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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

This game has been SHUT DOWN – It is NO LONGER available. This means the official servers are offline and no one can create new accounts or log in to the game. For all intents and purposes this game is dead. This page will be updated if the game ever re-launches.

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Stone Age 2 Overview

Stone Age 2 is a primitive turn based MMORPG set in prehistoric times. Like many other 2D turn based MMORPGs, Stone Age 2 contains an in depth pet feature. All players start out with a simple chicken pet that assists them in battle, has special skill and can be commanded during random encounters. To catch new pets, players must weaken a monster than use the special catch skill. Currently, there are 47 possible pets, 3 starting villages, 3 ‘uncharted’ villages and 3 special dungeon maps.

Stone Age 2 Screenshots

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Full Review

Stone Age 2 Review

By Erhan Altay

Published by Aeria, Stone Age 2 is a simple game who’s main emphasis seems to be on pet ownership. Players catch various pets, train them, feed them, and teach them new skills. I’m not quite sure why but every 2D turn based MMORPG seems to follow this formula. There’s Myth War 2 Online, Fairyland Online, Wonderland Online and Elf Online just to name a few. Luckily, Stone Age 2 has a unique setting; prehistory. The cute, bright anime inspired graphics and varied character models do make Stone Age 2 an attractive game for those looking for a simpler MMORPG.

3849  500x375 stone age 2 characters

Back to the Caves

Despite being a graphically simple game, Stone Age 2 manages to take up a whopping 1.3 GB of disk space once installed and patched. I’m not quite sure why it’s so big, there are only two resolution settings and the graphics, character models, and effects all look pretty basic. It does rain, snow and turn from day to night as you play which is a nice touch that adds a bit to the immersion. The intro music is fitting and upbeat but there’s too little of it in-game. Character creation is also impressive for a 2D game, there are a total of 12 character models to choose from ranging from little girls to giant buff men. Each of these models has several hair color schemes but as far as I can tell all the characters are identical save for appearance. Players are given 20 stat points to freely distribute among the games 4 stats; Energy, Strength, Quickness, and Spiritual. A few eye and mouth shapes are also available to flash out your character before choosing a starting location. Stone Age 2 has three beginner areas to chose from; the coastal town of Shefa, the snowy village of Maquina, and the grasslands of Halbol.

3885  500x375 stone age 2 menu

Cavemen in Training

When you first enter the game, after character creation, you’ll be prompted by a nearby NPC on whether or not you wish to enter the tutorial area. This is completely optional and if you’re at all familiar with RPGs, MMOs, or video games in general it is entirely optional. The tutorial consists of half a dozen or so NPCs scattered around a small area. Each specializes in a different feature available in Stone Age 2, for example the Den Instructor tells you about the game’s player housing feature. The only NPC worth talking to in the tutorial area would have to be the Quest instructor who’ll send you out to kill a few monsters, combine some meat, than talk to another NPC. This short quest line completes the tutorial and brings both the player and his or her pet to around level 4 by the end. Movement is done through the standard point and click method with keyboard short cuts available for opening menus.

3903  500x375 stone age 2 well

Let’s Take Turns

Stone Age 2 uses the classic RPG method of combat; turn based. Walking around outside towns leads to random encounters every so often which are handled on a separate screen. The player issues commands for both himself and his active pets. I’ve seen players with up to three pets which brings their party total to 4 characters, quite formidable! Anyone with prior RPG experience shouldn’t have much difficulty figuring out the commands available. Players can issue melee attack orders, guard, use special skills, or items. Each level, players are given additional points to use towards their stats. There are no classes in Stone Age 2 which leaves players free to grow their character as they prefer and with a maximum level of 500+, there’s always a reason to hunt. I have no problem with this combat style but I did find the rate of random encounters set a bit high and the fights themselves a bit bland. Fighting monsters around your level takes little strategy, simply spamming melee attack usually does the trick. Towns are well decorated but vast portions of the game world are simple open field which makes for a very boring battlefield. To make matters worse, it’s very difficult to find any other players. I don’t necessarily want to group with others when I’m grinding but seeing them around reminds me that I’m playing an online game that’ supposed to be at least partially about community and socialization.

3865  500x375 stone age 2 combine


The lack of players is the largest problem now facing Stone Age 2. Even though the game’s still in Open Beta, its been available to the public since July, 2008. I have my doubts on whether enough will change to draw in the kind of audience necessary to justify Stone Age 2 as a ‘massively multiplayer’ game. The game does have several interesting features, for example instanced houses called Dens. Players can enter their dens within the main building of their starting town. Furniture and other decorations can be bought or found in game and players can invite their friends to hang out inside their dens. Stone Age 2 also allows you to combine items such as different types of food to create more useful versions. Pet maintenance requires regular feeding and the type and quality of the food used matters as well. I never like to see a game go under but after watching Aeria shut down Richman Online and Gold Slam, I have my worries.

Final Verdict: Poor

Stone Age 2 has cute, bright but unimpressive graphics. Its only saving grace is the elaborate pet system which may appeal to players who enjoy mostly single player pet raising/battling games. Most gamers should already know if Stone Age 2 is their type of game or not.


Stone Age 2 Screenshots


Stone Age 2 Videos

Stone Age 2 Featured Video


Stone Age 2 Character Creation


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System Requirements

Stone Age 2 System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
CPU: Pentium 500
RAM: 512MB
HDD: 1.5 GB
Graphics Card: At least 64 VRAM
DirectX: 9.0c

Recommended Specification:
OS:  Windows 2000/XP
CPU: Pentium III or better
RAM: 512MB or more
HDD: 2.0 GB or more
Graphics Card: FX5700/ATI 9200 or better
DirectX: 9.0c or better

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