Knowing which does what, however, is a difficult task in and of itself, as the developers have provided little in the way of explanation.  Players will more than likely choose a weapon (and thus, their class) purely on how it looks; making for an uneasy start to the game, as each weapon is truly different from the next, and each have their own unique set of aptly-named skills.  The sword, for example, is a high-damage output class that offers players skills such as Three Bull Strike and the Shining Cricket Leap, whereas the Fan offers more in the way of healing, with skills like the Dancing Butterfly Fan, or the Seven Buddha Smile.  As expected, a plethora of additional skills are available for purchase as players progress through the game.

5249  500x375 world of kung fu character creation

The remaining elements of the character customization process are equally impressive, with a large variety of different face, hair and feature options at your disposal.  You begin in a small town surrounded by various martial arts trainers, and soon after begin a lengthy, yet thorough tutorial that should see you through your next hour of play.  The tutorial provides instruction for many elements of the game, beginning with simple movement and auto-run features, and expanding into quests, killing, and crafting.

As I mentioned previously, the core gameplay elements in World of Kung Fu hold little innovation, and players experienced in any other MMORPG will find themselves right at home, as the movement, combat, and crafting elements offer little variation to the norm.  The content, however, is vastly different to any other MMO I have experienced before, and in more ways than one.  The graphics are fantastic, and the world is really quite beautiful.  The character animations are equally impressive, offering each skill and ability their own unique animation fitting the style.  Even a simple bow attack saw my character shooting in a three-part process, with amazing fluidity.

5270  500x375 world of kung fu main combat

The fluidity in World of Kung Fu is key, as it allows a seamless playing experience.  Many free-to-play MMORPGs seem rigid in both movement and combat, and this is happily not shared here.  Many of the items are also highly innovative, ranging from something as simple as a pig that collects your loot automatically, to the amazing Tiger Dragon Mount that is sure to dazzle even the most pessimistic of players.  However, many of these items must be purchased from the cash shop, requiring real money to obtain.  Fortunately the prices are quite reasonable, and the items do little to break the overall game balance.

5244  500x375 world of kung fu glow

Fortunately, and again, uncommon to find in a free-to-play MMORPG, World of Kung Fu has much to offer in the way of ‘end-game’ content for higher level players.  The expansive dungeons are worth note, as they share similarity with those found in the popular World of Warcraft, and are filled with dangerous encounters and epic boss battles.  The reputation system, whereby players can earn reputation in a chosen country by completing quests and defeating enemies, also offers much to players of a higher level, as not only can they earn special titles to show their progression, but once the required reputation quota has been met, they are given the option to become a registered citizen, and in some cases, even king.

A new king is chosen every week for every country according to the player with the highest reputation, and being chosen offers players some fantastic options, such as the possession of the Dragon Armor, and the ability to cast incredible buffs on their citizens at whim.  Guilds (or Schools, as they are called in World of Kung Fu), also play a large part of this role, as players can earn a large amount of reputation by participating in school PvP battles.

5270  500x375 world of kung fu main combat


PvP is a core element in World of Kung Fu, as provided they are above level twenty and outside of town, players are free to attack each other as they see fit.  The school-based PvP battles are clearly the highlight, but the open world PvP adds much to the gameplay too, as you are rarely safe from harm.  This encourages players to work together and play in a group to avoid such conflict, or to cause it.

Final Verdict: Great

World of Kung Fu adds little to the genre with it’s ‘tried and true’ playstyle, but is clearly a leading contender when compared to others of a similar style.  Its magnificent graphics and character animation help to bring the world alive and keep players immersed, while the overall fluidly ensures that the action is never far away.


World or Kung Fu Screenshots


World of Kung Fu Videos

World of Kung Fu Boss Battle


World of Kung Fu Class Video


World of Kung Fu Fan Video


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World of Kung Fu Featured Video


System Requirements

World of Kung Fu System Requirements

Minimum Specifications:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 2000 / 98 / ME
CPU: 933 MHz Intel Pentium 3
RAM: 256 MB
HDD: 2 GB Free
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 2 or equivalent ATI VGA card

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 2000 / 98 / ME
CPU: 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 or better
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 2 GB Free
Graphics Card: nVIDIA Gefore 5600 / ATI Radeon 9550 or better

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