Soldiers Inc.

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It’s 2019, you and your mercenaries have been recruited to claim as much of Zandia as possible. Foreign powers, multinational companies and shadowy underground criminal organizations are all after the biggest mineral find of the century. Your job is to take it, shut out your competitors, and get your client rich. In this future, war is a business… and business is good.

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Publisher: Plarium
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: High
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: Yes
Filesize: N/A

Pros: +Easily accessible through Facebook. +High quality production. +Over 30 units to command.

Cons: -Limited information available.

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Soldiers Inc. Overview

Soldiers Inc. is a top-quality MMORTS available on Facebook. Build an army of over 30 different units, mercenaries, and battle systems to control a cutthroat market. Learn to exploit, borrow, trade, or steal rich materials, while defending yourself with gun turrets, artillery, tank traps, and more. Join Partnerships or Tactical Combines, and participate in Joint Operations in this real-time strategy from Plarium.

Various Features and Updates:

Bunkers – This the only safe place in Zandia! Your Base’s emergency survival bunker is a reinforced subterranean shelter where you may secure your fighting forces and Resources in the event of an attack.

Resource Depots – Whoever maintains control of the Depots has a major battlefield advantage. Different Depots produce different amounts of different resources per hour, depending on their size.

Combines – This is where the magic really happens. Combines allow players to join forces as a team and operate under a well-organized command structure with one name, insignia, and hierarchy. These Combines may pool their Resources to battle their rivals for positions in the game rankings, coordinate attacks against their common enemy, and train new recruits.

Mining Complexes – These are the primary objective of the conflict in Zandia. These heavily fortified ore extraction and processing centers are the key to controlling Zandia’s vast mineral wealth, and by extension, allow gamers to rise to dominance within the game-play. Only your Combine’s ability to capture, hold and expand these Mining Complexes will determine your collective territory and standing among your rivals. Mining Complexes are not the place for single players, only a Combine working as a team will have any chance of controlling them.

Combine Attacks – Players that are part of a Combine may deploy Combine Attacks against hardened targets like Mining Complexes or Depots.

Combine Bonuses – These are awarded to a Combine collectively upon the successful completion of a Combine Achievement. These Bonuses can take the form of ranking point boosts in the Combine Rankings, or Combine-wide Bonuses to Unit or Base statistics for all participating Combine Members. Combine Bonuses earned while a member of one Combine are non-transferable, and cannot be retained upon leaving that Combine. Combine Members joining a Combine after it has earned an Achievement will not enjoy the benefits of any existing Combine Bonuses.

Global Missions – Global missions are optional missions Commanders may choose to participate in, in return for free Units, Drill Instructors, special items and/or other forms of compensation. Most will usually involve engaging in Search and Destroy missions within an allotted time to recover mission items.

Special Equipment – Mobile Autonomous Recovery and Salvage (MARS) vehicles are unarmed robotic systems capable of automatically conducting battlefield repairs on Automated Artillery and Gun Turrets under combat conditions. The more MARS units deployed around your base, the faster your Turrets and Artillery can return to active duty. MARS Vehicles to not consume resources and cannot be destroyed or damaged.

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Soldiers Inc. Articles

  • Soldiers Inc Recaps Half a Year of Updates - Posted on January 27, 2014
    In 2013 Plarium launched Soldiers Inc.™ on Facebook. Soldiers Inc. takes players to the year 2019, where a team of hired mercenaries have been recruited to claim as much of the fictional Republic of Zandia as possible.
  • Plarium Launches Soldiers Inc. for Facebook - Posted on August 1, 2013
    Plarium, one of the world’s fastest growing developers of social and mobile games, has announced the worldwide release of the massively multi-player, real time strategy game, “Soldiers Inc.”

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