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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

Valiant, by NTTGame, allows players to join one of three warring factions that seek to dominate the world. Engage in fast paced combat, fight mysterious monsters, and discover and explore deadly dungeons. With several weapon types and abilities to choose from, each player can select a style that suits them best!

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Publisher: NTTGame
Playerbase: Low
Graphics: Medium
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: 1v1 and 4v4
Filesize: 4GB

Pros: +Action-based game play. +Special finishing moves. -Mounted combat

Cons: -Repetitive combat -Terrible translation -Uninspired graphics

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Valiant Overview

Valiant is an action RPG where players choose a faction to battle for. Valiant offers a feature called Final Attack, where you can quickly defeat a boss after lowering its HP by entering the correct keyboard input. Each dungeon in the game offers four difficulty levels to challenge players across all levels. Additionally, skills can be learned for up to three types of weapons, and the weapons will auto swap depending on which skill a player uses. Some monsters in a dungeon can also be mounted to attack other foes. Finally, the game offers 1v1 and 4v4 PvP modes so players can test their skills against others.

Valiant Screenshots

Full Review

Valiant Full Review

Many people dumped quarter after quarter in arcades to play games such as Golden Axe or Dungeons and Dragons: Tower of Doom.  Valiant, by NTTGame, seeks to recreate that pseudo-3D action, while injecting MMO elements such as questing and crafting.  The game even shares more similarity with Golden Axe in its mount system, with fantastic creatures seemingly right from the arcade screen to ride upon.

Creating Your Destiny

A new character in Valiant requires making a few simple choices.  First, you choose which nation you will belong to: Dahn, Valhalla, or Meridia.  Dahn’s primary weapon is the bow, while Valhalla uses wands and Meridia utilizes one-handed swords.  You choose the gender of your character, and you’re able to preview the armor options (cloth, leather, mail, and heavy armor) before you make a decision.

There is not much in the way of customization.  With only five options for hair, ten options for face, and five options for skin colors, plus a slide system to change the scale of various body parts, there’s little you can do to differentiate your character from another.  There is also no option to change which weapon you’ll start with for each particular faction, which may force your hand early to choose a nation or weapon you don’t prefer.

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Teaching the Ropes

After you create a character and enter the game, you’ll be escorted on a series of tutorial quests. The first NPC you encounter is a sailor.  He directs you to the guard captain in the center of the town, and tells you how to pull up your map to auto-route to him.  The guard captain then directs you to the weapon merchant, then to the armor merchant, and finally, to a guard standing in front of a portal.

The guard gives you the first hunting task of the game, and directs you through the portal to the first hunting ground.  The guard on the other side teaches you the basics of combat, and then sends you after the monsters charging the barricades.  Each screen of the battle map has another objective to complete; the next screen teachings you about riding monsters.  These monsters are quite powerful, but temporary.  Making good use of their abilities will help you advance through the stage quickly.

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Fighting the Good Fight

Combat in Valiant uses the left side of the keyboard, with movement relegated to the arrow keys.  In fact, the game can be played completely with the keyboard, as the mouse only serves to pitch the camera or zoom.
Basic attacks are made using the X key, while a power attack is used with Z.  Jumping uses the C button, and unlike some brawlers, jumping is very important in the game.  Skills, when you learn them, can be mapped to QWERT and ASDFGHJ, which offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to fighting.  You’re also judged on how “stylish” your attacks are at the end of each map, since all of your attacks can be combo’d together.  The higher the rating, the better the bonus you receive after beating a boss.

As you level, you also unlock access to additional weapons.  Each skill you use will automatically equip the appropriate weapon, provided you have it on your weapon set.  Chaining melee, magic, and ranged attacks together is the key to getting high style ratings.

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How to Grow Stronger

Valiant offers a weapon and armor upgrade system common to many MMOs.  Using refining crystals, players can increase the power of their equipment to make fighting enemies easier.  There is also an item enhancement system, where you can transfer the enhancements of up to four pieces of equipment and place them on the weapon you’re currently using.  Blueprints also drop from enemies, and give you the ability to craft items from raw materials.  These items tend to be stronger than what you can buy or find, so if you find a blueprint, be sure to use it.

The game also features a variety of PvP modes, which are accessible even at low levels. The game’s cash shop mostly features restorative potions with no cooldown, outside of a couple cosmetic items.  This can severely impact PvP, as there is no indication these potions are disabled during a battleground.

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Final Verdict: Fair

Valiant, while possessing a decent premise, falls short in a few areas.  First, combat that should be fun and engaging proves more dull and repetitive.  Finishing moves are combat’s saving grace. These can be used once a boss is below a certain percentage of life; but fail to perform the on-screen prompts properly, however, and the boss will heal itself marginally.  The game is also plagued with a terrible translation, which hinders understanding how to train skills, craft items, and enhance gear.  The mounted combat system is another positive aspect, as each area has its own unique monster to ride and defeat your opponents.  Overall, the game may appeal to brawler fans, but better options (including Dungeon Fighter Online) are plentiful.


Valiant Videos

Valiant Gameplay – First Look



Valiant Links

Official Game Page

System Requirements

Valiant Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
CPU: P4 2.9G
RAM: 512 MB
Graphics Card: GeForce 6600 256 MB

Recommended Requirements:
CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.3+
Graphics Card: GeForce 9400 GT 512 MB

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