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Supreme Destiny Overview

Supreme Destiny is actually split into two different games. On the Aden server, it is Supreme Destiny Xtreme, which features a bevy of PvE content to enjoy. Hundreds of quests await you, in addition to an epic storyline. On the other hand, Seraf features Supreme Destiny EvolutionX, which is for players that want a more PvP focused experience. This server has the availability of master classes, a triple experience channel, and massive PvP battles. The two are separate, however, so you can not create a character on one, and expect to transfer to the other.


Four Classes to Choose from. You can choose to play as a Trans Knight – a warrior of the Divine Order. A Foema – the sorcerers of Supreme Destiny. Beast Master – summon animal allies, or take on their form to fight for yourself. And Hunter – well versed in capturing and trade skills.

Mounts. Raise a mount to adulthood and use it to give yourself combat bonuses. There are a variety of mounts to choose from.

Quest System. Complete quest for rewards such as money, items and experience.

Minimal System Requirements. Supreme Destiny has very low system requirements, so players with low-end PCs can enjoy the game.

Dungeons and Special Zones. Travel to dungeons and special areas to fight boss monsters with a chance of dropping special loot.

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Full Review

Supreme Destiny Review

Full Review

By Jordan Hall (ApocaRUFF)


Supreme Destiny is an MMORPG with a fantasy theme developed by Vibrant Games. You are able to choose between two servers, Aden – A PvE-centric server with lots of quest and storylines. Or Seraf – with a PvP focus and large battles. What you experience in the game depends heavily on what server you choose, and if you want to switch you have to start all over as there are no transfers.

I was not happy with the features available in Supreme Destiny. There is nothing new, and a majority of what is offered is done with a minimal effort. One feature that was advertised on their website were “high-quality, detailed graphics” which is just not true. In my opinion, the only feature that is worth mentioning is the minimal system requirements, which makes it possible for lower-end PCs to run the game.


The graphics in Supreme Destiny are sad. I have seen better graphics in games that were available in the 90′s, and it is 2012. Part of the reason for the poor graphics is a max resolution of 1600 by 1200. And you can tell the graphics were not designed for even that large of a resolution, as they appear extra poor when playing with it.


On top of the graphics, there is a poor user interface. It was said that the interface was “easy and simple” on the website, but I could not disagree more. I felt that no thought was put in to the interface at all, as it was difficult to read and use. A prime example of this is the message box which has a completely transparent background, making it near impossible to read the white text of the messages. The user interface is just plain hard to use, and even harder on the eye.



Supreme Destiny has your typical free-to-play MMO control scheme. Click on the ground to move, press I for inventory, C to look at your character statistics. The 1-9 keys are used to activate special abilities in combat. Pressing the K key will put you in to Player Killer mode, which opens you up to PvP against other players. Generally, the game is a bit unresponsive at times. I have had to click on things several times for the game to register that I had clicked them, which was quite annoying.

Click Movement



Customization in Supreme Destiny is hard to find. When you make your character, the only choices you get are your class and your name. You are not even given the ability to choose a gender or hairstyle. When you log in to play, you will find a very limited number of armors and weapons available to you, restricting your ability to customize your character even more. You can choose where you put your statistic and skill points, however. I have played MUDs that offer more in-depth and enjoyable customization than this game.


Character Creation



During my time playing Supreme Destiny, I hardly came across players. And when I did, they usually did not respond to me when I tried speaking to them. This is understandable, as who has time to stop playing a game for some random guy? The game does offer a few features that can encourage community interaction, one of which I will get in to later. The biggest plus in the area of community is the “community button”. Pressing this opens up a window that allows you to view, and post on, the forums. This is a handy feature if you want to look up a guide or have a question you wish to post.



I got the feeling that there really was no point to me playing. The game encourages you to actually not play. There is a C.C feature, which I am not sure what the acronym means – possibly Computer Control, which will play your character for you. You press the button and choose some stuff, such as if you want your character to focus on melee or magic, and then sit back as your character fights the endless hordes of monsters.



I will say that I appreciate not being forced to take part in the games boring combat. Combat consist of left clicking on a monster and then watching as your guy auto-attacks it to death. You do have the option of using some ability and skills, but there really is not much point and they are overkill in most cases.


You will level extremely fast in this game. I reached level 20 before I got twenty meters from where I first loaded in to the game. Which is good, as the game offers hundreds of levels. I am not aware of the maximum, but I believe I saw several people in the 240 range. A majority of your level grind will be spent mindlessly (or AFK) killing the hundreds of monsters that clog up each zone.


Level up


I saw it mentioned that a variety of quest to add “more fun, excitement and interest” to the game were available. Needless to say, the game did not offer that at all. The quest offered usually consist of, “Kill 15 of X” type goals. This is an out-dated and faulty quest system that is nothing but a time waster and I could gain no enjoyment from it.




Just about everything in the game is automated. From the combat to the trading. I guess the automated trading could be a handy feature, but it just seems to kill the interaction between players that should be happening. Using the cash shop will give you tons of bonuses over players who do not. The game just feels like a big slot machine. You put in money and then sit back and watch, hoping to win.


Final Verdict

The graphics would not have been such a big negative if the game had done better in other areas. Such as the generic gameplay that offers no enjoyment and encourages you to spend money in the cash shop. I mean, you might as well play Progress Quest. At least then you would not be spending your money on a bad game. The only way I can see Supreme Destiny offering anyone fun is if they like sitting back and letting the game play itself. This feature can be handy if you do not have much time to spend on gaming, but still want to play a game. But then again, that brings me back to Progress Quest. Overall, Supreme Destiny is a disappointing game and I do not recommend it.


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System Requirements

Supreme Destiny System Requirements

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