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Seal Online Updates

“Attention all Seal Online Fans! The next chapter is finally arriving! Seal Online: Blades of Destiny is opening June 18th! Don’t miss all the great new content like the Black Dragon Raid, brand new Battle Pet System, and more including two new floors in the Sage Tower! Check out the information below for how you can get into the game with some amazing items from day 1 of launch!” – 6/28/2013

- A second channel has been added to the server to improve connectivity.
- Sage tower level 3 and 4 bug fix
- Incorrect login messages fixed
- Red Chip item removed
- AAA item name changed to Water Drop Diamond
- Pet Tamer NPC text fixes (Quest turn in possible)
- Hunting Help NPC removed


Seal Online Overview

Seal Online is an animated fantasy game with an interesting graphic style. Unlike other Asian games, players in Seal Online have the option to select their first class during character creation but can opt to start as a beginner to try the game out before making a class choice at level 10. Similarly, players are given three starting town choices with one being a newbie town. Seal Online isn’t a revolutinary MMORPG but has many unique features and more than an average amount of starting classes.


Beginner - This choice is for those who are uncertain of what class they want to play. Beginners can experience the game freely until level 10 at which time they can either make the first class change or continue to play as jobless Vegabonds, an ill advised choice.
Knight - Knights have the highest defense and make the best tank class. They use one handed swords and have a hard time leveling alone during the early stages. The most important stats for a Knight are strength and agility and some vitality.
Warrior - The offensive melee class, Warriors use two handed swords to deal high damage. Their most important stats are strength and agility.
Magician - Masters of offensive spells. Magicians have low defense but make up for it with powerful long ranged attacks. Their most important stats are intelligence and wisdom.
Priest - Priests are a supportive class with healing and buffing spells but are also capable melee fighters. Stats that are important to priests include strength, intelligence, and wisdom.
Jester - The rogues of Seal Online. Jesters use daggers or throwing weapons and prefer speed over brute force. Jesters rely on agility, strength and intelligence.
Craftsman - The merchant class that can create powerful equipment. Craftsman protect themselves with large mallets if required. Their primary stats are luck for crafting and strength for increased damage.

Each class has two second class options available after reaching level 150. The level cap in Seal Online is over 200 so there is plenty of grinding to be done!

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Full Review

Seal Online Review

By Erhan Altay

Seal Online was developed and is published by YNK Interactive, the same Korean team behind Rohan Online. Originally planned for a 2005 English version launch, Seal online wasn’t released until late 2007. Technically, the game is similar to many other fantasy MMORPGs. It has a basic point and click interface and the usual grind based gameplay but the graphic style gives the game a unique look. The bright, colorful graphics give the game the same feel as a Saturday morning cartoon.

7182  500x375 seal online character creation

Pick From Six

While Seal Online only has a single server and a relatively small population, it offers new players a large selection of classes. Unlike other Asian games where you start as a beginner and must earn the right to chose a class, Seal Online lets you skip the ‘novice’ phase and jump right into it as one of six classes; Knight, Warrior, Magician, Priest, Jester, or Crafter. Each class plays a bit differently and has its own primary and secondary stat. For a deeper look at the classes, please see the overview but it is worth mentioning that players who are unsure which class to play are given the opportunity to start as the ‘beginner’ class and wait until level 10 to make up their minds. There is no downside to starting as a beginner except that it will start you out in beginner town where you’ll have the opportunity to complete the short tutorial.

7176  500x375 seal online attack

The Lonely Road

Whether or not you decide to start as a beginner, the first few levels will be similar. Players won’t learn any offensive skills during the first 10 levels, instead each level will give them the ability to perform a new basic function. Sitting, resting, and such are all skills that must be trained. Those who chose to start in Newbie Town will have quests available that break up the grind a bit but they will still have to suffer through one of the game’s major faults. I’m not sure if it’s the maps that are too large or the characters that are too slow but getting from place to place in Seal Online takes far longer than it ought to. Zones are connected via warp portals and with a total of 30 zones, the game world is fairly large in size. The trouble is things are too spaced out. A large portion of each map is empty, monsters are found in bunches leaving players to battle the same kind of monster for several levels before moving to the next camp. Things get more exciting after level 10 when players can learn offensive skills from their NPC trainers located in town. After learning a skill once, players can increase its rank freely anywhere in the game world, no need to run back to the trainer each level.

7178  500x375 seal online book house

Combo Breaker!

One interesting feature that helps add some excitement to combat is the combo system, similar to the one used in Deco Online. Melee classes must hit the buttons that show up on the screen as they attack to perform more powerful combo attacks. There are many combos available but new players are stuck using the same one for many hours. Additionally, some classes like the Magician must make do without this feature since their attacks and spells don’t work with it. Beyond this, combat in Seal Online is the standard fare; point and click with a hotkey where players can assign shortcuts to skills and consumable items. It seems this game has taken the potion spamming approach by making it almost a necessity to carry around hundreds of health and mana restoring items. There is no cool down attached to using these items and buying them in bulk is the single largest expense new players face. Running out of them means it’s time to make a town run to stock back up, often taking a good deal of time.

7198  500x375 seal online kids

Love Conquers All

Seal Online has an interesting couples system similar to the ‘soulmate’ feature in Asda Story. Two players (of opposite genders) can become a couple by accepting the other’s invitation. This feature is not just there for novelty, there are some practical uses such as the ability to instantly teleport to your partner. For a game with such large maps, this can save a good deal of time. Like many other MMORPGs, Seal Online has a simple pet system where players must raise a pet by feeding it, playing with it and watching it change over time. The pet system didn’t impress me much since all beginner pets are just small seeds that hover around your character and bother you from time to time asking to be fed. One feature that did interest me was the unique fame concept. Quests aren’t a big part of this game and most of them are simple fetch quests — go collect 30 of this item and come back, but besides a simple experience / cash reward, they increase the player’s fame. Fame controls your character’s title and also what equipment and pets you can use.

7202  500x375 seal online monster

Cute Combat

It may not look the part but Seal Online has one of the most open PvP environments of any free game. Besides the usual dueling, guild war and arena functions, players are allowed to attack others almost anywhere outside the few towns. To keep things from getting out of hand, there are penalties involved with indiscriminate killing. PKs, or player killers, receive chaos points which increase their experience penalty and even cause them to drop items upon death. Chaos points can be worked off by hunting monsters are the less populated second channel but be careful, it takes much more effort to work off chaos points than it does to accumulate them. Seal Online may only have 30 maps there is plenty of content to grind through. With a level cap over 200 and many bosses that require large groups of players, Seal Online is certain to keep fans occupied for many months. The trouble is that there really isn’t much in this game to set it apart from other cartoony Asian MMORPG grinders. The few unique concepts are interesting but don’t go far enough to give Seal Online a broad audience appeal.

Final Verdict: Good

Seal Online has a graphic style that’s sure to appeal to many players but the gameplay is generic and slow paced. The few original features such as combo attacks, pets, the fame and relationship system are useful additions but don’t define the game. If you’re looking for a simple anime styled MMORPG to pass the time, Seal Online is a good choice. If you’re after something more, look elsewhere.


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Seal Online Gameplay Footage


System Requirements

Seal Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
CPU: Pentium 600MHz
RAM: 256 MB
HDD: 2.0 GB Free
Graphics Card: GeForce 64MB 3D

Recommended Specifications:

OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
CPU: Pentium 1.00GHz or better
RAM: 512 MB or more
HDD: 2.5 GB Free
Graphics Card: GeForce FX 128MB 3D

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