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Splash Fighters Overview

Splash Fighters is a simple, “beat-em-up” action game that manages to cram a lot of content into a small package.  Gameplay involves arena style fights where up to eight players battle it out either as part of a team or solo.  While Splash Fighters manages to include many more classes, weapons, and game options than most MMOs, it falls short in its presentation.  The game’s graphics are blocky and the lobby area is poorly designed.  Even with these faults, Splash Fighters is one of the few games of its genre and worth checking out for fans of classic brawler titles.


Fighter - Balanced in both speed and power. Special attack: Deadly Dance.
Soldier - Skilled in the use of weapons. Special attack: DD Dorian.
Spy - Fast and agile class with high technical expertise. Special attack: Rolling Shot.
Juggernaut - Strongest character that relies on brute force over weapons. Special attack: Juggerbreath.
Knight - Knights have the highest defense. Special attack: Flame Strike.
Telepather - Weak basic attacks but powerful psionic skills. Special attack: Psycho Garden.
Space Agent - Strong, fast, and feminine! Special attack: ZZ Beam Blade
Sumo Wrestler - Though they have low defense, their attack power is very high. Special attack: Limbo Drop.
Android - Consumes energy to perform powerful attacks. Special attack: Recharge.
Ninja - Quick and cunning, the Ninja uses stealth to his advantage. Special attack: Blade Palm.
Imp - Small and mischievous class with powerful jumping attacks. Special attack: Sprite Dance
Werebeast - High defense and the Werebeast’s ability to transform himself make him a dreaded foe. Special attack: Sprite Dance / Wake Up.
+Many more
*There are currently 25+ classes in Splash Fighters!

Game Modes:

Amped Dog Fight – Players compete for the most amount of enemies defeated within the time limit. Currently 20 maps available.
Team Dog Fight - Two teams compete for the most amount of enemies defeated within the time limit. Currently 20 maps available.
Amped Death Match - Players fight it out free-for-all style, last man standing winds the round. Currently 23 maps available.
Team Death Match - Two teams battle it out, defeat all opposing players to win. Currently 23 maps available.
Amped Sports Match - Complete a variety of objectives such as return the flag, break the ball, and basketball. Currently 5 maps available.
Team Sports Match - Work with your team to complete objectives (a la Amped Sports Match). Currently 5 maps available.
1 on 1 Death Match - A duel between two players, 1 on 1 results won’t count towards your battle score. Currently 8 maps available.

Splash Fighters Screenshots

Splash Fighters Featured Video


Full Review

Splash Fighters Review

By Erhan Altay

Splash Fighters is an Asian brawler game that recently found its way to our shores.  Originally picked up by Gamers First, the game was eventually published by CyberStep on its own site.  Today, the game is also accessible through another large free mmo portal know as ijji.  Whichever method of entry you prefer, it’s important to know what you’re getting into.  Splash Fighters is a game that’s simple to learn but difficult to master.  This is usually a recipe for a good game, but the crude graphics and interface in Splash Fighters are a massive deal breaker.  Fortunately for SF, the free mmo action/fighting genre is barren of competition, the only other game of its type being Rumble Fighter.  So if you’re looking for an action-oriented fighting game, keep reading.

8280  500x375 splash fighters character creation

Learn The Basics

Oddly, players must use their email address to login rather than a username.  It won’t take long after logging in to notice just how poorly the game’s interface and lobby are designed.  It literally looks like you’re playing a game from the early 1980s.  Even the sounds the game makes when you click ‘enter lobby’ or ‘login’ are hilariously old school.  New players will be prompted to either go through the tutorial or create their character.  The tutorial doesn’t offer any rewards, but is worth going through to familiarize yourself with the controls.  It took me around fifteen minutes to complete the tutorial, the only part that gave me trouble was counter-attacks.  Splash Fighters is a remarkably simple game, besides the arrow keys (for movement) there are four buttons; Z (target), X (strong attack), C (weak attack), and V (jump.)  The number of combinations and skills available in this game based on just these controls is very impressive.  The tutorial only covers the basics; things like dash attacks (double tap a direction key than X or C), blocking (hold X&C simultaneously), counter attacks (hit X or C immediately after a block) and power attacks (hold Z than hit X or C.)  The final step in the tutorial pits you against an AI opponent to test all the newly learned moves, after which you’ll be ready to create your very own character.

8296  500x375 splash fighters game room

Chose Your Fighter

Remarkable for such an ancient looking game, there are a total of eight classes new players can play as.  Each has a male and female avatar and covers a wide spectrum — there’s a knight, a spy, a sumo wrestler and other original classes.  Even more surprising is the level of appearance customization available.  There are literally dozens of face, nose, mouth, head, and clothing options to chose from.  If Splash Fighters can provide such detailed character creation features, new games really have no excuses.  Even after character creation, players are free to alter their character models into totally original designs.  I saw a guy who rendered himself as a pink bunny in one game! For more info on the classes take a look at the overview, but don’t think too long on your initial class choice, players can purchase additional classes and switch between in-game.

8290  500x375 splash fighters fight

Get Ready to Brawl

I mentioned the large variety of game modes available in the overview, but like all games of this nature, the deathmatch and team deathmatch are by far the most played and likely to be the only ones easy to join.  It’s rarely impossible to find a game to play, but Splash Fighters still suffers from a small population, making it difficult at non-peak hours to find any rooms to join.  When you do join a game, you’ll notice that Splash Fighters accommodates up to eight players per room with each match consisting of three rounds.  A different map can be set for each round, which helps spice things up.  Each game mode has a different number of maps available, with some as high as twenty-three and others as low as five.  The Western version of the game is still several patches behind the Asian servers, so new maps will, hopefully, continue to be added.  Gameplay is straightforward: punch or kick the other guy into submission.  Combat can get frustrating since getting hit even once stuns you temporarily, leaving you open to continued punishment until you’re knocked and recover.  Playing cautiously is also important, especially in free for all (aka Amped Dog Fight) matches to avoid getting boxed in and beaten on from multiple angles.

8271  500x375 splash fighters axe

Weapons Everywhere!

The game host can opt to disable items, but from my experience almost all games leave items enabled, and why not?  Having random weapons spawn all over the place adds a great deal of variety to the game.  I’ve never seen a game with so many different weapons.  There are a wide range of melee weapons including swords, daggers, axes, staves, and maces.  Ranged weapons such as pistols, bazookas, flame throwers and assault rifles also make an appearance.  There are also more interesting items like lightsabers and ray guns.  While players are generally better off with an item, certain classes actually perform better with their bare knuckles.  Getting hit usually causes a player to drop their item, which helps balance things out.  Players can also purchase accessories at the item shop.  Accessories act as items that players start a match with.  The game shop has a large selection and enables players to purchase different classes so they can experience all the playstyles.  Additionally, players can purchase different head, lip, nose, and hair styles from the shop.  There are two currencies in Splash Fighters: GM (game money) and CyberBux (acquired with real cash.)  Most items are priced in both currencies, but it takes a long time to earn a decent sum of GM.

8335  500x375 splash fighters screenshots

Does it Have Legs?

Splash Fighter has the standard clan features and plenty of in-game events to keep things interesting, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the game’s presentation will keep it from attracting a broader audience.  Graphics can be simple and cartoony and still succeed (we’ve seen that with games like MapleStory), but the visuals in Splash Fighters are just downright ugly.  With this game and Rumble Fighter currently the only games in the genre, MMO Brawler fans don’t have many options.  Grand Chase is vaguely similar but takes the 2D approach and is more a cooperative than competitive game.

Final Verdict: Fair

If you’re in the market for an action packed game that’s easy to pick up and play (and you don’t mind terrible graphics), give Splash Fighters a try. There is a lot of content hidden in this game, but it takes some effort to look past the blemishes.


Splash Fighters Screenshots


Splash Fighters Videos

Splash Fighters Character Creation


Splash Fighters Cinematic Trailer


Splash Fighters Gameplay Footage


Splash Fighters Tutorial Video


Splash Fighters Gameplay Trailer


System Requirements

Splash Fighters System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Windows 2000
CPU: Pentium3 500MHz
RAM: 128MB
HDD: 400MB
Graphics Card: 64MB of video memory

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows Vista / XP / 2000
CPU: Pentium3 800MHz or better
RAM: 256MB or more
HDD: 600 GB
Graphics Card: 256MB of video memory

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