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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

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Seven Souls Online Overview

Seven Souls Online, also known as Martial Empires Online, is set in the Asian themed world of Neha. PvP plays a large role in Martial Empires, players can join guilds and conquer entire regions in the game in massive PvP battles across huge maps. The game also has many dungeons and raid bosses that require large groups to defeat. Designed by the same studio behind the similarly titled Martial Heroes, Martial Empires has great visuals, an easy to use interface, and well paced progression.

Mage (Male) – Powerful spellcasters with access to a variety of nukes, mesmerizes, and area of effect spells. They are vulnerable in melee combat due to their low health and defense.

Scythe - Characterized by various curse skills that immobilize the enemy or inflict damage over time.
Wheel - Represents mobility. Wheel skills give the mage a chance to restore a small amount of MP with each attack.
Sword – Includes counterattack and shield related skills. Sword skills also provide a chance to restore some SP.

Warrior (Male) – Warriors are tough melee characters that can both absorb large amounts of damage and dish it out. They have by far the most hit points and armor in the game.

Heavy Sword - Characterized by charging skills with a chance of inflicting bonus damage.
Axe - Allows the use of skills that pull or push surrounding enemies with a chance of draining a percent of their health.
Spear - This weapon choice allows for area of effect and stun related skills.

Ranger (Female) - An extremely versatile class. Rangers can specialize towards very different paths. The only female class so far available in Martial Empires.

Dagger - The weapon of choice for Rangers pursuing stealth and fast attack speed.
Claw - Provides skills that lower the target’s combat capabilities. Claws also deal damage over time (DOT)
Bow - Ranged weapon with skills that slow the movement of enemies. Also provides the Ranger with evasion.

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Full Review

Seven Souls Online Review

Note: The review below is for Martial Empires, a version of Seven Souls Online for the Europe region.

By, Erhan Altay

Martial Empires is a high quality free to play MMORPG set in the Oriental themed world of Neha. It was developed by the same studio behind Martial Heroes, but offers vast improvements on all fronts. Explore lush environments, complete hundreds of quests, take part in large PvP battles, and fight powerful bosses with allies.

29487  500x375 martial empires lady character

Triple Entente

The German gaming portal Gamigo publishes Martial Empires in the West and its service is accessible from North America with no discernible latency issues. Gamigo uses an odd account creation method where players have to sign up for an account, activate each individual game, and chose login details for that particular game. Players will have plenty of time to sort through it while downloading the heft 2.3 GB client. After installation, the character creation process may look underwhelming at first but players are in for quite a surprise. There are only three classes to chose from in Martial Empires, and they are all gender locked. The Mage and Warrior are male while the Ranger is female. Each class has three weapon specializations represented by their own talent tree. This helps up the possible character types to nine but still feels underwhelming. Luckily, a forth class slot is shown but with a question mark as its portrait. Perhaps a fourth class is already in the works.

29468  500x375 martial empires farmland

Playing Dress Up

While the class choices may be underwhelming, the level of appearance customization helps pick up the slack. There are 10-15 color options for hair, skin, eye, and clothing. A dozen sliders control body shape while dozens more control facial features such as eye size, location, and shape. The options available may not be quite as extensive as those in Perfect World, but it sure comes close. The infamous ‘chest’ slider makes an appearance, but only for the female class of course. After playing around for several minutes, I tested the ‘random’ feature which yielded some interesting results including Green skinned Hulk-like brutes, Smurfs, and tall amazon warriors.

Welcome to Caeles

New players start their journey in North Caeles, near the gates of the Caeles Palace. There is no formal tutorial, but a series of short explanatory prompts can be viewed by clicking a flashing question mark near the bottom right of the screen. Additionally, a menu prompt will highlight new features to look forward to each time a character levels. Players will immediately notice the high quality graphics. The engine is a bit similar to the one used in Tales of Fantasy, but Martial Empires is much smoother. Despite being developed by a Korean studio, the progression and interface in Martial Empires feels more like that of a Western MMORPG. There’s no auto-navigation here. Instead, dotted blue lines show new players the path to quest objectives. This feature disappears after a few levels, but players can still consult the map for quest markers. Martial Empires supports both click to move and keyboard movement. Both methods feel fluid, and all keyboard keys are customizable.

29523  500x375 martial empires suricat

Suricat Surprise

Many subtle effects come together to give Martial Empires a unique atmosphere. The background music, skill animations, and other sound effects all contribute. When players run low on health, the edges of the screen will turn red and the sound of a heart beat can be heard. Another surprise is the game’s lowest level enemy, the Suricat. These small furry creatures make silly noises and actively run up to players and dance in front of them. They are not challenging to defeat, but like the poring from Ragnarok Online or mongbat from Ultima Online, they add flavor to the game world. Quests play a vital role in leading players from area to the next, and eventually from one map to another. Delivery, and kill quests are prevalent, but Martial Empires spices it up with short cutscenes and scenarios. One NPC asks players to put the ghost of his three daughters to rest, while another quest requires players to kill a zombie that raises nearby corpses. The game world is currently a mere 18 maps including cities, but each area is packed with quests and places to explore.

29498  500x375 martial empires north caeles

Gambling for Experience

The experience rate in Martial Empires is much lower than the rates found in other Asian themed MMORPGs released around the same time such as Battle of the Immortals or Kingdom Heroes. Players receive a single skill point per level, but several will accumulate before level prerequisites are met. Starting at level 25, players receive one stat point which they can allocate among five stats: Str, Agi, Vit, Int, and Dex. There are some fun gameplay gimmicks thrown in to keep things interesting though. By killing monsters and completing quests, players earn ‘points’ which can be used to spin a slot machine like devise located on the top left of the screen. Players can gamble for a chance to win items, temporary buffs, gold coins, or experience points. The slot wheels spin even while fighting, and there’s nothing else to do with these jackpot points so don’t be afraid to gamble! Another interesting feature is the rage bar towards the bottom left of the screen. When this bar fills, players can click on it to temporarily transform into a demon and enjoy a combat buff. A similar feature is found in Silkroad Online, but the one in Martial Empires looks even cooler.

29534  500x375 martial empires valley

Picking Flowers

No modern MMORPG would be complete without a crafting and resource gathering system. In Martial Empires there are three gathering skills: Herb picking, fishing, and mining. Each skill requires a special tool that can be purchased from a training NPC. Various fishing spots, mineral veins, and harvestable bushes are scattered across the world. When these resources are gathered, a slot wheel will spin to show the results of the harvest. The items gathered, along with those found off monsters can be crafted into gear at town using anvils. Another crafting related feature is the Cube. Similar to the Horadric cube, the cube in Martial Empires allows players to combine, disassemble, or copy items placed inside of it. Once players enter maps designed for characters level 25 and up, they can put away the flowers and focus on PvP. Level 25+ zones allow open player killing, but killing too many innocent characters comes with penalties. Open world PvP is viable, but Martial Empires also provides several Battlegrounds instances. Some of these battlefields are actually cooperative. In ‘Phantom War’ a team of players work together to defend against a horde of monsters. Competitive modes include Arena Battle, Legion of Towers, and tournaments.

No More Ports

Despite offering only three classes and suffering from some minor pathing issues, Martial Empires genuinely feels like a new game. Many free to play MMOs and MMORPGs released in North America and Europe are in reality older titles from Asia. Martial Empires, known in Korea as Seven Souls Online, was localized much faster which means we can all enjoy it while its fresh.

Final Verdict: Great

Martial Empires is one of the best Asian themed MMORPGs currently available. While it doesn’t stray too far from the traditional MMORPG mold, the level of polish help Martial Empires stand out from the crowd.


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System Requirements

Seven Souls Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 2000
CPU: 2.4 GHz Pentium 4
RAM: 1024 MB (1GB) Free
HDD: 5 GB Free
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 6600 or Radeon x1300

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 2000
CPU: 2.6 GHz Core 2 Duo
RAM: 2048 MB (2GB) Free
HDD: 5 GB Free
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 8600 or Radeon x3600

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