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The Chosen Overview

The Chosen is a fantasy MMORPG set in a war-torn China. The powers of Light and Dark are battling for control. Players are chosen as heroes to help end the chaos and bring order back to the land. Comparable to games like Heroes of Three Kingdoms and Warriors of the Three Kingdoms factions are represented by the five historic Chinese Dynasties. Fight for Qin, Ming, Song, Tang, or the Han Dynasty. Complete endless quests. Slay beasts in animal and human form. Challenge others on the PvP battlegrounds or participate in a full-fledged war. Train and summon a variety of pets to aid in combat. Join guilds, get married, and save the world from eternal darkness. There’s also six weapon based classes each with their own set of unique skills.


Blade – Masters of close range combat this class is notorious for their speed and accurate hits using various blades. Weapons include Long Sabers and the mighty Silver Blade.

Sword – Expert swordsmen. This class has an arsenal of highly crafted swords with the potential of wielding massive amounts of damage.

Bow – This class shoots arrows that harness the power of nature’s thunder. Weapons range from the traditional Shortbow to the damaging Thunderbow.

Fan – Uses an assortment of attractive enchanted fans once owned by royalty but deadly in the proper hands.

Spell – These heroes use encrypted charms capable of eliminating evil and destroying enemies simultaneously.

Flute – Flutes play the melodies of past legends to succumb foes. Ignite tunes using Emerald to Snake Bone infused flutes.

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Full Review

The Chosen Review

By Ange Perdu

The Chosen is a 2D fantasy MMORPG where players step into the role of an awaken hero destined to save their dying empire. Similar to the popular Three Kingdoms series each warrior must follow their predetermined path to glory. Complete various tests in the form of quests. Fight ferocious beasts, the walking undead, and bandits affiliated with the Dark World. Challenge others in PvP battles and participate in scheduled resource wars. Execute powerful skills, cast spells, or summon a pet to assist in combat. The game’s comprehensive battle and social features allow players to create their hero’s legacy as they see fit. Slay monsters with friends, chat, duel, and even get married. Become one of the bravest warriors ever to live or make history as part of a team of comrades that accomplished great feats.

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Path of the Chosen Noob, the Gameplay

Most of the gameplay involves completing quests and monster killing. Players start out as a Chosen Noob in a remote village on a mission to help stop the conflict between the worlds. Quests are delegated through NPCs scattered throughout the territories. These tasks vary but usually consist of fighting creatures or human enemies. Complete missions by delivering packages, mining for ore, slaying mountain monkeys, taking out bandits, and defeating the leader of the zombies. There are plenty of quests. Players have to tackle storyline based, daily, and pet tasks. Every hero receives a fairy companion to train and assist in combat. As players level up they can adopt more pets and summon them at will. Pet quests require characters to fight various foes with the help of their mystical comrade.

Fighting missions often require killing a large number of beasts.Players may be asked to destroy 50 Water Ghost Frogs or slay 70 Phosphorous Snakes. There’s a massive amount of grinding necessary to level up which makes the game feel very repetitive at times. Similar Warriors of the Three Kingdoms players can engage in mounted combat if they possess them. Clicking on an enemy initiates combat. Players can use their mouse to move and designated hot keys to execute spells. Each class has a wide assortment of skills. Perform the Blazing Strike to overwhelm enemies with a burst of flames upon every strike. Cast the Bear Magic spell which boosts a character’s constitution by 20 points or paralyze foes with the Immortal of Thunder enchantment. Many of the quests and PvE challenges require a team effort. Players have to join forces with others or summon one of their pets to assist in killing high level boss characters. Tackling team based quests can be difficult at times since the community is relatively small. The gameplay often feels slow paced especially if a player doesn’t have a group of friends to grind with.

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Soul Caliburs & Marriage

The integrated pet system in this game is impressive. Heroes can own multiple pets, train them to assist in battles, and even merge with their companions for triple the strength during combat. There’s a wide variety of pet companions available. As players advance they can acquire more powerful pets such as the Firebird, Scorpion King, Butterfly, Mengmeng Dog, King Kong, and Soul Calibur. Each pet has a distinct skill set and specific attributes that makes them stand out. Pets are trained through the completion of daily tasks and by fighting alongside their master. When a pet reaches level 30 or higher they can participate in treasure hunts to locate blessing stones and spiritual trinkets. Another cool feature is the ability for a character to physically merge with their pet.

This action not only alters a hero’s appearance but allows them to perform the special skills of both species. Skills and special buffs are also rewarded to couples. Once a player reaches level 50 they can get married. Surprisingly the marriage feature in The Chosen is very Sims-like. Players have a traditional ceremony at the church. The characters attending have to dress up. It’s not what you’d expect from a historic China themed game. Similar to real life the divorce procedure is a hassle. Players have to have a talk and agree to part ways or pay a hefty fee of coins. The extra XP, equipment, and boosts that married players receive can provide an edge in many of the events and battles held.

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Rosefinch Battlefield

The battle system is rather unique. Players have a variety of PvP arenas, battlefields, resource events, and PvE combat to participate in regularly. Each designated zone has its own requirements for entrance and various rules. To fight other players in the arena heroes must be level 31 or higher and apply within the appropriate time frame. Battles are held every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday with warriors from all five dynasties. Players with the most kills receive special awards and bonus experience. The PvP battlegrounds are similar to Heroes of Three Kingdoms. In the Rosefinch Battlefield heroes are divided into colored teams and given random numbers. When a specific number is called out that player must charge to the opposing team’s side and attempt to stay alive as long as possible. Teams earn points for every minute each of their members is able to survive. It’s an interesting twist. The game also features two slightly different resource wars as well.

In the National Resource War players level 31 and up have to attempt to take out opposing factions’ Dragon Pillars. Heroes must kill other players protecting their dynasty’s pillar. The first group to completely destroy it wins. In the Dragonvein Resource War only players that are level 100 or higher can participate. Instead pillars it’s a free-for-all session in an opposing faction’s territory. The main objective is to steal colorful blessing stones called Dragonvein from others by PK. As warriors advance more zones become available. Slaying monsters and boss characters in certain PvE areas like the Lava Palace often provides players with additional bonuses or hard to acquire items.

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Stalls O’Plenty

All the weapons, equipment, and potions in the game are level based making it mandatory for players to upgrade their character’s gear upon leveling. Neglecting to do so will result in an annoying pop-up notice each time the outdated item is used. There’s only a handful of apparel sets. Heroes’ customization is limited. Most of the items are general like hats, helmets, sleeves, armor, capes, trousers, boots, belts, and jewelry. There’s not a wide selection in any particular category. Potions come in various sizes to increase health or mana.

Depending on player’s class there are several weapon options. Equip warriors with the Long Sword, Short Saber, Bi Xie Sword, Iron Bow, Ink Charm, Golden Sword, Bronze Blade, Hunting Bow, Peach Blossom Fan, Mao Shan Charm, Wood Grain Charm, Bamboo Flute, and White Jade Flute. As heroes level up their previous weapon becomes obsolete. Items can be earned through kills, purchased at NPC merchant shops, or through a fellow hero’s stall. Stalls function as mini-merchant shops that users can set up to sell unwanted items. Players have to click on individual stalls to view their products. The booths are clustered together like a flee market. Occasionally heroes can find rare equipment for cheap but the entire process is a bit more tedious than the average auction feature.

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Final Verdict: Fair

The excessive grinding, high level cap for battle arenas, and sub-standard graphics keeps The Chosen from reaching it’s full potential as a great MMORPG. Most of the features are exceptional but the time it takes to actually get to them can defer new players from discovering what the game has to offer. To really explore and conquer players have to surpass level 60. For competitive PvP challenges its level 100. To become a legendary hero a player must fight off hordes of mystical beasts and human foes alongside their trusted pet companion. Train and merge with pets, tackle missions, reform tools, ride mounts, master hundreds of skills, dance, chat, and even fall in love. Gamers that don’t mind rolling up their sleeves for some intense grinding and avid fans of the Three Kingdoms saga will enjoy fighting for their empire’s honor in this fantasy inspired MMO.


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System Requirements

The Chosen System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP or Vista 32
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 class processor or AMD Athlon XP, at 1.5 GHz or faster
RAM: 512MB of RAM or more
HDD: 5 GB Free Space
Graphics Card: GeForce FX class or ATI Radeon 9600 with 128MB of dedicated VRAM or better

Recommended Specification:
OS: Windows XP/ 2000 / Vista
CPU:Intel Pentium 4 Class Processor Dual Core at 2.0 GHz or faster
RAM: 1GB of RAM or more
HDD: 1.8 GB of HDD space, plus additional for new game content
Graphics Card: GeForce XT Class with 256MB of dedicated VRAM or better

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