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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

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Soul Master Overview

Soul Master is a 3D fantasy action MMORPG with some strategy elements published by GamesCampus. Players can create buildings, work their way through technology trees and train and command units – all while developing a persistent world character. Gameplay wise, it’s very similar to Dragonica Online and Fists of Fu, as it’s very linear. Players must complete one stage before being able to play the next one. Think of Soul Master as a mix between Dragonica, Pikmin and Age of Empires. It’s a unique blend of multiple genres and is actually quite fun. Soul Master has a distinct cartoony look to it, almost like League of Legends, as they are sleek and bright.

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Full Review

Soul Master Review

By, Jamie Skelton

Soul Master is a 2.5D blended-genre MMO from GamesCampus, whose publishing credits includes Asda Story and Shot Online. Combining a story-driven RPG with both RTS and brawler elements, Soul Master is a unique offering in the MMO world that’s hard to compare to any current game on the market. Though some may find elements of games like League of Legends, Land of Chaos, or Battleforge, Soul Master’s gameplay currently stands on its own.

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Choose Your Adventure

Upon logging in, players have several options to create their character. There are three total races available – the Valiant and the Holy are both human, while Harmony is a tribal elf. After choosing a race, players must also choose their occupation – currently available is Knight for Valiant, Bearcat for Harmony, and Priest for Holy. Occupations are gender locked, so it is impossible to play, for instance, a female Knight or a male Priest. Information about each occupation, including a few of their skills and stats, is included on the right to help players make a decision. Once a race and occupation is selected, players may then choose the hair color and style of their initial outfit’s top and bottom (5 options each).

Each race comes with its own initial storyline and reactions to certain events. Although tutorials and missions are essentially the same for all players, the guide that helps new players, as well as the dialogue, changes depending on the race. This adds a nice charm for immersion in an RPG designed for faction PvP.

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One More Thing…

The tutorial for Soul Master takes players through two starting missions, guiding them on movement, combat, and commanding troops. Movement is commandeered through the WASD keys, and attacking takes place by left-clicking the mouse. Because of its brawler elements, players must constantly click on (or in the direction of) an enemy to execute attacks. Combos can be executed after hitting multiple attacks; there are also special combos involving moving while attacking and dodging (which can be done with the space bar.) Special skills are executed using the right mouse button.

Eventually, the player gets command of units they can move and use around the battlefield, introducing the RTS element of the game. These units are called souls, and come in several varieties. Initially, these souls are only available by freeing them from their enemy captors; eventually, players can add buildings to the battlefield which can produce souls for them. Souls can also be commanded to both attack and use special skills; these commands are executed per soul type. Units will also fight for themselves when an enemy is in the area.

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Build It, And They Will Come

A few missions later, players will be introduced to the final element of the RTS: structures. Structures are buildings which, among other things, let players create defenses and summon souls. All of this requires seed, a special resource found both unguarded and guarded on the mission’s map. Seed must be captured to be harvested, and can be reclaimed from an enemy unit in competitive maps. The structure system also allows players to upgrade their units, buffing them with special bonuses.

All of this comes with a simple to follow interface and instructions. Nonetheless, managing buildings, souls, seed, and brawling for control of a map means there’s a lot to manage and keep watch on at once. Because of this, the entire keyboard finds a use in controlling units, building, and managing preferences and camera. While the nature of the game means that both brawler and RTS elements are simplified down, the combination means that players will find it both easy to learn and hard to fully master.

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A Little Something Extra

Missions are the mainstay of Soul Master, acting as a source of gear, money, and experience, and can be unlocked for greater difficulties and rewards. There’s more to the game than these instanced story-driven maps, however. Players can also enter the Battle Lobby, an open setting for both team and solo PvP sorted into three difficulty levels. Crafting is also available for those who can collect the resources and make better gear. A player’s character does have his or her own inventory, quick slots, equipment, and stats, all of which must be managed outside of missions to maximize success.

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Overall Verdict: Great

It’s hard to believe a game that seeks to mash up three genres can be successful at it, but Soul Master offers quick, engaging, and intelligent gameplay. Elements are balanced in such a way that no one race seems capable of overpowering the other, and it requires a mastery of both controls and strategy in all three elements to become a master. Even players not familiar or fond of RTS games may find themselves hopelessly addicted, a promising sign for this unique MMO.


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System Requirements

Soul Master System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU: Intel Pentium 3 1.0G
HDD: 1 GB Free
Graphics Card: Geforce4 TI / ATI Radeon 7000

Recommended Specification:
OS: Windows Vista / 7
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.8G or better
RAM: 1 GB RAM or more
HDD: 2 GB Free
Graphics Card: GeforceFX 5200 / ATI Radeon 9000 or better

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