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Tales of Pirates 2 Overview

Tales of Pirates 2 is the sequel to one of IGG’s first MMORPGs, Tales of Pirates. ToP2 is nearly identical to its predecessor, but comes with upgraded graphics and an improved pet system. The new client will allow continued development of new content, and characters from the original will be allowed to migrate to the new version. Tales of Pirates 2 has anime styled graphics and a traditional click-to-move control scheme. Players will spend most of their time grinding on land, but can take to the seas on their very own boats and explore instanced dungeons later on.

Characters - Lance, Phyllis, Ami, Carsise

Primary Classes (level 10) - Swordsman, Explorer, Hunter, Herbalist

Advanced Classes (level 40) - Crusader, Champion, Sharpshooter, Voyager, Cleric, Seal Master

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Full Review

Tales of Pirates 2 Review

By, Erhan Altay

When Tales of Pirates was first released in 2007, it became one of IGG’s most popular games. The sequel is not very different from the original, the most noticeable difference is a slight graphic update. The races, classes, and gameplay remain the same so TOP2 should be thought of more as a massive patch than a new stand-alone MMORPG. Players will be in for the same mix of land and sea based combat, pets, guild battles, and PvP encounters.

26115  500x375 tales of pirates 2 appearance customization

MMORPG Sequels

Sequels have always been common in the video game industry, and they are now making their way to the MMO genre. Lineage was followed by Lineage 2, and a Guild Wars, and Silkroad Online sequel are both in the works. Generally, sequels are entirely different games than their predecessor, but this hasn’t been the case with most free to play MMORPGs. The Tales of Pirates 2 case is similar to that of Myth War Online, another IGG published game, and Aeria’s Twelve Sky and Twelve Sky 2. Both were first released as stand alone games, but players of the original’s service were allowed to migrate their characters to the new game. TOP2 went into closed beta testing on May 6, 2010 and will undoubtedly follow a similar path.

26128  500x375 tales of pirates 2 equipment

The Dawn of a New Age

Veteran seaman are already discussing the transition process and what changes lie in store, but new players should expect a pretty standard MMORPG experience during the early stages. There are four characters to pick from, two male and two female. Each has access to some, but not all, of the four first jobs and six second jobs. A convenient class tree is available before getting too far into character creation, so players can chose the character that best fits their play style. Appearance customization is limited to eight face and hair styles per character. There are three starting areas to chose from including Argent City, Shaitan, and Icicle Castle. Each offers distinct scenery, but players will be free to explore all of them eventually. All new characters start as the vanilla ‘newbie’ class and must wait until level 10 before making their first class advancement.

26132  500x375 tales of pirates 2 gameplay

Following the Same Road

After entering the game world, players will be struck by a rather poorly designed interface. The most glaring problem is the poor choice of font. It just doesn’t fit well and makes things difficult to read. NPC dialogue is a hassle to comprehend and will likely be skipped. The visuals themselves are an improvement over the originals, character models look better and there’s more camera control. Movement and combat are still controlled with the mouse, but the geography is all the same. The first few levels go by in a blur, especially if players make use of the tutorial quests given by the Newbie Helper NPC which beginners spawn next. Players are asked to talk to various NPCs scattered across town and will gain a full level each time. At around level 5, the first kill quest will send beginners outside town to get their first taste of combat. The monsters around cities are generally low level animals, but the further one travels into the wilderness the more powerful the enemies become. It’s important to allocate the stat points received each level into the five attributes: Str, Con, Acc, Agi, and Spir. Newbies will only have access to a single skill that deals additional damage, but even without it monsters go down in a few hits.

26135  500x375 tales of pirates 2 giant robot

Deep Blue

All characters start with a treasure box in their inventory which can be opened to reveal equipment, items, and another treasure box that can only be opened upon attaining a certain level. This is a great method of reducing ‘down time’ as players won’t have to run around purchasing new gear every few levels. Upon reaching level 10, the class change quest is simple and the game’s auto-navigate makes travel between NPCs and quest objectives simple. There’s also an index available near the mini-map that provides a list of all the NPCs and Monsters in the game. Clicking any of these names also activates the auto-navigate, further simplifying travel. The next milestone is reached at level 15 when players will be free to purchase their firstĀ  vessel and take to the seas. Lower level ships are small, often simple merchant ships but later players will have access to powerful warships like the Great White Shark. Combat at sea uses the same mechanics as on land. As players continue to progress they will have to opportunity to join or form guilds and align them with either the Navy or Pirate faction. These two warring factions are at the center of Tales of Pirate 2′s PvP. The ability to play on both land and sea is a feature found in several other free MMORPGs including Florensia and Water Margin Online.

26149  500x375 tales of pirates 2 map

Mix & Match

Crafting takes an interesting turn in Tales of Pirates 2. Besides creating new items, players can create fairies. These fairies serve as pets which accompany players and enhance their fighting capabilities. These fairies can gain levels, learn skills, and even be married to produce more powerful offspring. In total there are 10 crafting options, all accessible via the ‘workshop’ shortcut located at the top left of the screen. Some of these options include item forging, item polishing, fairy marriage, and a new feature in TOP2, Rear Fairy. Rear Fairies require a special item mall ingredient to create, but are more useful than their normal counterparts. Tales of Pirates 2 also has several dungeon areas which are PvP free-for-all zones. The level cap is set pretty high, so there’s plenty of grinding to be had. The Chinese developer MOLI has shown its commitment to the game, so expect continued updates and new content for years to come. If you were a fan of the original but stopped playing, TOP2 is a large enough update to warrant giving the game a second look. Those who never liked the original won’t find enough here to change their minds.

Final Verdict: Fair

Fans of the original Tales of Pirates will be pleased by this major overhaul, but even with the naval gameplay features TOP2 doesn’t offer enough to earn a higher recommendation. The sailing and crafting systems are interesting, but could use a better presentation.


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Tales of Pirates 2 Links

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System Requirements

Tales of Pirates 2 System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 98 / ME /NT /2000 /XP /Vista /7
CPU: P3-800 MHz
RAM: 256 MB Free
HDD: 2.0 GB Free
Graphics Card: 16 MB 3D Accelerated

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows 2000 / XP/ Vista / 7
CPU: P4-2.4 GHz or above
RAM: 512 MB Free
HDD: 3.0 GB Free
Graphics Card: ATI 9200 / Nvidia FX5200 or better

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