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Stellar Impact is a 3D sci-fi themed match-based MMO where players wage war against each other in armed spacecrafts for rank and supremacy. Join one of two factions and select a cruiser worthy of delivering some major damage. Equip vessels with powerful weapons, ammunitions, specialized skills, and various upgrades. Explore the universe with friends in this intergalactic action packed adventure.

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Publisher: Tindalos Interactive
Playerbase: Low
Graphics: Medium Quality
EXP Rate: Low
PvP: Faction Based
Filesize: 276 MB

Pros: +Challenging combat. +Death-match battles. +Plenty of upgrades. +In-depth skill system. +Variety of maps. +Great ship customization options.

Cons: -Poor tutorial. -No specific match system. –Controls could be better. –Small player base. –Repetitive gameplay. –Free to play users are restricted.

Free Trial Restrictions: Unlimited free trial, but players can only perform a level one upgrade of each ship.

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Stellar Impact Overview

Stellar Impact is a space themed match-based multiplayer combat game where players step into the role of an official interplanetary captain fighting for one of two warring factions.  Much like other DotA games such as League of Legends and sci-fi fantasy titles in the realm of Dark Orbit or Battlestar Galactica players go on an action infused expedition in deep space steering their ship into battle. Participate in intense PvP death-matches with your comrades. Choose from over 12 different maps and various modes. Maneuver your ship through a constantly evolving galaxy filled with asteroids, plasma storms, gas clouds, and crystal fields. Upgrade your vessel with an assortment of weapons, skills, and equipment. Capture your enemies’s Starbase and win a victory for your alliance in this fast-paced MMORTS. There are also five distinct ship classes to choose from.

Factions – Allies and Axis

Ship Classes:

Corvette- These ships are fast and easy to navigate. They are perfect for initiating swift attacks on large opposing vessels.

Frigate – This light-weight craft specializes in reconnaissance operations and is equipped with incredible radar range capabilities. Frigates are ideal for infiltrating enemy lines or escorting fleets.

Destroyer – Powerful mid-sized ships effective at striking enemies during rigorous battles. This class can annihilate multiple ships regardless of their size.

Cruiser – Considered as one of the largest vessels this ship has a reputation of withstanding high volumes of damage with no problems. It’s an excellent spacecraft to have protecting other allied ships.

Dreadnought – This craft was designed to support coordinated attacks. Dreadnoughts are valued command ships that every faction should have on their side during combat.

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Stellar Impact Review

By: Ange Perdu

Stellar Impact is a 2D real-time strategy sci-fi themed match-based multiplayer game where players become space captains fighting for one of two warring factions for intergalactic territory. Choose between the Allies or the wicked Axis. Each player controls their own customizable ship in fast-paced timed PvP battles. Fire relentlessly at opposing player’s vessels or seize the rival faction’s home base. Loot defeated fleets and use items to upgrade your ship. Level up spacecrafts to unlock and equip specialized skills effective in combat. Fly an assortment of ships ranging from compact Corvettes to the behemoth Cruiser. Attach a variety of weapons, ammunition, hulls, and equipment to become the most powerful vessel in the galaxy.

Allies VS the Axis, the Gameplay

The bulk of the gameplay in Stellar Impact consists of match-based PvP battles between rival factions. Once players have selected their spacecraft they simply enter the lobby area to find an available match. There are no quests or single player practice options. Since the servers aren’t heavily populated it often leaves online users with absolutely nothing to do but impatiently wait or log off. Each match features a specific map and can have up to 12 players. Although the game features a nice selection of map modes there’s not a structured match system implemented which leads to unbalanced teams that pin high level players against newbies. The game only features two battle modes. The most commonly used is the Conquest mode. In this deep space war players are divided into teams and fight together to destroy their enemy’s Starbase. The team that successfully demolishes their opponent’s stronghold first wins. The entire team earns a looting reward and each individual player receives experience for accumulating kills or captures. Users only have control of their ship making the combat very team-oriented. Captains have to work together communicating via the chat system to strategize effective attack sequences. In the Battlefield mode it’s all about taking out your opponents. The main objective in this match is to wipe out the opposition three consecutive times or occupy an objective for more than 120 seconds. The first team to do so automatically wins.

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Tactical Combat on the Battlefield

On the battlefield similar to Dark Orbit space commanders must steer their ship towards their targeted enemies in order to fire cannons and assault weapons. The controls are somewhat awkward. Players have to use their mouse to right-click on their desired location. Hitting the W or S keys will speed up or slow down the vessels’ speed. Each environment or map is slightly different with obstacles scattered throughout the galaxy in the form of gigantic gas clouds, plasma storms, planets, bases, and asteroids. Lieutenants have to carefully select their ships passageways to avoid running into these obstructions. Wherever a user clicks the vessel will travel directly bumping into any other object in the set path. It’s quite easy to get your ship destroyed by accidentally setting a course near some asteroids. Strategy comes to play in almost every aspect of this game giving RTS fans quite a challenge. Planning every deliberate move and attack is essential. There are some obstacles like crystal fields can be captured generating extra escort ships. Capturing a planet on the battlefield also rewards users with bonus command points. When an enemy is in sight players must left click to target the rival ship and press the space bar to fire weaponry. Spacecrafts must be facing the vessel in the appropriate direction enabling the cannons to accurately shoot for a successful assault. During battles AI controlled escort ships randomly appear to help attack the opposing faction’s Starbase. Captains have the option of shooting down their rival’s automated fleets for additional XP. Experience points accumulated during combat can later be used to purchase various upgrades for vessels.

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Ship Classes & Skills

An interesting system integrated in Stellar Impact is the extensive ship skills and upgrades. There are five ship classes consisting of the Corvette, Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, and Dreadnought. There are no set ship classes so players are free to switch between different spacecrafts as they see fit. Each of these vessels can not only be equipped with weaponry but specialized skills that can enhance performance during battles. Skills include maneuvering tactics, reconnaissance, defense, command, and attack techniques. There are up to 20 different skills that can be unlocked and purchased as a player levels up their ships. Master the Quantum Leap or the Shockwave which sends 200 damage points to all ships within range. Each spacecraft is limited in the number of skills it can possess at a given time. The skills your rivals’ ship is using remains concealed during combat. Experimenting with various skills adds an addicting element to the gameplay. This great feature is primarily available to paying members. Much like Star Trek Online there are some extreme restrictions for F2P users when it comes to ship upgrades. Only the first level of each ship can be upgraded with skills and add-ons. Premium users have access to cooler weaponry, ammunition, hulls, and skills. There’s not much free users can do in terms of customization unless they switch over to a premium member.

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Final Verdict: Fair

Stellar Impact is a fun space themed tactical multiplayer online combat game. Players become space captains steering their own customizable ship into intense faction-based PvP battles. The gameplay is surprisingly challenging, combining standard RPG elements like skills with a DotA style similar to League of Legends. Players have to depend on their fellow teammates and strategically plan every move in order to effectively capture their enemy’s Starbase. The lack of a structured tutorial, restricted F2P features, and small community of active players make it difficult for new users to get into the game. For fans of sci-fi action RTS this indie title might be worth checking out.


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System Requirements

Stellar Impact System Requirements

Minimum configuration
2 GHz processor
1.5 GB RAM
DirectX 9-class ATI or NVIDIA 3D graphics card
Windows XP/Vista/7
Internet connection
2GB free hard disk space

Recommended configuration
2 GHz multi-core processor
DirectX 10-class ATI or NVIDIA 3D graphics card
Windows XP/Vista/7
Broadband internet connection
2GB free hard disk space

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