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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

Shadow of Legend is a 2D, fantasy MMORPG with classic hack & slash gameplay. Join either the Union (Humans & Elves) or Chaos (Orcs & Dwarves) factions and fight for supremacy in this action RPG style game.

10615  320x240 shadow of legend casting

Publisher: SmartCell
Playerbase: Low
Graphics: Low Quality
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: Faction based / Open
Filesize: 1010 MB

Pros: +Auto-navigate feature. +Fast experience rate early game. +Plenty of quests in early to mid-game. +Recent patch improved graphics & gameplay.

Cons: -Poor English translations. -No appearance customization. -Limited content. -Heavy reliance on premium shop. -Feels incomplete.

This game has been SHUT DOWN – It is NO LONGER available. This means the official servers are offline and no one can create new accounts or log in to the game. For all intents and purposes this game is dead. This page will be updated if the game ever re-launches.

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Shadow of Legend Overview

Shadow of Legend (SOL for short), was originally billed as the first MMORPG that can be accessed from either a conventional PC or from an internet capable smart phone. Because of the platform restrictions, development for the smart phone version of Shadow of Legend has been suspended. While there are two factions, each only has two races and share the same four classes. Luckily, each class has several branches which allows some customization. The classes are:

Mage - The long-ranged spell casters of SOL. Mages have powerful damage dealing nukes, but are best known for their powerful DOT (damage over time) spells.

Monk – The Monk class plays a supportive role by healing and buffing comrades, but also possess plenty of offensive abilities. With AoE (area of effect) and curse spells, the Monk is an ideal balanced choice.

Combatant -Warriors who perfer direct melee combat. Combatants have high defense and health, allowing them to ‘tank’ monsters while their teammates attack.

Archer - Quick and agile, Archers take out their foes from afar, making them ideal for solo play. Their low defense and health make them weak in close-quarters, but their speed allows them to stay one step ahead of their pray.

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Full Review

Shadow of Legend Review

By Erhan Altay

Announced back in 2007 as the first MMORPG playable on both smart phones & PCs, Shadow of Legends promised a new gaming experience. During sporadic open beta testing throughout 2008, the game suffered from jagged gameplay, limited content, and poor graphics. More recently, the smart phone (PPC) compatibility was scrapped and the game received a large overhaul to make it more competitive as a standard fantasy-based, free-to-play MMORPG. How well does SOL hold up now that it has lost its claim to fame? Read on to find out!

10630  500x375 shadow of legend mage

Union or Chaos

Players are given the choice between two warring factions, each consisting of two races. The Union of Elves and Humans or the forces of Chaos, comprised of Orcs and Dwarves. There are two servers and five character slots per server, so don’t worry too much about your initial selection. Appearance customization is nonexistent, though you do get to chose a gender. There are four classes to choose from, none of which will come as a surprise to MMORPG fans: Combatant (warrior), Monk (cleric), Archer, Mage. Customization and class selection are both unimpressive, especially considering Shadow of Legend is a somewhat recently released title.

10654  500x375 sol quest reward

A Hiking We Will Go…

After character creation, players will find themselves in a large city near an NPC with the classic floating yellow exclamation mark over its head. Quests play an important part of early level progression, so I highly recommend you complete those you run across – especially the first one. The first dozen or so quests have you run from one NPC to another to deliver messages. This can get frustrating, but luckily SOL has an auto-walk feature similar to the one found in Talisman Online and Zu Online. By clicking a quest objective in your quest log, your player will automatically start walking to that location. Alternatively, players can bring up the map screen (m) and click anyone on it to activate auto-run. After several minutes of running back and forth, newbies will hit level 10 and receive some basic gear in the mail to equip. None of these first dozen quests serves a real purpose when it comes to introducing the gameplay, the text is mostly in broken English and the game’s controls and interface are simple enough to figure out within minutes.

10616  500x375 shadow of legend city map

Made to Be Basic

There’s no escaping the fact that Shadow of Legend is an extremely simple game. It was designed that way intentionally so that it could be compatible on both a home PC and on smart phones. With the suspension of the phone client, the game has undergone some changes to help it transition to a standard PC-only MMORPG. Even with the enhanced graphics, the game falls far short of its competition. Movement and combat are done through the mouse, while certain skills and items can be assigned to keyboard-activated hotkeys. The graphics still look like they’re from the 1990s; similar to the style in games like Chaos Online and Darkeden. Just how much this simplicity bothers you is personal taste, but know that there is very little in SOL that hasn’t been done before. The new patch did solve a major issue that caused jagged gameplay – now the game runs much more smoothly.

10624  500x375 shadow of legend gameplay

Class Progression

There are only four stats in the game: Strength, Agility, and Intelligence, all of which increase naturally as players level up. No stat points are awarded for distribution. Instead, an impressive skill tree is present that is unique for each of the four classes. Classes can diverge in several ways for more specialized roles. For example, a Mage can become an Elementalist or Fashioner. Each of these branches has two additional specializations; Ice Mage, Fire Mage, and Warlock, Diaspirit Wizard. The level cap in SoL is ninety, and while the first ten levels fly by fast, the grind slows down considerably in the mid-fifties. Even after attaining max level, there is a ‘rebirth’ system which has you start all over again to attain more powerful titles. I know of several other games that use this method, but I still consider it a cheap way of adding more play time.

10655  500x375 sol skill tree

Work Together, Die Alone

The game boasts open PvP, though low level players are protected. Once you reach a certain level, you can be attacked by anyone at any time almost anywhere outside the major towns. Luckily there are punishments built in for excessive player killers (PKs.) Repeat offenders will turn red and begin to drop gear upon death. The built-in faction and clan features allow larger scale alliances that can participate in Castle Siege events. There are also powerful bosses scattered through the various dungeons that require players to work together rather than against one another. I don’t see very many players actually making it to the end game, however. The first few levels may be rapid, but they are not very exciting. Combat is dull and the auto-navigate feature, while practical, makes the game seem too automated. To put it simply, there are many free games out there that far surpass Shadow of Legend on all fronts. Perhaps fans of old school action RPGs will find something to like here, but for the rest of us, this one’s a pass.

Final Verdict: Poor

With its one unique feature now suspended, Shadow of Legend offers little to compel players to stick around. There are much better free-to-play fantasy MMORPGs available.


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System Requirements

Shadow of Legend System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
CPU: Pentium 4 1.2 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 1.5 GB
Graphics Card: Geforce 2

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows XP / Vista
CPU: Pentium 4 2.4Ghz / AMD Athlon XP 2400 or better
RAM: 1024 MB or more
HDD: 2.0 GB
Graphics Card: Geforce FX5700 or better

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