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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

Warrior Epic is a 3D fantasy action RPG where players hire and train multiple heroes. Players host games in the lobby and group with up to four others to complete dozens of instanced missions. Fight your way through jungles, deserts, and tombs to gain experience, and receive powerful artifacts. Warrior Epic supports both cooperative and competitive gameplay modes.

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Publisher: UTV True Games
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Medium Quality
EXP Rate: Low
PvP: Faction based
Filesize: 1600 MB

Pros: +Unique gameplay style. +Dozens of short, repeatable missions. +Impressive musical score. +Fast paced combat.

Cons: -Technical issues cause lag. -Must repeat each stage many times. -Limited graphic options.


Warrior Epic Overview

Warrior Epic is an action RPG that looks and plays like Diablo and Dungeon Siege. Players start with a single hero but are soon able to hire new ones, all of which are kept in the Warrior’s Hall until selected. Rather than a single large, persisent game world, Warrior Epic utilizes a lobby system where players host rooms that support up to five gamers. Gameplay is broken down into bite sized missions which are repeatable and offer experience and item rewards after completion. The game does open with an interesting cinematic, complete with voice acting but story elements are thin afterwards. A short tutorial missions instructs new players on the game’s basics including movement, combat and skills. There are six classes available in the first chapter with many more waiting to be discovered.

Assassin - Female rogues who shroud themselves in mystery. They favor speed and cunning over brute force.

Devotress - Strong willed women who excel with the sword and shield, Devotresses are an ancient order who first served the Great Kingdoms before their fall.

Dungeon Archer - The master of ranged combat and stealth tactics. With the ability to infuse elements into their projectiles, these archers can be very deadly.

Illusionist - Intelligent spell casters who manipulates mind and souls. They have low defense and must rely on allies to shield them from direct combat.

Pangolan - An intelligent race of beasts that are sworn defenders of nature. Pangolan possess healing powers that make them useful in any group.

Pit Fighter  - All new players start with a pit fighter as their first hero. These warriors rely on brute strength at close range to bring down their foes.

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Full Review

Warrior Epic Review

By B. Olivia

Warrior epic is a a game played in limited isometic 3D, which is ripe with colorful maps, kicking with an epic (though slightly limited) soundtrack and bursting at the seams with lots of very weird critters to kill. Don’t be fooled; this is NOT an MMORPG. It is a 3D isometric action-RPG that functions off of a lobby/game-room format. There is no huge, epic world to explore. This could be good or bad, depending on what you want out of a multiplayer gaming experience. I’m personally a fan of this style of play, as I grew up playing games like Diablo and Phantasy Star Online.

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Party like it’s 1996!

In this review, I’m banking on the assumption that you are at least twenty years old, and are therefore (I would hope) familiar with the historical Blizzard franchise that has become synonymous with isometric, hack and slash RPGs – Diablo. For those of you who don’t know what Diablo is, you should probably just stop reading this review and go back to doing your algebra homework.

This game draws a lot of inspiration from the Diablo series. More than that, actually, I would argue that it simply IS the Diablo series. Playing this gave me violent flashbacks of my thirteen-year old self prowling around on old Battle.net servers as a rogue. For this, I give Warrior Epic some serious kudos. There are hundreds of MMOs out there that all look the same, but Warrior Epic chose to go down a road that is rarely trod. There aren’t many games out there like this, and it just might strike your fancy.

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Personal Valhalla

In this game, you aren’t your character. You’re playing the role of a commander of a “Warrior’s Hall”, which is basically your very own home base where you conduct all of your operations between quests and campaigns. It’s here that you can buy equipment for your warriors, purchase new warriors entirely, track your achievements and even manage the spirits of your dead warriors. This is actually pretty cool, and it’s fairly unique to Warrior Epic. Rather than death being the end, the spirits of your fallen or sacrificed warriors can be either summoned in battle, or used to improve equipment. Big points for originality on this one.

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There is a good selection of classes in Warrior Epic, and like Diablo, you cannot choose gender – each class has a preset gender. Every class has multiple specialization paths they can go down, though it’s important to note that in the beginning, you do not choose your class, and do not have access to every class. This bothers some, and isn’t an issue to others. For the alt-a-holic, this game is something of a dream come true. Not only are there a ton of potentially unique characters to develop and advance, but you can actually take the ones you don’t use as much and purposefully sacrifice them in your warrior hall to use their spirit for equipment or powers. This is, of course, kind of morally reprehensible when you consider it, but the path to power is paved with sacrifice.

12290  500x375 warrior epic lobby

Your forehead + brick wall = EXP!

Maybe I’m just not good at clicking on objects and hitting number keys, but I couldn’t really manage to level up easily. The only area available to me at level 1 seemed doable at first, but once I got sidetracked by a “sub-quest” within the map, I was quickly ambushed by a large group of weird, acid spitting plant creatures that seemed much too difficult for my level. You only get three lives per quest, and then you’re back to your warrior hall without keeping the experience points you earned. What’s worse, when you die, you don’t respawn at a safe point. You just get right back up where you fell, which of course is likely in the midst of some kind of bloodthirsty monster orgy.

I tried teaming up with someone a few levels higher to do one of the beginner levels, but we seemed to hit the same problem. This game appears to have some weird balancing issues in the beginning, which may or may not be a sort of misguided attempt at getting you to buy gold (and thusly better gear) to cut through the content without tearing your hair out in frustration. I think their marketing department needs to recall a timeless salesman’s adage; “The first one’s always free”. That is to say, don’t introduce yourself to a potential customer by kicking them in the tits. The beginnings of a game should feel rewarding, not frustrating.

12296  500x375 warrior epic temple twilight

Overall – Fair

Overall, Warrior Epic is an something of an average experience, and may only appeal to a niche. On the one hand, it’s to be praised for actually visiting a gameplay model that’s very unique in the MMO market. On the other, it suffers from numerous design flaws and a very repetitive, grindy path of progression. Of course, this can be said for almost any MMORPG, but Warrior Epic hits some very serious roadblocks very early on, but many of these issues may be patched and fixed later. There is apparently an arena-based PVP expansion coming out soon, so that might improve the game considerably. Either way, if you’re craving a simple, easily accessed and enjoyed hack n’ slash title, then this game just might be for you.


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Shut down.


System Requirements

Warrior Epic System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista
CPU: Pentium 4 1.3 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 2.0 GB
Graphics Card: 32mb

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows XP
CPU: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
RAM: 2 B
HDD: 3.0 GB
Graphics Card: 64mb or more

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