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Troy Online Overview

The classes are the same for both factions in Troy Online, and the factions themselves are split between the Greeks and the Trojans.  Class progression is based around three core classes (Warrior, Hunter, Mystic) which split in two “advanced class” directions.  They are as follows:

Berserker – The damage-dealing evolution of the warrior, berserkers sacrifice the ability to use a shield and wear heavier armor for massive weapons and killing power.  They are noted for having a very slow attack speed.

Guardian – Another branch of the warrior, Guardians specialize in using heavy armor and shields, but can also wield one and two-handed spears for variety.  They are best in groups, and can be taken advantage of by enemies with ranged attacks.

Assassin – An evolution of the hunter, assassins specialize in close-range combat and debuffs.  While they are capable of high amounts of burst damage, they wither in sustained fights – they need to get in and out as quickly as possible.  Assassins, unlike most “rogue” classes, can use two-handed swords.

Ranger – The second evolution of the hunter, rangers specialize in long-range damage.  They work best in groups, where other players can keep enemies from closing in on the ranger, as they are most effective when far, far away from the enemy.

Warlock – One of the mystic paths, the warlock specializes in damge-over-time spells (DoTs).  They take the patient approach to combat, taking a while to kill enemies, but have a large number of self-buffs they can use to enhance their effectiveness.

Mage – The second evolution of the mystic class, mages are the long-range nukers of the game.  Their selection of area-of-effect (AoE) spells and heavy damage abilities make them the most destructive force in the game.  This comes at the expense of extreme vulnerability to attacks.

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Full Review

Troy Online Review

By B. Olivia

Troy Online is one of those games that really doesn’t try to look like anything terribly different from what’s already on the market, but does manage to wedge itself into the crowd by taking on a slightly different angle – ancient Greek myth.  I can’t think of any other MMORPGs off the top of my head that center themselves around the conflict between Troy and Greece, so ALT1 gets points for having a go at making the Homeric epic into an MMORPG.  Historians, don’t get too excited.  This is, after all, an eastern take on a western tale, so it’s unlikely things will be faithful to the period.  But who cares, as long as it’s a good game, right?

Well, unfortunately, my experiences with Troy Online were less than stellar.  After fighting just to get the game downloaded (apparently the client they distributed on their own site was out of date), I then found it impossible to click on icons in the game because windowed mode for Troy Online is a bit messed up.  This precluded a host of other UI-related issues I’ll go into later.  But it’s not all bad.  What does Troy Online have going for it?

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It’s Purdy!


It’s true.  Troy Online is, without a doubt, a very pretty game.  The textures are nice, and the equipment design is quite snazzy.  The character models are also pretty, and have smooth, natural animations.  The game in general has a zesty feel to it, with everything just coming alive on the screen.  Unfortunately, the character creation is a bit on the lackluster side, since we’re only able to choose from different hairs, hair colors, and faces.  Can’t even alter the skin tone!  How disappointing.

But hey, at least the textures are nice.  How about visual variety?

45772  500x375 troy 2011 09 17 11 15 01 06

Cut and Paste!


This seems to be the mantra of the design behind Troy Online.  Both the Greeks and the Trojans have an identical starting areas, with identical enemies, and identical quests to kill said enemies.  Doesn’t exactly build a sense of factional pride when you’re basically identical to the other guys.  The only difference is in the art for the NPCs giving you the starter quests.  Thrilling.

But, since the developers for Troy Online suspect you might be onto them when you notice this, they put out a ton of effort in the second area.  See, the Trojans get a boar-infested flatland with nothing but dirt and shrubs everywhere.  The Greeks get… a boar-infested flatland, with grass.  Grass!  So I guess the primary difference between the Trojans and Greeks is that Trojan boars are somehow able to subsist on rocks and dirt, while Greek boars are like normal boars.  Speaking of boars…

45806  500x375 troy 2011 09 17 11 26 21 10

We Have Boars.


A friend of mine and I say that the mark of a bland MMORPG is whether or not you’re tasked to kill boars in the first half an hour of play.  If you are, then it’s a bland game.  If you aren’t, that’s unusual and interesting.  Well, I’m happy to report that not only does Troy Online task you with killing boars in the first 15 minutes, you’ll be enjoying killing boars of various sizes and names for the first 45 minutes of gameplay!

There’s boars, big-tusk boars, sharp-tusk boars, and even rough-tusk boars.  Each one named differently, and more identical than the last!  Some are even bigger than others!  How could this ever possibly get boring?  The first hour of the game feels like milling through some kind of crowded pig convention.  I almost felt out of place, like my character should have also been a boar.

45876  500x375 troy 2011 09 20 14 17 12 68

There’s people here?!


Yes, one of the things Troy Online does seem to have going for it is the amount of people playing.  The population seemed above average, with plenty of activity in the global and trade channels.  Something about the game works well enough to keep people around.  And I can see that, it’s not a terrible game.  The gameplay can really be summed up in one word “mediocre.”  What can I say?  You target enemies, hit buttons, and wait for them to die.  If you’re a mage, you cast your ice spell before the fire spell.  This is WoW Cloning 101, people.  It’s not inherently bad, it just is what it is.  Although in Troy Online, you can’t jump… which makes me sad.  I enjoy bouncing everywhere.

45779  500x375 troy 2011 09 17 11 17 21 06

Final Verdict: Fair

The problem is that Troy Online suffers from a bad case of average-itis.  There isn’t anything game-breakingly wrong with it, it’s just bland in terms of area design and content.  The gameplay is the usual MMORPG fare.  The graphics, while technically pretty, aren’t taken advantage of by having interesting environments to run around in.  The UI isn’t AWFUL, it’s just annoying.  And no functional windowed mode is kind of a big deal for me, since I like playing everything in windowed mode (as do a lot of people these days).  In the end, I can recommend Troy Online as a reasonably timesink, and little else.  There are better F2P games out there.



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System Requirements

Troy Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
Pentium 3.6 Ghz
GeFore 6600 / Radeon X 1550
2.0 GB Hard Drive Space

Recommended Requirements:

Core2 Duo E6600
GeForce 8600 / Radeon X 1900
2.5 GB Hard Drive Space

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