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Talisman Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG with an interface very similar to that of World of Warcraft’s but unlike WoW, Talisman Online takes place in an oriental setting. Talisman Online has 5 classes to chose from (Wizard, Monk, Assassin, Fairy, Tamer) and several unique features such as weapon enhancement to try out.

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Publisher: Miracle Castle
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Low Quality
EXP Rate: Low
PvP: yes – duels
Filesize: 191 MB

Pros: +Great interface and map. +Lots of quests and ability to auto-walk to objectives. +Crafting skills, mounts,  pets, auctions, personal shops and more.

Cons: -Poor graphics and rigid camera. -Limited character customization. -Small game world. -Repetitive gameplay.

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Talisman Online Overview

Talisman Online borrows heavily from Blizzard’s mega hit World of Warcraft but still manages to look and feel like an original game. Much of the interface, mini map and other small details are taken straight from WoW while equipment enhancing and auto-walk are new features that help Talisman Online stand out from the crowd of WoW clones. Though Talisman Online is an original and interesting game, it is a bit lacking in content. The game world is rather small and character customization is very limited. There are in total 5 classes and they are:

Wizard (male/female) - Wizards are masters of the arcane arts. They may have weak defense and low HP but they can deal massive damage with their spells.
Monk (male) - Monks are the warriors of Talisman Online. They fight with large weapons and inflict heavy blows. Monks have high defense and use stamina for their skills.
Assassin (male) - Assassins quick melee specialists who have low defense but high attack and dodge rates. Like Monks, Assassins use stamina instead of mana for their skills.
Fairy (female) - Fairies are a supportive class that possess healing and buffing spells. Fairies make competent damage dealers as well but suffer from low defense.
Tamer (female) - The Ranger class, Tamers excel at long ranged combat with their trusty bows. Tamers can persuade creatures of equal or lower level to fight by their side.

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Full Review

Talisman Online Review

By Erhan Altay

Talisman Online was the first free MMORPG to borrow many elements from World of Warcraft but it certainly is no ‘WoW Clone.’ You see, unlike more recent copy cats such as Runes of Magic and 4Story, Talisman Online still maintains a unique graphic and play style. Talisman Online takes some of the best aspects of WoW’s interface and adds many of its own features, mainly a unique equipment upgrade mechanism that ensures players are always wielding a level appropriate weapon.

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Join The Fray

The game seems to enjoy a moderate following, there are five live servers and all show activity in the starting zones. Character creation is on the dull side though, players are given 3 character slots per server and all but the Wizard class lack a gender choice. Why Wizards can be male or female but the other 4 classes are stuck with one or the other is something only the developers can answer. Each class has a meager 5 hair and face style choices which leads to very repetitive character appearances. For a more detailed description of the classes, take a look at the overview but there’s nothing out of the ordinary here, just your standard archetypes; warrior, rogue, archer, mage, and priest.

Questing Made Easy

New players start their journey in a small oriental hamlet populated by a few NPCs. A strange man in a bird suit and a small boy provide the first few quests which introduce you to the game’s basics. Talisman Online lacks a formal tutorial but makes up for it with friendly tips displayed on the left of the screen as exclamation mark icons. Clicking these icons reveals game hints but anyone with past experience with MMORPGs will feel right at home in the world of Talisman. Movement is done via the standard point and click method with skills and consumables assigned to a toolbar. Keyboard shortcuts make interface navigation much easier, the quest log in particular (t) is well done. Quest objectives are highlighted in green and clicking on them automatically walks players to that location. This makes travel and questing much, much easier.

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Level Up, Now What?

As players complete quests and level, they’ll notice that there’s little sense of character growth during the early stages. There are 4 stats in the game; Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, and Vitality but players do not earn points to distribute among these. Questing does begin to reward equipment, some of which boosts attributes, but it’ll be some time before new players have a full set of armor. All classes start with several skills but new ones are learned automatically as you level up. The only player input into character development is done through the game’s unique enhancing feature. As players hunt and complete quest, they earn energy points which can be used to upgrade their current equipment. Different equipment have different rank limits, for example all starting weapons have a rank limit of 10 meaning they can be upgraded a total of 10 times. Players can only increase the rank of something up to their current level. In order to start this energy transfer process, players must use a special skill that is automatically placed in their toolbar. New player shouldn’t worry about ‘wasting’ energy points since they are easily acquired, just pump your weapon’s rank as high as you can each level.

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Grammar Police!

The spelling and overall context in most of Talisman Online’s text is legible but some strange word usage gives the game that ‘Engrish’ feel. When I first went through the game’s help menu and read about ‘living skills’ I was a bit confused. What on Earth is a living skill? Well it turns out that the developers meant to say ‘crafting skills.’ There are a total of 6 of these in the game though each character can only learn two (just like in WoW!) The crafting skills are; Collect Herb, Make Potion, Collect Ore, Make Charm, Decompose, Make Magicstone. Most of these are self explanatory but the last pair may require some clarification. ‘Decompose’ is Talisman’s way of saying ‘disenchant’ which breaks apart magic items and turns them into gem stones which can then be crafted into ‘magicstones’ and inserted into other gear.

Going Along

The gameplay in Talisman Online begins to get stale after the first few levels. Since players auto-move back and forth between quest locations and town, there really isn’t much to do besides clear out camps of a particular monster than wait a minute or two for your character to walk back to town, only to repeat the process several dozen times more. The leveling rate is fairly slow but logical considering the max level is 65. What’s a bit more disheartening is the general size of the game world. The world map may look large but each of the 16 maps is fairly small. There are only a handful of monster types in any particular zone which adds to the dullness. Speaking of dullness, the game’s graphics are certainly on the low end. Terrain and character models look rough while the camera is severely limited. Players can spin it 360 degrees but can only move it up or down to a certain extent. How soon before the game gets monotonous depends on the individual’s tolerance level but luckily there are several features to keep players interested.

7593  500x375 talisman online world map

Duels and Shops

One of the more humours moments during my time with Talisman Online was when a Wizard challenged my Monk to a duel. Having a competitive streak, I promptly accepted. As soon as I did so, a giant banner fell to the ground signifying the start of the duel. This may not mean much to some of you but from a former WoW addict, it was quite a moment. But while the dueling system is similar to WoW’s, Talisman Online lacks the same larger scale war between two factions. Sure there are guilds but PvP plays a small roll in this game. Other common features like personal shops make an appearance as well and can fortunately be used right away, no silly level requirements to worry about. Other points of interest include special scenarios of which there are a little over a dozen, around one per map. These scenarios are like instances, each with special boss monsters within them.

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Website Plus

There are few sources of information for Talisman Online besides the official site but this isn’t much a problem since the official site happens to be very informative and easy to navigate. Players can get information about every item, skill, monster, and map online. I often don’t mention the publisher’s website in my reviews but feel it was worth mentioning this time around and it may be something I go into detail on in later reviews. I’ll end off with Talisman Online’s awkward official slogan: Teamwork to Survival Talisman to Victory.

Final Verdict: Fair

Talisman Online is a simple fantasy game that borrows the best elements of past successes to bring gamers a very casual, easy to play MMORPG. Combat is straight forward, your objectives are always clear in the form of quests, and the game even does the running for you with the auto-move feature. Unfortunately, all this adds up to an experience that gets repetitive rather quickly.


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System Requirements

Talisman Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista
CPU: p3~800MHz
RAM: 256MB
HDD: 600MB
Graphics Card: GForce2 Graphics memory over 32MB

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista
CPU: P4~1.3GHz+
RAM: 512MB
HDD: 600MB
Graphics Card: GForce4 Graphics memory over 64MB

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