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Tantra Online was available through GameNetworks for a while until they shut it down. T3Fun announced they would pick up the service, but they never did. Until they do the game is available through Amped (A Philippines MMO company)


Tantra Online Overview

Tantra Online is a simple, fast paced 3D MMORPG set in an oriental fantasy world. The graphics are not very impressive but Tantra does a lot to ease the newbie experience. New players receive a gift box which contains a full set of powerful equipment and weapons for their character. Additionally, the experience rate in Tantra is exceptionally high, getting to level 20 should take no more than 20 minutes. During character creation, players must select between 8 tribes; four male and four female. The Tribes and their 2nd job advancements (at level 45) are:

Naga / Kimnara – Warrior. 2nd class choices include: Satya (tank) and Banar (Knight.)

Asura / Rakshasa – Rogue. 2nd class choices include: Karya (bounty hunter) and Druka (assassin.)

Yaksa / Gandharva - Hybrid/Support. 2nd class choices include: Vidya (priest) and Nakayuda (martial artist.)

Deva / Garvda - Mage. 2nd class choices include: Samabat (summoner) and Abikara (sorcerer.)

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Full Review

Tantra Online Review

By Erhan Altay

First released in Indonesia back in 2004, Tantra Online is a bit different than most fantasy MMORPGs. The game world is heavily influenced by Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Most players won’t notice much of a difference besides the game’s class names and the names of the various monsters until they’re a high level. It is only then that players must chose which of the game’s major Gods they wish to worship; Brahma, Vishnu, or Shiva.

4498  500x375 tantra online creation

Four or Eight?

Character creation in Tantra begins by selecting which of the 8 tribes you wish to join. While there are 8 tribes, there are only 4 archetypes; Warrior, Mage, Rogue, and a  hybrid warrior/caster. This means there are 2 tribes for each archetype; one male and one female. I’m not quite sure why the developers went with this system, the tribe names sound Asian which adds a bit more to the confusion. One wonders how tribes that are either all male or all female reproduce. In any case, each tribe has 5 hair and face style options and are given 7 charka (stat) points to distribute among the game’s 4 stats; Muscle, Nerve, Heart, and Mental. As far as I could tell, there is no stat or skill reset option in Tantra Online which means a serious mess up means you’ll have to start a new character or manage with a gimp character. The starting location and initial quest line is the same for each tribe.

4529  500x375 tantra online start

Are You Serious?

All players start their journey in the same location; Mandara Village. A short tutorial in the form of menus with game control information greets new players. Tantra has a simple point and click movement scheme, the usual inventory, skill tree, and character info menus. The side bar is located on the left rather than the bottom of the screen but serves the same function; items such as potions and skills can be dragged onto it for easier access. Eventually, the tutorial will instruct players to speak to a certain NPC. This is where the tutorial stops being useful and can safely be ignored. One of Tantra’s unique points makes nearly all of the game’s quests useless — its extremely fast experience rate. Just go outside town and kill the first monster you see, you’ll gain a level each kill for the first few levels. It shouldn’t take the average user more than 20 minutes to hit level 20 if they don’t waste time wandering around town talking to NPCs. Another feature that makes the game far too easy is the gift box all new players start out with. Inside this box is a full set of equipment and weapons for each of the classes. This equipment can be used right away and is the best gear available until level 50 or so. The fact that new players are given this gear right off the bat and the game’s super fast leveling had me staring at my monitor asking ‘Are you serious?’

4519  500x375 tantra online miss

Into Asia

At maximum settings, Tantra Online has at best decent graphics. The game is over 4 years old now and is beginning to show its age. Nothing really stands out, the terrain is especially dull. As player level, which will be often, they are given 5 stat points (called chakra points) to distribute. It’s very important that players ask how best to allocate these points depending on what 2nd class they plan to be. It’s easy to ruin a character so for example, a rogue who’s planning on using daggers should pump muscle (str) and heart (con) while a future archer needs to focus on nerve (dex.) This also holds true for skill points, of which 1 is earned per level. Each tribe has several skill trees but it’s best to focus on one. Because of the experience rate, players will find themselves heading further and further away from town rapidly. Oddly, using the portals which connect the various zones costs money so don’t forget to loot some of the gold off the monsters you grind off of. The one interesting feature in Tantra that I did notice was the way it incorporates religion. Its been far too long since a game incorporated religion, I still remember Ever Quest where players must select a god to worship during character creation. In Tantra, players get a chance to experience the game before making this heavy decision. It’s not until level 30 that players head to the temple and chose which of the Gods they prefer. Each God has different skills associated with it so chose one that fits your play style.

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Holy Wars!

Besides a decent sized game world with monsters, dungeons and the like, Tantra has quite a few PvP elements. For starters, players may attack one another almost anywhere outside towns but PKing indiscriminately has its side effects. Those who murder will find notice that their HP/MP has stopped regenerating and must rely solely on restoration items temporarily. Those who continue to murder will even drop items upon death. For a more orderly PvP experience, players can join guilds and declare war on other groups or can declare Holy War against those who worship different Gods. How much you’ll enjoy Tantra really comes down to how much you enjoy Tantra’s PvP. The game is obviously made to be more of a PvP experience than a PvE one but I always found the two go hand in hand in a MMORPG. If I just wanted PvP, I would play a FPS, not a RPG.

Final Verdict: Fair

Tantra Online has a fast experience rate but lacks a sense of immersion. Crude English translations and other issues make the game appear as a second rate operation. It does have open PvP along with a number of ways for organized players to battle each other so it may be worth a shot if you have a few hours to kill. I don’t see this one as a long term investment.


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System Requirements

Tantra Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 98 ME, 2000
CPU: Pentium III 800 MHz
RAM: 256MB
HDD: 1.2GB
Graphics Card: 16MB 3D
DirectX: 9.0c

Recommended Specification:
OS:  Windows XP
CPU: Pentium IV 1.4 GHz
RAM: 512MB or more
HDD: 1.2 GB or more
Graphics Card: 64MB 3D or better
DirectX: 9.0c or better

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