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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

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Trickster Online Overview

Trickster Online is a casual game in the sense that it emphasizes steady progression alone rather than the competitive PvP style gameplay found it many other free to play MMORPGs. With a level cap of 400, 8 playable classes and 12 stats, there’s plenty to keep fans hooked. The way Trickster handles character progression is a bit different than most games. During character creation, players chose how they want their 4 primary stat types (Power, Magic, Sense, Charm) to grow each level. In addition to this, players are rewarded 4 ‘pips’ each level to distribute among the 12 stats. It takes 4 ‘pips’ to increase any stat by 1. Each stat type has two character classes assicioated with it, one male and the other female for a total of eight classes:

Power Type:
Buffalo (male) - Melee class that advances to Warrior and specializes in hitting multiple targets. Third job options include Gladiator and Mercenary.
Bunny (female) - Melee class that advances to Boxer and specializes in damaging single targets. Third job options include Champion and Duelist.

Magic Type:
Dragon (male) - Caster class that advances to Magician and gains light/dark based spells. Third job options include Dark Lord, Priest, and Wizard.
Sheep (female) - Caster class that advances to Bard and gains elemental spells. Third job options include Soul Master and Witch.

Sense Type:
Lion (male) - Long ranged class that advances to Inventor who specializes in guns. Third job options include Scientist and Cyber Hunter.
Fox (female) - Long ranged class that advances to Explorer who specializes in throwing items. Third job options include Thief Master and Hunter Lord.

Charm Type:
Raccoon (male) - Evasive class that advances to Card Master who uses special cards to deal damage. Third job options include Gambler and Duke.
Cat (female) - Evasive class that advances to Entertainer who has even greater evasive abilities. Third job options include Primadonna and Diva.

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Full Review

Trickster Online Review

By Erhan Altay

After a series of delays, the North American version of Trickster was finally released back in 2006 by Ntreev. Luckily, 2D games don’t show their age as much as 3D ones so the cute anime graphics are still as adorable as ever. Other than the fact that there are 8 starting classes and 12 stats, Trickster isn’t the most in depth MMORPG available, it’s a simple point and click grinder. I’ve heard it said that Trickster is a blend between Ragnarok Online and MapleStory and after playing all three, I would have to agree.

4814  500x375 trickster online creation

Chose an Animal

Trickster has far more class choices than most free to play games which is even more remarkable considering its a 2D game. There are a total of 8 classes, 2 for each of the game’s 4 stat types; Power, Magic, Sense and Charm. For a more detailed explanation of each class, see the overview tab. A small diagram allows players to set their character’s stat growth, I would suggest either leaving this on the default setting or finding a character build online ahead of time before experimenting. Each class is named after an animal and has some animal like characteristics, for example the Raccoon has a tail while the Bunny has bunny ears. Sadly, none of these appearance options can be customized. Players may select from several hair colors but that’s about it. There are two servers currently available for the North American service and both seem to have at best a medium sized population. In many areas, you’ll be playing alone which is never fun, but more on that later. New players start their adventure on board a large ship with the captain standing nearby on the deck. He gives players the option of either entering the tutorial or skipping it and heading right to town. Anyone with gaming experience won’t need the tutorial for instructions but should complete it regardless since the equipment rewards are well worth it.

4848  500x375 trickster online tutorial

Warm Beaches

The tutorial takes place on a small part of the beach where four NPCs each teach you a different part of Trickster’s interface and controls. Simply talk to them in order to learn how to open menus, equip items, buy items and fight. Movement and combat are done through a simple point and click system while skills can be assigned to a special toolbar once you learn them. After completing the tutorial, you’ll be rewarded with a sword, a graduation hat, and a pet. Pets in Trickster don’t actively participate in battle, instead they simply give the player a boost in stats. Which stats and how much of a  boost depends on their type and level. By now, you’ll be teleported to the beginner town. Here, players can speak to nearby NPCs and start their adventures. NPCs with what look like scrolls over their heads have quests available and shouldn’t be ignored. While it is possible to head straight out and start grinding, I find questing makes things a bit more interesting. The game’s quests (among other things) have been improved with a 2007 update called ‘R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N’ but the entire quest system still seems awkward. The translations have gotten better but many grammar errors remain.

4821  500x375 trickster online gameplay

Puff Balls and Penguins

The first few zones surrounding the newbie town are tropical beached themed and have fitting monsters such as star fish, crabs, and so on. The first monster you’ll encounter though, and the first you’ll have to kill for a quest, is a small white puff ball. As you fight these, you’ll get your first taste of Trickster’s gameplay. Which class you chose has a good effect on the amount of damage you’ll be dealing since only a few are proficient at melee combat. Caster classes shouldn’t waste their points on strength related stats but this means they’ll be worse hunters at least until they learn a few spells. As you fight, you’ll notice that your character has two levels. A base level and a ‘TM’ level. TM levels are what allows you to learn new skills from specific NPCs located in towns. Both the tropical town and surrounding area have wonderful terrain. There are beach chairs and umbrellas scattered around along with coral, palm trees and exotic plant life. The trouble is, the monsters you’ll be fighting are not as varied. Almost nothing you encounter under level 30 is aggressive and you’ll be farming each zone for several levels before moving on.

4831  500x375 trickster online mermaid

Party Time!

I found the general experience rate in Trickster to be moderate at best. This wouldn’t be an issue if the level cap wasn’t so high — 400! Luckily, there are ways to increase your experience rate and not all of them involve the cash shop. Grouping with other players and hunting together gives all players in the party an experience multiple. How high the experience multiple is depends on who you’re partied with. Having 6 members who are all the same class or all different, or all of the same gender actually provides a larger bonus than a random grouping. But even with these methods, the grind starts to set in after the first 130 levels or so. There are some distractions to break up to monotony of grinding such as a card game and the ability to drill the ground anywhere. To drill, players must equip a driller which come in various types. Almost any location outside towns is drillable and can yield items as well as experience points. Sometimes there are special events where players can dig up gifts and other event related items.

Final Verdict: Good

Trickster Online is a simple, cute MMORPG with which to pass the time. There are currently just under 50 maps but more are on the way. This, along with the game’s huge list of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd job classes makes Trickster one of the most ‘complete’ 2D games currently available.


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Trickster Online Videos

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System Requirements

Trickster Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows System 98/2000/XP
CPU: Intel Pentium III 800MHZ
RAM: 256 MB
HDD: 2.5 GB
Graphics Card: 3D support
DirectX:  8.1b or above

Recommended Specification:
OS:  Windows System 98/2000/XP
CPU: Intel Pentium III 1GHZ or better
RAM: 512 MB or more
HDD: 3.5 GB or more
Graphics Card: 3D Display
DirectX: 8.1b or above

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