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Shot Online Overview

Come on, a Golf MMO? What a novel concept! I’m surprised that no other MMORPG publisher launched something similar. Well, OG Planet had Albatross18, an anime inspired cartoony golfing game, but that was recently shut down. So as it stands, Shot Online is the only golf MMO out there. Odds are if you’re like me the concept of a golf simulation sounds pretty boring, but the game is surprisingly fun. I’ve played Golf only once in real life and it wasn’t even remotely exciting, but luckily, I had a lot more fun in Shot Online than I did at real life Golf. The game has an incredibly amount of variety and simple yet effective game mechanics. If you’re even remotely interested in Golf, Shot Online is well worth the download.

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Full Review

Shot Online Review

By Omer Altay

When I first heard of Shot Online I immediately told myself I would give the game a try just because of the game’s novelty concept. When I hear the term ‘MMO sports game’, the first thing that pops into my head is some sort of extreme sports title like Project Powder or Project Torque, not a golfing game. Not to bash on golfing, but I figured that there would be some sort of Skateboarding or Football MMO released well before a golfing game, but I was wrong. The only other golfing MMO aside from Shot Online is Albatross18 by OG Planet, but that was unfortunately shut down recently. Albatross18 had cute cartoony graphics while Shot Online aimed to be more realistic. Looks like realistic beats cute graphics this time around. The game has an incredible amount of variety and solid game mechanics. If you’re even remotely interested in Golf, Shot Online is certainly worth checking out.

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First Impressions
The first thing that I noticed in Shot Online was the game’s lack of character customization. Far too many games neglect this simple yet incredibly important feature, and unfortunately Shot Online does as well. The game has seven avatars and each has their own strengths and weaknesses. The number of avatars is great, but the game would have felt more original if players could actually customize their avatar rather than simply selecting a premade one. Upon actually entering the game I was presented with the game’s tutorial. It was short, rewarding and informative, so I recommend players pay attention. Upon finishing the tutorial I found my character in the game’s town ‘square’. The square area in Shot Online is a place outside of the game’s many golf courses where players can walk around, purchase items, obtain quests and socialize. It’s basically the ‘hub’ of the Shot Online world where players can access all of the other parts of the game. What really makes Shot Online so enjoyable though is its simple, yet fun gameplay.

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Core Gameplay
Shot Online’s gameplay is simple to learn but difficult to master. I lost the first five matches I played online, as the folks I played with were much better than I was. The game’s core gameplay though is actually very simple. The game utilizes one of those ‘power’ meters on the screen. You know, the ones that constantly fill up and have to be timed perfectly so that players hit the ‘space’ button at the perfect power needed and 100% accuracy. The more power you put into your shot, the further the ball will travel. Like real life golf, Shot Online has numerous different clubs, each with their own purpose. The ‘1Wood’ club for example is best used at the start of the match while you’re smacking the ball at the Tee, as it has the most power in the game. The Iron clubs tend to be more accurate than the wooden ones, but their drawback is that they have less power. Players can easily see where their ball will land with each of their clubs simply by click the ‘tab’ key, so I strongly recommend newbies to constantly check if they’re using the best club for each shot before actually taking a swing. The game actually explains all of this pretty thoroughly in the game’s short tutorial, but it takes a lot of practice to actually get a solid feel for the game. Like Gunbound, players also have to factor in the game’s constantly changing wind speed before each swing otherwise even a well timed hits can be a miss.

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The ‘MMO’ Components
Shot Online is a Golf MMO and so it makes sense to actually point out the game’s ‘MMO’ components. Players can level up by gaining experience points online by simply doing well. Every level rewards players with ‘stat points’ that can be allocated to any of the game’s four attributes Power, Impact, Skill and Stamina. Players start their journey in the world of Shot Online with around 30,000 of the game’s currency. In order to join one of the games, players have to fork over a fixed amount of money for as an entrance fee which will be awarded to the round’s winner. This actually makes the game a bit interesting, because when you actually win a round it feels much more rewarding to get someone else’s money than to simply win money from the server. Players can use money won from golfing in the game’s item stores where players can dress up their characters. Unfortunately, the folks over at Games Campus didn’t spend nearly as much time developing the game’s item store as they should have because the selection is extremely limited. There are literally like 10 different hats and t-shirts available in the store, and that’s it. It really nags me when I play an MMO without a decent item shop, as I always feel as there simply isn’t a point to playing an MMO if the game has a poorly stocked item shop. Unfortunately, this is a problem that plagues a lot of MMOs, so perhaps singling out Shot Online here is a bit unfair. The only games I can think of at the moment that have solid item shops are Combat Arms and Wolfteam. Sure, they’re both shooting games, but Golf Online could have easily added a hundred different types of clubs to their store if they wanted to.

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Other Features
Like most other MMOs, Shot Online has all of the traditional MMO staples like Questing, Guilds, Item and item trading. The game also has one interesting feature that I feel is well worth and that’s the Tournament system, as it can be incredibly rewarding. If 20 players get together they can player in a tournament where they can each pitch in 20,000 for a whopping prize pool of 500,000. Hopefully, the folks publishing Shot Online expand on the tournament feature by different tiers of tournaments with different entry fees. 20,000 is actually quite a bit of money in the game, especially for a newbie. The last thing that I’d like mention about Shot Online is that the game is incredibly varied. It has a whopping 18 courses and 9 different game modes. Come on, how many other MMOs are out there with 9 different game modes? Not many. The fact is, Shot Online is an incredible golfing game. It has solid gameplay and a moderately sized community.

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Final Verdict – Great
Shot Online is well worth playing for those that are fans of golf. If you have no interest in the sport, then you may want to look elsewhere, as even though the game is good, it’s not that appealing for folks that dislike the sport. The only reason the game is rated ‘great’ is because its a good golfing game and those that enjoy the sport will appreciate it. The game has simple solid mechanics and a lot of variety. The only real drawback to Shot Online is its limited customization, but if you even remotely like golf, the game is well worth the download.


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System Requirements

Shot Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 98 /ME / 2000 /XP / Vista
CPU: 450 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent AMD processor
RAM: 128 MB Free
HDD: 500 MB Free
Graphics Card: Any 32 MB 3D VGA Card

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows 98 /ME / 2000 /XP / Vista
CPU: 1.0 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent AMD processor
RAM: 256 MB Free
HDD: 1GB Free
Graphics Card: Geforce4 64 MB or better

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