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Motorbikes and dragons both ride through the sci-fi/fantasy world of Sevencore. Join into a unique storyline based on your faction, and choose from four classes including Mage and Gunner. The post-apocalyptic world promises many rich adventures for those ready to mount up and charge into battle.

53150  320x240 sevencore 02

Publisher: Ignited Games
Playerbase: Low
Graphics: High
EXP Rate: Fast
PvP: Yes
Filesize: 2.37 GB

Pros:  +Faction based PvP battles. +Combat by land, air, and sea. +Dungeon raids. +In-depth mounts system with a wide selection to choose from. +Pet options. +Auto potion system. +Convenient target select feature. +Rewarding political system.

Cons: -Gameplay can feel repetitive. –Mounts must be individually leveled up to access skills. –Crafting system could be better. -Controls buggy at times.

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Sevencore Overview

Sevencore is fantasy action MMORPG that combines the ancient art of magic with modern technology. Players step into the role of pledging heroes ready for war in a land where mythical beasts roam the countryside, spells are prevalent, and mechanical robots are part of their every day existence. Take part in combat via land, air, and sea using a wide selection of diverse mounts. Adopt a pet companion, fight in faction based PvP war, or even raid dungeons with friends. In this riding action role-playing game power, politics, and alchemy coincide. There are three different races and core classes that players can choose from. Each class offers two distinct weapons and their own set of special skills to master. There’s no specific healing class in Sevencore. The classes often possess a combination of abilities common for tanks, rouges, and healers.

Races – Scion, Einher, and Nuuk


Warrior – Skilled in melee combat tactics this soldier utilizes blades and twin great swords to destroy opposing foes. Their heavy armor gives them a strong line of defense.

Gunner – Packing some serious heat, Gunners are capable of quick devastating long range attacks. They can fire at enemies using Dual Guns or an impressive Artillery Launcher.

Magician – Despite their lack of armor, magicians are able to deal large amounts of damage upon opponents with a flick of the wrist. Armed with wand or staff they can execute a variety of powerful spells.

Sevencore Screenshots

Sevencore Featured Video

Full Review

Sevencore Review 2015 (Webzen)

By Jordan Hall (ApocaRUFF)




Sevencore is a traditional MMORPG with a large emphasis on mounts. It is being brought to us by Webzen, after having been originally released by gPotato back in 2012. The game is PVP-focused and has a plethora of mounts for players to raise, ride, and battle with. Already, not long after launch, Webzen has released one major content update for the game. Sevencore seems like it has what it needs to be fun, so let’s take a closer look.




Sevencore has your typical traditional themepark MMORPG customization. You choose a gender, a race, a class, and then fine-tune your looks. Right now, there are three races to choose from. Each has its own unique look and race-specific bonuses. For example, The Scion have a critical-hit chance bonus and a bonus for using mech-based mounts. The three races are the Scion, which look like your basic humans; The Einher, who are big bulky (the males, at least) and have horns; And the Nuuk, which could be confused for elves from other games.


Race and gender have nothing to do with what classes are available to you, so you won’t feel restricted. However, there are only four classes to choose from: Warrior, Gunner, Mage, and Assassin. The names are self-explanatory of what they can do. Each class appears to be capable of going down two different paths. For example, my Gunner can focus on dual pistols that shoot fast, or a heavy artillery weapon that fires much slower but packs a bigger punch. Like I’ve said, this isn’t really anything new to the gaming market; these class archetypes and talent trees are things we’ve seen before. They are well done in Sevencore, however.


As for actually designing a character, it’s what we’ve come to expect from an MMORPG. Personally, I’m a bit spoiled from newer games, so I wasn’t impressed with what was available in Sevencore. There are some pre-set faces and hairstyles to choose from, and a palette you can make use of for skin and hair color. However, there are a bunch of sliders you can use to customize things like chest size, neck length, and head size. So, while there isn’t an absurd amount of options, there are still plenty of ways of making your character different. Personally, I gave my character no neck, very short arms, and long legs.





Sevencore won’t be winning any awards in the graphics department. It is very much a game that shows its age. That’s not all bad, though. This means that people with older machines shouldn’t have any issue running the game. And I would be lying if I said I didn’t find a certain charm in some of the in-game steampunk designs.


Overall, though, I was not impressed. Cities were sparse and simply didn’t feel like cities. Smaller towns and camps suffered the same problem. After playing ArcheAge and Elder Scrolls Online, games tend to feel bleak in comparison when it comes to their city designs. There were some places (usually with the steampunk theme) that stood out in my memory, but not many. If I could go back in time and stress one thing to the developers, it would be to spend more time on the looks of the game.





Controls were decent. I never had a problem, everything was smooth and responsive. Sevencore has your typical MMORPG control scheme, so if you’ve ever played an MMORPG in the past five to ten years, you’re probably going to be familiar with Sevencore in no-time. This is both a good thing and a bad thing – good because it’s always nice when a game is easy to pick-up, but bad because that means there’s nothing new or innovative in how the game is played (in terms of controls).





Sevencore has a fairly small community at the moment. In the newbie zone, I ran into a small handful of other players. The community seems to be split between non-English speakers and English speakers. This wasn’t much of a problem for me, but it may turn others off. I had no problem finding groups for things, though it did take longer than I would have liked in some cases.

SevencoreCharacterClose Up




Gameplay in Sevencore follows the traditional themepark MMO Formula, with some variations. Sure, there’s a lot of annoying and repetitive quests, but there’s also mounts you can get, level up, and use in combat. Some of these are beasts, some are mechs. Some can even fly. Honestly, the game reminds me of an out-dated Black Gold, but with some neat opportunities for PVP.


The mount system in Sevencore is the games major draw. It’s the games schtick, or gimmick. If you’re thinking about playing Sevencore, it’s more than likely because you are interested in what the game has to offer in terms of mount content. What sets Sevencore apart from other games with pet systems is how invested the entirety of the gameplay is when it comes to the mounts. The mount system is also a major enticement to use the cash shop.


There are growth tokens that will automatically upgrade a mount to your level (which bypasses the mindless grinding that would normally be required to level your mount). There’s also renewal tickets, energy boost tickets, and even a box that will give a random “Special” mount which comes with bonuses to stats and abilities. Mounts can also be used for a sort of AFK grinding, as you can set your pet to automatically attack nearby enemies. And, much like for players, there is an auto-heal system involved. They can also auto-loot and even an auto-collect features for mounts, so you can see how important the mounts end up becoming for every aspect of the game.


The combat in the game is your typical themepark MMORPG affair. Point-and-click and activate various abilities using the 1 to = keys on your keyboard. You’ll need to manage your health and mana as you go. Speaking of those, the game relies heavily on food and potions, going so far as to provide a feature to automatically consume them when your HP or mana get to a certain point that is set by you. Instead of the usual fantasy stuff, though, you’ll be chowing on hamburgers while chugging cola (At least during the earlier levels… You can buy more advanced potions and elixirs from the cash shop).


I have the most experience as a Gunner, and I’m pleased with the feel of the combat. It didn’t blow me away, but it did keep me content while I played. It has a certain fluidity to it that a lot of these older F2P themeparks fail to have. That’s not to say that it isn’t frustrating at times; it definitely did annoy me more than once. But, in the end, while I don’t think the combat will impress many, I’m sure most people won’t complain.


If you’ve ever read any of my reviews, you know I don’t like repetitive questing that follows the typical and traditional F2P Themepark MMORPG formula. That is, half-assed paragraph of story, go kill X of Y, and then return for the reward. Generally, if you are having me do hundreds of these “go off and get/kill/collect X” type quest, I’m not going to have a good time. And I assume it’s the same for a majority of other players, judging by how much complaining I see on game forums. Well, Sevencore follows this formula to a T for the leveling process. So a big NOPE from me there.


PVP seems to mainly consist of open-world PVP in the PVP channel. Each zone has multiple channels you can choose from and one of those is PVP. There are some more late-game PVP features such as the “Occupation” system, where guilds can take controls of zones on the world map. So far as I can tell, this Occupation system is reserved for high-level, end-game players and guilds.



Crafting is a tiny bit more interesting than what you may find in other games. It’s very similar, but there is some stuff that differentiates it from the rest. Such as the crafting talent tree. But in general, the system consists of gathering materials (usually by killing things) and then talking to an appropriate NPC to open the craft interface. It’s a simple recipe system. Of course, there’s also a crafting system that will essentially require cash shop purchases to ensure your items aren’t turned to junk.



Conclusion: Good

Sevencore isn’t a game that I will continue to play now that the review is over. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean YOU shouldn’t play it. While I don’t like the lower quality graphics or repetitive questing, you may be able to push through it and enjoy the late-game PVP and Mounted content. Or you might have to push through it, as you are using an older machine that can’t run many 3D games (lots of us have been there at some point in our life). So, while I didn’t have the greatest time, I can see there is some charm to be found in Sevencore and I won’t tell you to avoid it.




Features: 3/5 – Mounts and PVP content saved the day!

Customization: 3/5 – More would be nice.

Graphics: 3/5 – I liked some of the design, but over-all low quality.

Controls: 4/5 – Smooth and easy to pick-up.

Community: 3/5 – Currently small and a majority are non-English speaking.


Overall: 3/5 – A very average game with a neat mounted-combat gimmick.

Previous Review

Full Review (gPotato Edition)

By Ange Perdu

Sevencore is a 3D sci-fi and fantasy themed action MMORPG by gPotato. Heavily mount oriented, players enter a warring world where a fight can break out literally anywhere. Battle on land, in mid-air, and by sea using various beast or mechanical based mounts. Unlike other F2P titles this game combines the best of RPG magic and fuses it with a dose of ultramodern flair. From dinosaurs to cyborg units there’s a lot going on in this game. Users step into the shoes of local recruit that must slowly move up the ranks. Participate in faction PvP battles against opposing guilds while riding magnificent fire-breathing dragons. Raid treacherous dungeons with your friends or bring along a pet to assist in monster boss fights. Complete challenging quests, master powerful skills, and even run for election. In this futuristic role playing game choose from one of the three races at odds and fight for your nation’s right to rule.

S 38

Giant Bugs to Burgers, the Gameplay

The game begins with a player’s character flying over their region’s training grounds in a futuristic-looking helicopter. The awe-inspiring aerial view of the world below is equally impressive as it is a cinematic introduction to the world of Sevencore. Once the machine has landed, heroes begin their journey by tackling various NPC quests. There’s not much of a storyline or NPC dialogue included in the questing process. Many of the tasks are short and to the point. Relay messages from one non-player character to another, hunt down monsters to assist locals, or gather various ingredients located deep in the unexplored wilderness. There’s a wide variety of prehistoric dinosaurs, enormous bugs, dragons, and other dangerous creatures roaming the land. During hunting quests players can use a very convenient target select feature by pressing the tab key. It’s a great tool for grinding or quickly taking out multiple monsters simultaneously. Depending on a hero’s class players can executer various animated spells or moves. There’s an auto skill feature that gives characters a new learned skill upon leveling up. The drops are also somewhat unique. Players receive coins, XP, and often hamburgers as a reward. Burgers are a consumable item in the game that restores health and sodas which are also available replenishes a character’s mana. It’s an interesting change from the traditional RPG method of allocating red and blue potions. Despite the meager drops experience is plentiful in the game. Much like Allods Online heroes gain XP relatively fast. In between questing players can participate in dungeon raids as well. Slaying mobs of creatures for bigger drops and experience is a nice addition to the gameplay but it can still feel repetitive at times.

S 9

Beasts & Mechanical Mounts, Oh My!

Sevencore features an extensive and in-depth mounts system that’s definitely worthy of praise. Once a player reaches level 10 they’ll receive their first mount capable of travel via land, air, or sea. Mounts can be used for travel, combat, or both. They also vary from pets raised from creature eggs to manufactured wonders. Beasts like the monster bugs, rhinos, turtles, flying moths, and even dragons can be acquired through boss fights or as a drop reward during a dungeon raids. Pets can be summoned to fight next to their master or merged together with the hero to unleash special powers and stat boosts during battle. As mounts are individually leveled up through melees they unlock new skills. Combat mounts are either enriched in attack or defense skills. Although pets are capable of learning various skills to assist a hero on the battlefield their loyalty can be fleeting. With each devastating blow they take on their master’s behalf they lose respect for him. When a pet’s respect level falls too low they quit fighting. Players have to keep their pet respect levels high by feeding them. Similar to Eve Online the game stays true to its sci-fi theme with mechanical mounts as well. They require special kits to resurrect them after being defeated. Instead of food like common pets they need fuel to keep them going on arduous challenges or battles.

S 126

Dragon PvP Battles

One of the best features in the game is the ability for heroes to participate in combat while riding mounts on land, flying in the air, or on water. Guild based PvP wars can take place when qualifying factions sign a war pact with a rival faction. These weekly battles allow teams to fight for prestige and control over available territories. High level players can face off against others during these intense melees in the air riding dragon mounts. Soar over cliffs casting spells while in flight or knock opponents off high platforms and watch them tumble to their death. It’s quite impressive. Each guild can only allow 20 of their members into the arena to fight per war. The political system in Sevencore allows guilds to vote and choose a governor to represent their sect and run for president. The lucky player elected as president has the power to impose taxes, special policies, and rule the whole continent. There are also regular arena style PvP battles that heroes can participate in also. Teams are equally divided based on a player’s level. In the Tillau battle zone players must seize or defend the opposing team’s flags. The first team to snag two of their enemies’ flags wins. In the Crimson Plateau battlefield teams go head to head in an intense Deathmatch. The first team with the most kills will be crowned victorious. Players with higher gear and skilled mounts have a significant advantage during combat.

S 5

Turns for Gear

The customization options in Sevencore are decent but could use some improvement. Although players have control in customizing the appearance of their character, weapons and gear are limited. There are primarily only six core weapons to choose from. Depending on a character’s class player’s can equip their hero with the Great Twin Swords, Blade, Duel Guns, Launcher, Wand, or Staff. Each of these weapons can be upgraded using a special soulite stone for higher stats. Gear mostly comes in the form of generic leather pants, jackets, rings, belts, capes, robes, shoes, and armor. As player’s advance in the game they can pick up crafting professions and make some of their own equipment through gathering supplies but it’s a long tedious process. Crafting for example, allows heroes to create a Bronze Twin Blade and higher material quality armor. Leatherworker, seamstress, and other professions are available for mastery once a player reaches level 20 or higher. There’s also a turns systems that enables players to receive a free item every hour. These freebies are a welcomed site especially since gear is scarce during monster drops. In the item shop users can purchase blessed protection scrolls, portable auction houses to sell their unwanted goods, elixirs, stat boosts, and special mounts.

S 129

Final Verdict: Good

Overall Sevencore is a solid sci-fi fantasy themed MMO. Players really get to have fun as they level up their characters and equip more advanced forms of mounts to use in battle. Anyone who enjoys riding action MMORPGs or games like C9 will love what this latest title from gPotato has to offer. Tackle challenging quests, slay hordes of menacing Raptors, and raid dungeons with your friends. There’s even a political system that enables users to control regions as the country’s reigning president. If the ability to participate in guild based PvP wars fighting in mid-air on Dragons isn’t enough to tempt you to play nothing else will. The unusual combination of ancient and modern adds an interesting twist on a tired RPG genre. It’s definitely worth checking out.


Sevencore Videos

Sevencore Trailer



Sevencore Links

Official Game Site

System Requirements

Sevencore System Requirements


-  Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 2100+
-  NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon X1300
-  1 GB RAM
-  Windows XP or newer
-  DirectX 9.0c or newer
-  4 GB of disk space


-  Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2
-  NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or ATI Radeon X2600
-  2 GB RAM


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    Sevencore has your typical traditional themepark MMORPG customization. You choose a gender, a race, a class, and then fine-tune your looks. Right now, there are three races to choose from.
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